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7 Stores Like Brandy Melville’s Aesthetic You Need to Explore

7 Stores Like Brandy Melville’s Aesthetic You Need to Explore

Trend-setting, cool, relevant, and fast-fashion— that’s what Brandy Melville is described as. This brand became quite a rage among young teen girls looking for trendy styles from popular brands. 

Brandy Melville’s clothes are stylish yet comfortable. Despite its interest in manufacturing locally and its attention to the zeitgeist, the brand has received several criticisms for one reason– a one-size-fits-all strategy. 

Still, if you’re drawn to the company’s trendy fashion pieces, here are seven stores like Brandy Melville. Dive in, then! 

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1. Storets



Storets offerings are highly trendy and sophisticated with plenty of sex appeal– a design style shared by Brandy Melville. At Storets, you’ll find fashion items from both cutting-edge labels and in-house brands. However, there’s a catch: Storets offerings are high fashion instead of casual. Perhaps that is why social media influencers and fashion bloggers love it. 

As amazing as Storets’ collections are, they are pricey. But that’s mainly because the brand maintains a more high-end, designer look. Even though you’ll pay much more than you would at Brandy Melville, Storets clothing won’t put a dent in your wallet as designer brands. 

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2. Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear


Clothing stores like Brandy Melville that sell on-trend pieces at budget-friendly prices are hard to find. But no more, for Pull & Bear caters to Brandy Melville lovers’ tastes and preferences. 

At Pull & Bear, you can shop for fashion-forward looks without spending a lot of money. No wonder it has become the go-to store for teenagers. 

Coats and trench coats, knitwear, tops and bodysuits, jackets and pants– you name it, and Pull & Bear has it. While its offerings are priced just like Brandy Melville, the brand runs discounts. That means you can save a good chunk of money if you shop from it when it runs seasonal sales. 

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3. Gil Rodriguez

Gil Rodriguez


Are you in search of wardrobe basics? Then, you need to check out Eliana Gil Rodriguez. Her eponymous label hits the intersection of well-made and affordable– so the brand caters to the preferences of almost every fashionista, regardless of their budget. 

Gil Rodriguez is among those clothing stores like Brandy Melville but with multiple sizes. You’ll find clothing of all sizes at the brand’s store, from XXS to XXL. Through her label, Eliana Gil Rodriguez celebrates those who refuse to feel uncomfortable in their skin. 

All the designs that you’ll find in its store are made in the USA using high-quality, locally sourced material. 

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4. H&M



In the quest for cheap stores like Brandy Melville, we stumbled upon H&M– a brand that has been all the rage among fashionistas. After all, the brand sells hot, trendy pieces at relatively affordable rates. 

Besides trend-forward pieces, its vast offerings include cute basics. That means there’s something for every type of shopper. Plus, the brand keeps updating its inventory every now and then. So, you can count on it for trendy styles of the season. 

While it’s considered a fast-fashion retail store, H&M has been working on introducing eco-friendly collections. All in all, it’s a one-stop shop for cool girls on a budget. 

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5. Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel


Very few clothing stores like Brandy Melville create trendy clothes for young shoppers, and Los Angeles Apparel is one of them. People step into the store to shop for casual looks, which include comfy T-shirts and clingy tanks to mid-length velour tracksuits and cute crop tops. 

Los Angeles Apparel offers clothing in a multitude of colors, so you’re sure to find apparel in the color you’re looking for. Similar to other clothing stores like Brandy Melville, Los Angeles Apparel sells its apparel in different size options. So, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll find clothes in your sizes. 

While its offerings are slightly pricier than Brandy Melville’s collection, they still fall within the affordable price range. Therefore, it’s worth checking out. 

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Fashionistas and tastemakers fond of Brandy Melville’s clothing must definitely check out UNIF’s collection. If any outfit is in style and trending, you’ll definitely find it at UNIF. Not only outfits, but you can also find accessories matching your outfits for a complete look. 

Unlike Brandy Melville, UNIF offers apparel in various sizes. Nevertheless, the pricing of its apparel is somewhat higher than that of Brandy Melville. But considering that UNIF offers trendy pieces in various sizes, unlike Brandy Melville, the high price tag is justified. 

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7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters


Do you prefer building a building capsule wardrobe reminiscent of the 90s? You should check out Urban Outfitters’ collection. At Urban Outfitters, you will find similar styles that Brandy Melville has. 

Almost all their outfits are available in an array of styles and sizes. But there’s a caveat: Urban Outfitters clothing is a bit pricey compared to Brandy Melville’s. However, its apparel is designed to last a good number of years, as it uses high-quality materials to manufacture them. 

At Urban Outfitters, clothing isn’t the only thing you’ll come across. The brand is also home to beauty products, home goods, and other items. 

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Brandy Melville's Store on Carrot

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If you’re in search of stores that offer clothes like Brandy Melville but with a variety of sizes, the following stores are worth checking out:

  • Toad&Co,
  • Romwe,
  • Lulu’s, and
  • Juliet Johnstone

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