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20 Most Creative and Unique Ideas for February Birthday Gifts

Searching for the perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member can be super stressful. You want to give them something that shows how much you care and how well you know them. Luckily for you, we’re here to make February birthday gift-giving a little less daunting. We have rounded up a list of some of the latest on-trend pieces for February birthday gifts. Now you can totally win the hearts of your hard-to-please aunt, super-bougie sibling, or techie spouse.

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February Birthday Gifts for Adults

1. For the gadget lover

Iphone wireless charger
Source: Uncommon Goods

This is the perfect gift for a gadget lover whose worst nightmare is seeing red on their phone battery icon or tangled cords in their workspace. Uncommon Goods’ wireless charging pad eliminates cables(yas!) and quickly charges a device more efficiently than others on the market.

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2. For the bookworm

Even if you’re a book lover yourself, figuring out the perfect gift for another one is easier said than done. So instead of wrecking your brain to find the perfect book for that friend, family member, or colleague, you can opt for a non-book gift, like this blue-light-blocking book light with an amber glow. The soft light is gentle on the eyes, so they won’t disturb the people around them, making it the perfect night reading companion.

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3. For the Handy ”person” in your life

Swiss knife gift

A fantastic gift for people who love building or fixing things— or preparing for the apocalypse(just saying). This RoverTac multitool is a 14-in-1 hatchet with a knife, ax hammer, saw, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle opener, and a durable sheath. Something they can use at home or bring along with them “just in case”!

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4. For the Coffee Lover

Whipping up an espresso in the park, on a long road trip, or at their desk –sounds magical, right?! This portable espresso machine from Wacaco makes that dream a reality! It’s portable, lightweight, and adaptable making it a great travel companion. With this gift, you’re sure to make the coffee lover or enthusiast in your life smile.

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5. For the “Homebody”

A comfortable robe is a thoughtful way of telling them, “you deserve to relax.” And this Alexander Del Rossa is the perfect option. The warm flannel fleece robe with a hood is for someone whose ideal night is cozying up on the couch for a little “Netflix and Chill” with themselves.

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6. For the Gamer

Xbox game pass

The pandemic has born an army of new gamers. And probably made old gamers even more inclined to stay glued to their monitors. With the Xbox GamePass, paying the full price for a game is a thing of the past. Instead, you can unlock the full GamePass library for 3 months with this gift card. So, if you’re looking to treat that game lover in your life with a February birthday gift they’ll love, you can’t go wrong with an Xbox GamePass.

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7. For the Master Chef

Perfect Pot

Have a friend or family member who loves to impress with their culinary skills? Well, this Our Place’s Perfect Pot is an ideal gift. Whether they’re a master chef already or an aspiring one, high-quality pots and pans are something they’ll probably always want to have!

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8. For the Fitness Buff

These Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be the new best friend for all fitness lovers in your life. Whether they’re hitting the treadmill (or pavement), these earbuds are sweat and water-resistant with up to 10 hours of battery life, so they’ll make the perfect workout buddy. They also have noise cancellation, so they can stay in beast mode, with no interruptions!

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9. For the Beer Lover

Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit has everything a beer lover needs to start their own home brewery! Well, maybe not a full brewery– but to at least learn about the process. With this kit, they’ll be able to start brewing their own craft beer from when they open the kit. It comes with a brew kettle, all-grain mix, cascade hops, Columbus hops, beer-making yeast, glass fermentation jug, thermometer, racking cane, tubing, tubing clamp, screw-cap stopper, airlock, and a no-rinse sanitizer.

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10. For the plant lover

Snake plants

Add a splash of greenery to the plant lover’s home office. Snake plants are a brilliant choice for budding plant enthusiasts because they’re relatively easy to keep alive if they’re not the green thumb type (yet).

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11. For the Yoga Enthusiast

Bala bangles

While you may not be setting your alarm with your friend for that 4:30 AM yoga or HIIT training session, you can upgrade their sweat routine. Gift them a pair of stylish Bala bangles that add resistance to their workouts. These stylish, weighted bands amplify the benefits of just about any routine. The super colorful and uber-functional bangles make them the perfect choice for February birthday gifts.

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12. For the Foodie

Nothing says morning comfort like a warm cup of coffee–and a great bagel. And, Goldbelly has some of the best bagels New York has to offer. So, if you can’t take your foodie friend out for a nice birthday meal, shipping one to them is a great alternative that Goldbelly has. Your foodie friend can choose their favorites, like; The Everything, Seasame, or Cinnamon, and have them shipped right to their doorstep.

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13. For the Chocolate Lover

Chocolates and February go together like peanut butter and jelly. But chocolates don’t have to be reserved for your Valentine! They also make a perfect February gift for a friend or family member with a little sweet tooth! So if you’re looking for some of the best, look no further than La Maison du Chocolat. They’re imported from France and come as a ready-made gift with a pretty box and ribbon that your chocolate lover will enjoy.

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14. For the Beauty Maven

Source: Birchbox

Today people are prioritizing self-care more than ever by taking the time out, eating healthy, or exploring products that help them get some ‘me’ time. And more than likely, you have a family or friend who’s all about the spa days, hair salon visits, and their skincare routine. With Birchbox they can receive 5 mini monthly products that make exploring these self-care activities at home fun. Also, add a few beauty essentials to help them prepare for that February birthday celebration! Go glow!

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15. For the Ultimate Fashionista

Nothing spells fashionista more than a bespoke hat, especially if it’s created by “the Gentlemen Milliner,” Keith & James. This stylish gift includes six custom hats, each arriving bi-monthly. Each hat is delivered in a signature hatbox and custom display case. It’s the perfect present to add to your list of February birthday gifts for your favorite fashionista.

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16. For the Entertainer

This is the perfect gift for friends or family who live far away from one another. Schedule a virtual wine tasting on their birthday courtesy of In Good Taste. You and your friends will get to sample 6-8 wines from wineries around the globe so you can be together even though you are apart. Toast with a click!

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17. For the Pet Parent

A pet pillow is one of the few purrfect February gift ideas for the pet lover in your life. Each pillow is custom made to feature their favorite furry friend so they can experience the love their pet gives them even when away (or just in another room). You’ll be sure to make your pet parent friend smile the biggest smile with this keepsake gift!

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18. For the Clever Planner

A penspiration board

You can’t go wrong with a stationary subscription gift. This subscription will keep the February birthday baby feeling organized and ready to conquer the world with chic planners, memo pads, notecards, envelopes, luxe pens, and more. You can pick from a pen and pencil-only plan, a version with just paper goods, or a complete box that will keep their craft supplies stocked.

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19. For the Jet Setter

Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask is a bestseller for a reason. For the jet setters, hopping from flight to flight, or frequent red-eye’s this will help you to stay looking fresh and ready for the day brings. Gift them that glow they deserve with this luxury face mask.

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20. For the Aspiring Mixologist (& Literature Love)

Tequila Mockingbird Book

This perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves the DIY approach to hosting and entertaining! The Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist is a pun-tactic literary-themed book with cocktail recipes like “Are You There God?, It’s Me Margarita” and “The Last of the Mojitos”. It is the world’s bestselling cocktail book for those obsessed with literature. It also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations throughout.

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