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How to Stack Coupons on SHEIN and Double Up Your Savings

How to Stack Coupons on SHEIN and Double Up Your Savings

If there’s one thing we all love more than scoring the latest fashion trends, it’s getting a sweet deal while doing so.

That’s where the magic of coupon stacking comes into play, and today, we’ll be showing you how

 to effectively boost your savings while you shop on SHEIN.

So, whether you’re a trendsetter, a budget-conscious fashionista, or just someone who loves a good deal, this blog post is your ultimate guide to discovering how to stack coupons on SHEIN.

What is Coupon Stacking and How Does It Work On Shein?

Coupon stacking is a strategic approach that involves using multiple coupons or discounts on a single purchase so you can save more money.

But let’s level with you: SHEIN doesn’t officially allow coupon stacking. While this might seem like a bummer, don’t click that “Exit” button just yet.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you score your fav fashion finds on SHEIN without draining your wallet.

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1. Rack up SHEIN points

You can use SHEIN points to deduct up to 70% of the total price of your order (minus tax, shipping costs, and insurance). A point equals $0.01.

Here’s how to get these points:

  1. Checking in to the SHEIN app: if you check into the site every day for seven consecutive days, you can earn around 38 points!
  1. Making an eligible purchase: You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent on an eligible purchase, excluding taxes, shipping, or any other fees.
  • (An eligible purchase means a purchase of merchandise from SHEIN that doesn’t include gift cards or SHEIN CLUB membership.)
  1. Posting a review: You can earn points by writing reviews for items you’ve purchased. Once you meet the minimum text requirement, you’ll get 5 points. If your review has a photo, you’ll receive 10 points. Adding size information to your review will get you an extra 2 points
  • (Please note that you can receive a daily maximum of 2000 points by posting product reviews.)
  1. Verifying your email: After confirming your email on your profile page, you’ll get 100 points.
  1. Filling out a short survey: This earns you 20 points.
  1. Posting a comment on social media: Doing this earns you 5 points, but if your comment contains size info and pictures, you get an additional 2 and 10 points, respectively.
  • (You can receive up to 2000 points daily by commenting on social media.)
  1. Winning a livestream contest: This earns you 50 points.
  1. Participating in daily marketing activities & SHEIN contests: You can also earn points for doing this (subject to the rules published for these contests and activities.)
  1. Tuning into a live stream: Points will be given out randomly during the streaming event, but the maximum is 400 points.

Keep in mind that most rewards expire three months after you earn them.

2. Access coupons within the SHEIN app

When you download the SHEIN app and create an account, you’re in for a treat. SHEIN showers you with coupons, and the most irresistible ones are 15% and 20% discounts.

These coupons expire within a week, so it’s best to time your sign-up with your shopping spree.

3. Get 15% off your first order

Get 15% off your first order

Source: SHEIN

If you’re new to SHEIN, you’re in luck! New subscribers receive a 15% discount on their first online order, as well as free shipping and returns.

Plus, if you register for the newsletter, you may get 15% or even 20% off your order.

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4. Try SHEIN’s free trial program for free merchandise

Exciting news! SHEIN has a Free Trial program that lets you receive free merchandise up to three times a week.

All you have to do is provide an honest review with helpful details and photos in exchange for the free items.

5. Use Carrot to discover active coupons

Carrot’s SHEIN shop

Source: Carrot’s SHEIN shop

When you use a tool like Carrot, you can access exclusive coupons from hundreds of stores, including SHEIN!

This free Chrome extension + iOS app locates SHEIN coupons from various sources across the internet to help you save more money.

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6. Get deals during special events or holidays

You can snag amazing deals during special events/holidays like Cyber Monday sales, Anniversary sales, Winter sales, and end-of-year sales.

7. Use the “Visual Search” function on the SHEIN app

Doing this helps you compare the prices of products. While it might not always nail the material, the potential savings of up to 75% are well worth the try.

Even though SHEIN sells relatively affordable products, some of its products still have steep prices.

But, did you know that Carrot can help you find similar & high-quality products from other stores that are even cheaper?

That’s right — with its super handy “Deal Hop” feature, this shopping tool sources the web for wallet-friendly dupes of any product you search for SHEIN.

You can nab deals of up to 90% every time you shop!

Use the Visual Search function on the SHEIN app

8. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $49

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $49


At SHEIN, orders of $49.00 or more qualify for free shipping. Plus, if you spend over $199, you’ll be rewarded with free expedited shipping.

9. Buy an e-gift card to receive a discount

SHEIN has digital gift cards that work for everything it sells. When you buy a gift card for a certain amount, it’ll give you a discount.

The discount changes depending on where you are, but in the United States, SHEIN takes off 5% off all gift cards that are $200 or more.

So, for example, if you get a $200 gift card, you’ll only pay $190.

10. Score savings with SHEIN’s sales

SHEIN is famous for its vast selection of clothing and new designs added daily. To make room for fresh items, they frequently put older styles on sale.

You can find more than six thousand items on sale daily, with savings of up to 60% or even more.

11. Recycle for a SHEIN gift card

SHEIN encourages customers like you to bring in gently used or unwanted SHEIN clothes during pop-up events. In return, you’ll receive a free gift card.

The donated clothes will be refurbished and given to charitable organizations.

12. Stay updated on social media for more deals

Follow SHEIN’s social media accounts to get more information about the latest sales.

Save Big & Score Fantastic Deals, Only With Carrot

Now that you have these handy SHEIN hacks, you’re well on your way to spending less, even without coupon stacking!

And, with Carrot, you can access multiple coupons from all your fav stores, ranging from groceries to home decor & fashion.

Save Big & Score Fantastic Deals, Only With Carrot

But, wait — there’s more! Carrot also:

  • Notifies you about the latest deals, price drops, and time-sensitive offers
  • Compares pricing from different stores
  • Find cheaper alternatives/dupes of any item with “Deal Hop”
  • Lets you curate and collaborate on shoppable collections
  • Allows you to create wishlists, gift registries, lookbooks, and mood boards
  • Keep track of all your carts from different websites
  • Plans your outfits

The best part? It’s 100% free!

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