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7 Winter Skirt Outfits for Every Occasion in 2024

7 Winter Skirt Outfits for Every Occasion in 2024

Hear us out, everyone: styling skirts in winter is much better than wearing them in summer. In comparison to pants, skirts have the upper hand because you can layer them with anything you want. 

Leg warmers, knee socks, or tights– you can pair skirts with almost anything that is in your closet. Another benefit of wearing skirts in winter? You need not worry about the dreaded thigh-chaffing. 

So, are you seeking some inspiration for winter skirt outfits? Look no further, for this guide has got you covered with the seven best winter skirt outfits. 

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1. A Leather Midiskirt

A Leather Midiskirt


Seeking inspiration for a style that is quietly luxurious yet low-key toasty? Put on a leather midiskirt with a cozy color-block outfit. Add a sleek trench coat and a tunic-length sweater, and wear a pair of matching boots for a classic look. 

Or, if you’re someone who prefers a bit louder look, mix in some prints. As leather midiskirts are classy and timeless, they will make you look polished in whichever way you style. 

2. A Satin Slip Skirt

A Satin Slip Skirt


Love loose-fitting layers? A silk or satin midi skirt would be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. 

Styling a satin slip skirt is relatively easy. Just wear a relaxed sweater the same color as your skirt and step out in style. Not only will you remain warm and toasty throughout the day, but you will also look incredibly chic. 

If you’re stepping out for a Christmas party, pumps will pull your whole look together. So, opt for them. Otherwise, boots are the perfect pick for a satin slip skirt-sweater winter outfit. Thanks to the mid-length hemline, the satin slip skirt pairs well with boots of various shafts. 

To elevate your look, wear oversized sweaters, for they look great with a sleek silhouette. 

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3. A Suede Skirt

A Suede Skirt


On crazy winter days, suede skirts will come to your rescue when you want to look elegant without freezing to death. Much like leather, suede is a great winter fabric despite its casual and cozy vibe. 

Put a suede skirt together with comfy casual pieces like cardigans. Or, pair it with fuzzy teddy textures. Either way, you will look stunning. Even in regard to shoes, both booties and pumps pair well with suede skirts. You can go for whichever you want. 

One good thing about a suede skirt is that it’s usable all year round, be it summer, spring, or winter. No wonder it’s a staple in many fashionistas’ wardrobes. 

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4. A Metallic Skirt

A Metallic Skirt


For many, winter is the season to wear dark-colored outfits, and it makes sense. They absorb more light than light-colored clothes, keeping you warm throughout the day. 

So, if you plan to stick to a dark color palette this winter, add a metallic skirt to your wardrobe, and you won’t regret it– we bet that. Metallics are worth having because they add an eye-catching and bold element to whichever outfit you pair them with. 

To brighten up your winter look, go for a gold color skirt. Be it chunky cardigans or cozy sweaters, a metallic skirt will elevate your look from casual to polished within minutes. 

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5. A Khaki Skirt

A Khaki Skirt


Hearing about khaki skirts often brings to mind business casual dress codes or school uniforms. However, their usage extends beyond the formal and professional setting. 

The relaxed nature of this piece of clothing makes it a perfect piece for a bold winter skirt outfit. 

As a pleated khaki skirt goes with everything, you can style it with anything that you want. A statement piece such as a vivid-colored faux fur coat complements a khaki skirt well. You can go for that for a stylish yet comfy look. Pull your whole look together by adding a bold teddy bag. 

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6. A Slinky Maxi Skirt

A Slinky Maxi Skirt


This winter skirt outfit blends a silky silhouette and a super-saturated palette, which is why it’s a perfect option for fashionistas who dislike dark colors that are usually in style during the cold season. 

Instead of neutrals, go bold with a slinky maxi skirt and choose a neon pink color. 

Achieve a cute and preppy look by pairing a pink color maxi skirt with a vibrant orange sweater. This combination may read as an over-the-top pairing, but you can tone the look down by putting on trendy dark red boots and a bomber jacket or an oversized aviator. 

To achieve a balance between hard and soft, pair the pink maxi skirt with a vintage leather jacket. Shop it from the men’s collection. 

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7. A Quilted Black Skirt

A Quilted Black Skirt


Want to deliver maximum impact with minimal effort this holiday season? A quilted black skirt will help you achieve the look. Just make sure to pair it with a black color top. 

Or, why not let the black skirt be the centerpiece of your look? To do so, opt for another color top. As black is versatile, it will pair well with almost every color. Thanks to the unique texture of the skirt, a quilted skirt virtually screams to be paired with layers. As such, you get a fantastic opportunity to play up contrast. 

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