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5 Best Wedding Registry Sites To Plan The Perfect Wedding in 2022

Firstly, a big congratulations. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably begun planning for your big day. And we’re super excited for you! So much to do, like selecting your dream dress, the venue, and not to mention putting together a solid wedding registry.

However, finding that perfect wedding registry site may be tricky, with so many good options out there. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best wedding registry sites that you can use to plan your ultimate gift wish list. From sites that offer cash funds for your dream honeymoon vacay to supporting causes from NGOs close to your heart – the sky is the limit here. So no more receiving the same tacky coasters or dinner sets from 5 different guests, and welcome to the future of receiving meaningful wedding gifts.

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The Best Wedding Registry Sites of 2022

1. Carrot


Carrot is a one-of-a-kind Google Chrome extension that automatically saves items you add to your cart from any online store then displays them on a single page that you can organize in different collections. It’s one of the best wedding registry sites because it creates a seamless registry experience across the internet, no matter which websites you visit.

You only need to create your registry “collection” and share the link – Carrot will do the rest!

To begin creating your registry on Carrot, you need to install the Carrot extension. Then, the fun starts. When you visit the product pages of all the fancy (and not-so-fancy) gifts you want to add to your registry, all you have to do is click ‘add to cart’ on that website. That’s right; you don’t have to click any other button besides the ‘add to cart’ button(for that particular site). Like magic, Carrot collects whatever items you added to your cart from any website and displays them all on one page as a collection. It’s sooo easy!


Once you’ve added all your dream gifts, completing the registry is a few simple clicks away. All you have to do now is check all the items you want to add to the registry, then click the beautiful purple “Add to Collection” button.


Then select the collection you want to add them to (’Wedding Registry’ in this case), and voila, they’re all added!


The next step is even simpler: instead of two clicks, it’s one. To convert your collection to a registry, all you have to do is turn on the “Make registry” toggle, and… your wedding registry is ready! Who knew that’s all it took?

Your collections are public by default until you make them private. That way, if you send the link out, your wedding guests can view it, and you can avoid the constant messages about the link not working.

To share the registry with your invitees, click on “View collection” next to “Make registry.” This will take you to your registry page, where you can view it in full. Click on “copy link” to, well, copy the link to the collection and send it wherever or to whomever you like!


The best part about creating your online wedding registry on Carrot is that people can “claim” the items on the list they want to purchase for you. This way, Carrot marks the item as unavailable, so you won’t have to worry about getting the same set of bedding three different times.


See how simple it is? Try Carrot now for a hassle-free experience and the best wedding registry ever!

2. Amazon

If you didn’t know, Amazon has its own wedding registry feature. However, to create your registry, having an Amazon account is a must.

Considering all the cool features, it provides you with while creating your registry, many think Amazon is one of the best wedding registry sites. Although, that could also be because it’s one of the only sites they know.

However, to create your official wedding registry, Amazon requires you to enter your contact details as well as your to-be spouse’s. Besides that, it asks you to input the date and location of your wedding. While we understand having to put your own details, it doesn’t really make sense to ask for the event details. That is unless they plan to show up with all the gifts on the day itself. Otherwise, it just feels like an invasion of privacy.

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3. MyRegistry

MyRegistry is considered one of the best wedding registry sites due to its universal registry feature. That means you can add items from anywhere on the internet to your gift list.

MyRegistry allows you to create gift registries for different occasions. They also offer multiple ideas on the kind of items you can add to your online wedding registry on their blog page. In fact, you can even request a “cash fund” in case you’re over getting gifts and want to take a romantic vacation instead!

However, reviews say some MyRegistry features are not very user-friendly. The website also only accepts payment through PayPal. This restriction makes purchasing gifts a hassle for guests who either prefer other payment methods (gotta rack up those credit card rewards points!).

4. Zola


Zola is a seasoned veteran in the wedding registry space ever since its launch in 2013. Because of its longevity and reputation, its become one of the most sought-after and best wedding registry sites.

Zola allows users to add items to their registry directly through its website. For your registry, you have the option to add physical items, request cash, create a fund (like for your honeymoon), or request donations to charity.

However, users say they face issues with conditions outlined in the fine print, one of which is the site charges guests a 2.5% processing fee on many purchases. Additionally, Zola doesn’t offer a completion discount like many other online wedding registry websites.

You get a completion discount after your guests have fulfilled the minimum purchase qualifications. It’s basically free money given to you by the registry host to help you buy whatever wasn’t purchased by your guests. So, if you didn’t get the Vitamix you wanted and were hoping to use the completion discount to make your blending dreams come true, you may want to choose another site!

5. Target


Target is another e-retailer whose online wedding registry section has been the perfect gifting companion to so many couples over the years. To create your registry, you’ll need to sign in to your Target account and enter either your own or your fiancé’s details.

Target provides you with a “checklist” of suggested items from its website that you can add to your wedding gift registry. Now you have no reason to forget to add your favorites! Besides the website, you can also use the Target app to edit your registry. And, just like Amazon, you can add your most wanted items from third-party websites too.

However, users of the Target online wedding registry say the website frequently makes items on their lists unavailable without warning. Talk about confusing!

Besides that, most of the items on the Target website are placed under the TargetPlus label, which makes them “ineligible for registry”. This program is still in its initial stages and focuses on third-party sellers, so you may want to choose a different site if your wishlist is long and varied.

We hope this blog helped you find the best wedding registry. If you’re still unable to decide, we’d recommend Carrot! Why?

Well, this extraordinary Chrome extension lets you add any item from any website to your wedding registry without restrictions. Get the most out of your online wedding registry by curating wish lists and allowing guests to ‘claim’ a registered item. Share your registry wherever and with whoever you want with a simple click. Your wedding day should be the most magical day of your life, so let Carrot work its magic to make your wishes come true!