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Top 6 Celebrity Outfit Finder Apps

Top 7 Celebrity Outfit Finder Apps

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, Victoria Beckham’s chic black sleeveless midi dress grabs your attention. Or, let’s say you’re taken away by the floral Danielle Guizio mini-dress worn by Emily Ratajkowski. Now the question is: how to find celebrity outfits through pictures?

Earlier, finding celebrity-inspired outfits was a challenge. But today, styling like your favorite celebrities has become easy, thanks to numerous celebrity outfit finder apps. 

So, if you, too, wish to put your best fashion foot forward by wearing trendy pieces, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll let out the six best celebrity outfit finder apps. Dive in, then! 

1. Carrot


Whether you’re in search of the red blossom maxi dress Emily Ratajkowskiwas spotted wearing or wish to recreate Hailey Bieber’s NY summer look, Carrot has got you covered. With Carrot, you don’t have to upload or click a picture to find outfit pieces similar to those worn by celebs.

Simply typing their names into the Carrot search bar will bring forth their dedicated style collection page.

What sets Carrot apart from others is that it already has celeb-inspired collections, which you can explore with just a click. 


  • Find, shop, and save outfits worn by your fav celebs
  • Discover outfits & stores that your fav celebrities & influencers love, like Paris Hilton, Lelepons, and more
  • Helps you find the best price for any product using ‘Deal Hop’
  • Visually bookmark items, create wishlists & mood boards
  • Compare pricing and get notified of price drops and inventory changes
  • Offers a Creators program for influencers to double their affiliate revenue
  • Free to use


  • Expanding their celebrity and influencer list every day

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2. Google Lens

Google Lens

Source: Google Lens

Whether you’re searching for a dupe of the playful gingham Prada ensemble or the pink Valentino polka dots outfit that Margot Robbie wore during Barbie’s promotion, Google Lens has got you covered. This image recognition tool can help you find whatever you’ve been looking for, from clothes to accessories like necklaces. 

Screenshot the image or simply bring the clothing piece into Google’s viewfinder’s frame. If successfully matched, a little blue circle will appear on the screen. Once you click on it, numerous options will appear on the screen. Browse, screenshot, and shop your favorite look in a matter of minutes. 


  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Provides links to websites for easy purchasing
  • User-friendly
  • Detects all the products a person’s wearing


3. Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens

Source: Pinterest

One app that fashionistas and tastemakers can’t go without is Pinterest. Lately, Pinterest has stepped up its fashion game by offering a visual search tool called Pinterest Lens, which allows users to search for celebrity outfits. 

Much like Google Lens, this outfit finder app scans the entire outfit. So, whether you’re looking for the DIOR belt Bella Hadid wore at the airport or the jade green co-ord set Tina Kunakey wore recently, Pinterest will help you find everything.

What makes Pinterest an easy-to-use app is its user-friendly interface. Once it is able to find what you’re looking for, it offers two options: shop and explore. Choose “shop” if you wish to buy the outfit right away. Or select “explore” if you’re seeking some inspiration. 


  • Ideal for finding obscure fashion pieces
  • Scans the entire outfit
  • Displays shopping links for matched products
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices


  • Lacks object recognition capabilities

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4. ASOS Style Match

ASOS Style Match

Source: ASOS

ASOS is that one platform where trendy pieces are sold at affordable rates. But what makes us love ASOS is its Style Match feature that allows you to find celeb-inspired outfits from its vast inventory. Yes, you heard it right. ASOS keeps updating its list as per the latest trends, so you’re most likely to find pieces similar to what you’re looking for. 

Simply take a picture or upload one from your gallery, and it will present you with similar matches right away. 

ASOS is a must-try if you wish to stay fashionable while being on a shoestring budget. However, one downside of using ASOS is that it doesn’t display results for all outfits in a picture. When you upload a photo, you never know if ASOS will get results for the top or only the bottom. 


  • Hosts 850 brands
  • Finds similar matches almost immediately
  • Easy on the pocket 


  • Doesn’t allow you to focus on one item in a picture

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5. Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon StyleSnap

Source: Amazon’s Official Website

Did you know that Amazon, a one-stop-shop app, can also help you shop for celeb-inspired outfits? It isn’t a separate app but a feature embedded in the search bar of the Amazon app. You just have to upload a picture on its clothes-focused visual search engine, StyleSnap, and relax while Amazon sifts through its inventory to help you find similar pieces. 

Or, simply launch the camera and direct it toward the clothing piece you need. Amazon StyleSnap is reliable because its algorithm is able to identify all clothing pieces from the picture you upload or click. 

As each outfit piece is marked with a dot, you can see results for only those clothing pieces that interest you. Much like the app, Amazon StyleSnap works smoothly and displays impressive results without taking too much time. 


  • Displays results for each outfit piece it recognizes
  • Doesn’t take too much time
  • Amazon Prime Wardrobe lets you try the outfit for free


  • Limited product information

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6. Lykdat


Where almost every app is developed for mobile phones, Lykdat is one such app that works on the web. That means you won’t have to fill your phone’s internal storage by downloading. 

Even then, it’s easy enough to find celebrity outfits on this web app. Just log into the website from your browser, click on the “search” option, which you will find toward the bottom of the screen, and upload the picture of the outfit you want the app to search for you. 

Lykdat will display dupes of the outfit in the picture or near-similar pieces quickly. And if you’re searching for one piece of outfit from the picture, you can crop it before you upload to show you accurate results. 


  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to crop the image for accurate results
  • Lots of filters help in finding what you’re looking for


  • It’s a web app

Curate a Celeb-Inspired Wardrobe Capsule With Carrot

Curate a Celeb-Inspired Wardrobe Capsule With Carrot

Source: Emily Ratajkowski’s Collection on Carrot

With these apps at your disposal, you won’t have to roam around the streets or hop from one shopping mall to another in search of your fav celebrity-inspired outfits. 

While you can use any of these apps to create a celeb-inspired wardrobe, our favorite is Carrot. Why? At Carrot, you will find numerous collections featuring links to outfits worn by your favorite celebrities. That means you won’t have to go through the hassles of uploading the picture or clicking one.

Shall we let in on a secret? Carrot notifies its users about price drops and other deals on the items in their wishlist, so you can grab them at a steal. Now, that’s something new!

Discover, Shop, & Save Outfits By Your Fav Celebs With Carrot!

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