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10 Best Bulk Christmas Gifts For Coworkers, Employees & Clients

Christmas is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year. ‘Tis the season of spreading happiness and joy through gifts and so much more! 

We all crave being appreciated and who doesn’t love gifts? Your employees, coworkers, and clients will look forward to Christmas gifts from you. 

But finding Christmas gifts for everyone can be a task! Each individual has a different taste and choice. How do you find a gift that makes them feel special but also doesn’t take a lot of time and effort for you to buy?

If only Santa could home-deliver Christmas gifts to your employees and clients! But since he can’t, this blog will take you through the 10 Best Bulk Christmas Gifts options that will make your people super happy this season! 

10 Best Bulk Christmas Gifts in 2022 

Here’s your chance to get kickass corporate Christmas gifts and impress your team and clients. 

1. Callaway Chrome Soft Box 

Corporate people are crazy about golfing and you know it! This super cool Christmas gift will let you customize 12 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls for your clients and employees! 

You can add company logos, digital graphics, designs, and also add customized messages! Your clients will become absolute fans of this gift! 

2. Gourmet Chocolates & Nuts

We all know holiday calories don’t count, so why not give your team an excuse to binge-eat their favorite chocolates and nuts? 

A super tasty holiday assortment, this gourmet-style gift has cashew milk chocolate bark, English toffees, tamarind almonds, and delicious sea salt caramels. 

Is your mouth watering too, or is it just us? You can also customize the assortment based on your client or employee’s preferences! There’s something for everyone. 

3. Wine Glass Set

The holiday season is incomplete without a few dozen bottles of wine! It’s everybody’s favorite elixir this time of the year. And you know what makes good wine taste even better? A beautiful set of wine glasses gifted by you! 

Send out sleek and dainty wine glasses to your employees and clients and let them enjoy their wine-tasting sessions with their close ones. You can even customize these glasses with a message etched into them, cause wine not.

4. Digital Photo Frames

Photo frames are a beautiful way of preserving memories with people you love and cherish. The best part about digital photo frames is that you can change the image every once in a while. 

You could gift your employees a digital photo frame with the team’s holiday-themed group photograph in it. Your coworkers could keep it on their work desks and even change the image to one with their family. It would honestly be the cutest Christmas present! 

5. Food Gift Cards 

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. It’s true and you know it. If you are really confused about what to gift your employees for Christmas, you could play it safe with digital gift cards. 

Delivery gift cards will let your employees enjoy their holiday season by ordering food for free from their favorite local eateries. Whether they are craving something for lunch or dinner, this gift card will remind them of your appreciation! 

You can get coupons from DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats. Let your employees snack away this season! 

6. Power Banks

If you have tech-savvy employees, then you can think of gifting them something useful like a power bank! Running out of battery on your iPad or smartphone is super annoying, especially if you are mid-meeting or working on a PPT. 

Be the best boss and give your employees a super cool gift this season. Let their phones never run out of charge, they will forever be grateful. 

7. VIP Client Box 

Your clients need your attention. A normal Christmas gift won’t make the cut, it has to be something smart, well thought out, and must have a personal touch to it! 

A VIP box can have a portable charger, a heated mug, wireless speakers, a water bottle, cool bags, and a lot more. It will surely impress your clients and make them happy this holiday season. 

Get your clients this VIP box from holiday gifting companies like Caroo.

8. Laptop Sleeves 

Yet another safe bet for bulk Christmas gifts would be personalized laptop sleeves. You can choose colors and designs for your employees and even get messages stitched onto them later. If you wish to take it up a notch, get the laptop sleeves in a holiday theme! 

Laptop sleeves are something your employees will use on a daily basis and it will always remind them of your token of appreciation for them. 

9. Marine Layer Blanket

Christmas afternoons call for snuggly naps. This beautiful, soft mock twist sherpa fleece fabric blanket is heaven in disguise. Even Santa would snuggle up with this blanky! 

It’s an intricate blend of different fibers like cotton, rayon, micro modal, and polyester. In fact, this blanky is made with premium quality material inside and outside. 

Whether you use it for treks or at home, this gift will give your employees a constant reminder of how much you appreciate them. Best gift ever! 

 10. Christmas Gift Hampers

Last but not the least, if you can’t settle for one gift or can’t choose between many, the best bulk Christmas gift would be to go for a hamper. You can choose a variety of products to add based on your budget.

Things like coffee jars, marshmallows, Christmas decor, cookies, cakes, chocolates, snacks, pens, scarves, etc are good add-ons for your hampers. 

You can even personalize these hampers for each client or employee. 

Now that you know what Christmas gifts to buy for your coworkers, employees, and clients, it’s time to get shopping! And no one helps you shop better than Carrot!

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