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Unforgettable Father's Day Gifts for Boyfriend | Carrot

10 Memorable Father’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Father’s Day is a special day for dads and a chance to show appreciation for all they do. But when you’re dating a dad, it can be hard to come up with father’s day gift ideas. Getting the perfect gift depends on how long you’ve been dating and your current role in the kids’ lives.

Going through a gift questionnaire can sometimes help. But we’ve also got 10 father’s day gifts for boyfriend that your sweetie is sure to love. Let’s get busy and find those gifts!

Awesome Dad Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are always a good standby. They have the potential to say something funny, inspiring, or just express thanks. Father’s Day is no exception.

For boyfriends who love java, this awesome Dad coffee mug is one of many great father’s day gift ideas. It’s not overly mushy and serious, but it’s one of those father’s day gifts for boyfriend that shows gratitude. And this coffee mug lets him brag about his parenting skills all year!

Outdoor Fun Father’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

Dads don’t always have to escape to express their love of the great outdoors. There are many father’s day gifts that can bring his family together right in their backyard.

Got a man that loves to play outdoor games? This steel ladderball set is sure to please. It’s a game he can enjoy with the kids, and it also folds down for easy storage in a shed or garage.

Get the Grill On

It’s no secret that grilling is a favorite summer pastime. Whether it’s time to entertain for two or more, outdoor cooking gear and accessories will win every time.

And that’s because there isn’t a man that doesn’t love a good BBQ or tailgate party. This portable grill/griddle combo covers both. As father’s day gift ideas go, it’s a hot one!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Techies

Stereotypes about guys and tech aside, there are plenty of father’s day gifts for boyfriend in this category.

Technology is something a lot of guys love. From gaming consoles to Bluetooth speakers, a boyfriend will get a lot of use out of those gadgets. That’s what makes this Mini Xboy Bluetooth speaker such an amazing idea.

Knock His Socks Off

Yes, we’re talking about actual socks. The kind he wears on his feet in the gym or when it’s cold.

Just started dating someone or have a runner for a boyfriend? No one’s ever turned down a good pair of athletic socks. This colorful pair from Nike may be one of those casual father’s day gifts for boyfriend, but they’ll get the job done.

Go Retro

Have an old soul on your hands? There are a few retro gifts that can appeal to his mature side.

This is one of those father’s day gifts for boyfriend that give a nod to the past. But a turntable record player is a good fit for someone who’s a little old school or into classic memorabilia. Plus, this turntable can give passed-down record collections a second life.

Give The Gift of Time

Ever thought about giving the gift of time?

Okay, not time exactly but the ability to tell it. Watches are another blast from the past, but plenty of men still wear them. Let your boyfriend look like a class act with this Timex.

Chef Meal Kits

Calling all hungry cooks and food enthusiasts! DIY meal kits with the honey’s favorites will win his heart.

The foodie in your life will appreciate chef meal kits from Goldbelly. This one features award-winning Mediterranean cuisine. Let him chow down on falafel, kebabs, pita bread, and more.

Super Dad Tee

Need something that doesn’t say “we’re ready for the next step,” but does show some thought and appreciation? Like coffee mugs, it’s hard to go wrong with a tee.

Here’s another one of those laid-back father’s day gifts for boyfriend. He’ll have a difficult time resisting wearing this Super Dad t-shirt. It lets the world know who’s a star at his job!

Personalized Keepsakes

Want to step up that personalization game a notch?

Make some of those father’s day gift ideas really personal! Add a unique touch to tools like hammers from Personalization Mall. Carve in the names of his kids or the special lady in his life!

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