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A Guide To Curating The Best Wedding Registry Items

A Guide To Curating The Best Wedding Registry Items

One of the most enjoyable things about planning a wedding is registering for gifts! Newlyweds are generally presented with items that they will begin their marital lives with. It’s an excellent opportunity to finally get those items that you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Maybe it’s even time to upgrade your home aesthetic.

There are so many things you could register for, so where do you begin? Having too many choices can be just as stressful as having too few. Not to worry, we’re well prepared to help you choose the best wedding registry items!

Why do I need a wedding registry?

Let’s start with first things first. Why do you even need a wedding registry? What does it involve? A wedding registry is simply a list of items that a couple puts together to make gifting easier for their guests. This way you actually receive gifts that you’re likely to need and use! Instead of running the very real risk of receiving the same gift (it’s usually a vase, isn’t it?) many times over, you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

5 Pointers On Curating The Best Wedding Registry

Most big tasks get simpler when you break them down into accessible parts and follow a few simple rules. So if you’re starting to get a little overwhelmed with the length of your ‘to-do’ list, we’re about to help you reduce it! Here are our go-to guidelines for creating a wedding registry –

Pointers On Curating The Best Wedding Registry

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1. Give your guests plenty of choices

While wedding registries do make gift-giving a lot easier, we should remember that not everyone can afford expensive gifts. So when you’re selecting those must-have wedding registry items, remember to include a range of choices for your guests.

And how many items should your gift registry have? The general rule is to double the number of your guest list plus a few extra items. Pay attention to the cost of the items you’re choosing. Ideally, these items should range from $50 -$200. Avoid adding super expensive gifts and those that you’re really not going to use.

2. You can have more than one wedding registry

You may not want all your gifts to be from the same place or the same category. So having a combination of 2-3 wedding registries is perfectly acceptable. This is why sites like Carrot are so convenient.

You can choose those top wedding registry items from multiple places and save these products on your wedding registry with just a few clicks. It’s super easy to share with your guests as well!

3. It’s not rude to ask for a monetary contribution instead of a gift

The best wedding registry items are designed to give the happy couple a good start to their marital life. And this start can look different for every couple.

Many would appreciate a contribution to their dream honeymoon fund instead of physical gifts. Some couples even request guests to make a donation to a worthy cause that they support. It’s a practical yet, endearing way for someone to contribute to your wedding.

4. Make sure your registry is easy to share

Typically, wedding gift registry items are not shared on the formal wedding invite. Some couples don’t mind sharing it on social media, others choose to put it up on their wedding website.

You could also share the wedding registry on the bridal shower invites or depend on word of mouth to disseminate your top wedding registry items.

5. You can continue to add gift items to the registry

In the days leading up to the ceremony, it is ok to keep adding to the top registry items for your wedding. In fact, keeping it updated and adding fresh options will give your guests a wider range to choose from.

Collections to choose from for your wedding gift registry items

Collections to choose from for your wedding gift registry items

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Dinnerware collection: Anything from the basic flatware, dinner, and salad plates to everyday drinking glasses are good options. If either you or your fiancé enjoys cooking, it’s a good idea to invest in a set of good knives and ladles. For the bar, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and corkscrews or other accessories to round out your stock.

Serveware collection: Platters are top wedding registry items, right alongside Chip and Dip sets, tureens, plates for appetizers, and cute sugar bowls, of course!

Kitchenware collection: Some of the most popular wedding gift registry items include cookware. From skillets to sauté pans, pasta pots, and Dutch ovens. Bakeware is another favored collection to choose from – you can find roasting pans, casserole dishes, baking sheets, muffin pans, soufflé dishes and so much more.

Don’t forget those kitchen essentials! Those practical, everyday items that we just can’t do without. Coffee grinders to get your day started or teapots, if you prefer. Air fryers so you make healthier choices. Oven mitts, aprons, peelers, fruit baskets and so much more to choose from.

Bedroom décor and linen: Looking to upgrade the aesthetic in your bedroom? You can get started right here. Look for down comforters, duvets, dressers, mirrors, and nightstands for your top wedding registry items. Linen that is great to receive includes sheets, washcloths, bath towels, rugs, robes, and clothing hampers.

Other top registry items for your wedding include home décor such as picture frames, lamps, throws, wall art, and flower vases. Electronic items like entertainment systems or speakers can also be considered top wedding registry items.

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