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25 Best Valentine's Day Earrings in 2024

25 Best Valentine’s Day Earrings in 2024

If Valentine’s Day isn’t the perfect themed day to get dressed up for your date night (or date picnic, date vacation, etc.) then what is? And while you might get the perfect dress for the Cupid day, finding the perfect accessories is as important.

Whether you’re planning a candlelit dinner or a night of dancing under disco balls, we have got the perfect pair of earrings for all possible plans! You can either glitz and glam the date, or go for a cutesy-coquette girl look. Here’s your guide to the 30 best Valentine’s Day earrings.

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Pink & Gold Rhinestone Crystal Heart Earrings


1. Pink & Gold Rhinestone Crystal Heart Earrings

These dainty and pretty heart-shaped earrings made of pink and gold rhinestones will give you a princessy look! The best thing about these earrings is that you can pair them up for both a date night dinner and also for morning dates.

Heart-Shaped Stud Earring


2. Heart-Shaped Stud Earring

Isn’t this the most adorable pair ever? These baby pink earrings are for the ones who want to keep their accessories subtle and cute, nothing too long or glam.

Heart Bling Hoop Earrings


3. Heart Bling Hoop Earrings

There’s never too much ‘bling’! These heart hoop Valentine’s Day earrings are the perfect combination of a sweet and a fancy candle night dinner date!

Black Bow Earrings


4. Black Bow Earrings

If you don’t want to do a red, pink, or white look for this year’s Valentine’s, we’ve got you! These black bow earrings should be the look you might want to go for. They can be perfectly paired with a dress or even with a casual outfit.

Vintage Heart Earrings


5. Vintage Heart Earrings

These beautifully golden and white intricate Vintage heart earrings just speak of old-school romance. If you want to do an elegant and classic look for your Valentine’s date, this can be the perfect pick for you!

Strawberry Earrings


6. Strawberry Earrings

Planning a cute picnic date with your partner for this year’s Valentine’s Day? We have these adorable earrings that is sure to pair perfectly well with your


Green-Silver Drop Earrings


7. Green-Silver Drop Earrings

These stunning silver-green drop earrings can be the right addition to your sophisticated and glam Valentine’s Day look. The sleek yet elegant look is perfect for a candlelight dinner.

Open Locket Heart Earrings


8. Open Locket Heart Earrings

Another vintage style earrings for an old-school romantic date! These minimalist and dainty earrings are open-heart lockets too! This can be easily paired with both a fancy dress and a casual-cute date.

Pearl Drop & Dangle Earrings


9. Pearl Drop & Dangle Earrings

These fine, subtle, and graceful drop and dangle earrings are perfect for an evening of romance or a chic daytime outing.

Heart Drop Valentine's Day Earrings


10. Heart Drop Valentine’s Day Earrings

These asymmetrical earrings are truly a fashion statement! This design features a heart-shaped drop accent on front-to-back hoops in easy-to-style mixed metal tones. You can easily pair them with both a dinner date or a day outing!

Faux Pearl Heart Hoop Drop Earrings


11. Faux Pearl Heart Hoop Drop Earrings

The classic white and golden combination in this minimalist look, these earrings can be another great option to complete your Valentine’s Day look.

Kokyu - Cherry Drop Earring


12. Kokyu – Cherry Drop Earring

The vibrant red hue of these cherry earrings gives a fun and charming look for Valentine’s Day. These are also different from the typical Valentine’s look and if that is the look you’re rooting for, what better than this pair?

Cutout Heart Chandelier Earrings


13. Cutout Heart Chandelier Earrings

From Forever 21, these chandelier earrings are exceptionally gorgeous! The dangling gemstones give the earrings a magnificent and classic look, perfect for a dinner date.

Red Heart Earrings


14. Red Heart Earrings

Another really gorgeous Valentine’s Day earrings on the list are these heart gem huggie earrings. With Dolce & Gabbana vibes, these earrings can be the perfect adornment for your Valentine’s Day outfit.

Sun and Moon Earrings


15. Sun and Moon Earrings

An alternative pair of earrings if you don’t want to go with any Valentine’s Day colors of red, white, or pink. These sun-moon earrings give a celestial and poetic look which can be paired for a movie date or a chic brunch date!

Julie Pink Drop Statement Earrings


16. Julie Pink Drop Statement Earrings

These beautiful pink drop statement earrings are the perfect accessory if you’re looking for a princess look for your Valentine’s date. The petal-shaped design gives it an even more graceful look!

White Pearl Drop Earrings


17. White Pearl Drop Earrings

These dainty pearl drop earrings are for everyone adorning a graceful and clean look for their Valentine’s date. Super affordable and equally gorgeous, this pair will elevate any look easily!

Drop Dangle Heart Earrings


18. Drop Dangle Heart Earrings

These super cute drop-dangle earrings are suited for both a cute chic look and a restaurant lunch or dinner look! The pearls and the resin heart with golden details make it give a sophisticated and charming shine.

Pearl Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings


19. Pearl Heart Shaped Dangle Earrings

A sweet, white, subtle pair of small earrings for those who want just enough touch with their accessories. The heart-shaped pearl looks simply gorgeous!

Gold Plated Heart Earrings


20. Gold Plated Heart Earrings

These earrings are quite literally screaming “Valentine’s Jewelry!” These simple yet classy gold earrings can be an easy addition to accessories, be it a brunch date or a dinner date!

Pearl vintage drip oil Heart Earrings


21. Pearl vintage drip oil Heart Earrings

In the typical colors of Valentine’s Day, these heart-shaped pearl earrings can be the perfect pair for your Valentine-themed outfit.

Heart Locket Earrings


22. Heart Locket Earrings

Similar to the vintage heart lock earrings above, this one is a drop-dangling earring with a white pearl on each. If you want to have a vintage classic look for your Valentine’s Day, this is a great pick for it!

Spring Flower Earrings


23. Spring Flower Earrings

Don’t want to go with the usual hearts and tassels? Here’s a special one for you – white spring flower-themed! This dainty and pretty pair can be the perfect addition to your morning date!

Green Heart Hoop Earrings


24. Green Heart Hoop Earrings

Royal green color can never be beaten! This cute pair is balanced with the royalty of the green color and the grace of the golden highlights.

Sweet Tassel Love Earrings


25. Sweet Tassel Love Earrings

This pair of Valentine’s Day earrings is a unique find. The little details, rhinestones, and stone tassels, all make this pair a rare find! It will make your dinner date look an elegant one.

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