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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Best Picks For Every Budget

The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get our loved ones! First, good job for starting your search early this year rather than scrambling last minute to pick the leftovers. This is the first step to becoming an intentional shopper, and we are very proud of you!

However, if you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this holiday gift guide, the 2022 edition, we’ve put together a list of thoughtful and unique gifts for all the lovely people in your life, from your coworkers to your neighbors, your beloved parents to children, or that special someone in your life, there are plenty of ideas.

So, let’s start selecting, organizing, and crossing names off your Holiday gifting list!

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Starting With The Best Holiday Gifts For Her

Rounding up only the best gifts for her in our holiday gift guide because she deserves all the love, appreciation, and attention.

1. An Anti-Aging Night Routine from Ulta Beauty

This os a complete anti-aging night routine for all the boss women who deserve an extra dose of TLC this holiday season.

It’s cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients to leave you hydrated and glowing✨

The best part? You also get a 4 Piece Gift worth $50 FREE with this purchase on Ulta Beauty. Yay!

Price: $93.00

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2. A Weighted Blanket from Gravity Blankets

Gravity is a brand that gives us a happy mix of Sleep & Science. Their weighted blankets are scientifically proven to improve sleep and reduce stress.

This is one of those useful gifts that would always be appreciated, especially when they snuggle in bed after a long day of work.

Price: $249.99

3. A Dainty Diamond Necklace From Brilliant Earth

The perfect gift for all the special ladies in your life. Whether it’s your mum, girlfriend, or your wife, this gift will definitely leave her with a dazzling smile and teary eyes.

Pick this diamond necklace suspended in a gold or silver chain, or choose from many other options on the Brilliant earth website

Price: $995

4. AirPods Pro from Apple

This tiny pair of earphones is all she needs to get in the zone either to work or to work out.

So yes, if you know someone who lost these besties or just needs a happy upgrade, the holiday season is the perfect time to gift these.

Pricing: $169

5. Kindle from Amazon

The feeling of reading a good book on a sunny day, sprawled on a hammock or blanket, flipping through pages, and traveling to an unknown world is one of the best feelings in the world.

However, carrying around a heavy book can be a bit of a challenge. But if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for the book lover, friend, or loved one. This is it!

And you can make it extra special by pre-loading their kindle with a few books you think she’ll enjoy.

Pricing: $149.99 | 16GB

Best Holiday Gifts For Him

Make all the great men in your life feel loved and special with these handpicked and thoughtful gift selections. There’s something here for everyone:

1. A Skincare Kit by Sephora

Whether the men in your life are into skincare or not. This First-aid beauty kit formulated with all the good and clean ingredients will definitely surprise them and make them feel extra special this Holiday season.

Choose from products like body wash, face wash, shampoo, or a nice moisturizer that’ll leave them feeling plush and pampered.

Price: $59.00

2. Expresso Maker by Nespresso

If they love coffee, they would definitely love a Nespresso machine.

In our opinion, this bad boy deserves an 11/10 in our holiday gift guide for beating morning grumps and for a unique coffee experience at home every single day.

Price: $126.75

3. A Virtual Reality Headset from Meta Quest 2

If you know someone who’s into techy stuffy, gaming, or virtual reality. This is the perfect gift for him.

Hundreds of hit games and unique experiences will come alive for him with Meta Quest 2. It’s slightly expensive but if you’ve been saving up to surprise your bae this one will definitely blow his mind.

Pricing: $399.99

4. A Premium Meat Package by Crowd Cow

Does the thought of juicy steaks, ribeye, and Wagyu make his belly rumble and growl? Then this gift is perfect for him!

At Crowd Cow you can explore a vast selection of different types of meats, seafood, and sides for any recipe you want.

You can either pick a personalized gift or just get the gift card here!

5. Portable Pizza Maker from Amazon

Do you have a pizza-loving outdoorsy kind of guy in your life? Well, there could be no more perfect gift for them

This outdoor portable pizza oven lets you make authentic stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds. You can use wood, charcoal, or a gas burner attachment to start whipping up these tasty delights in minutes!

Pricing: $399.00

Best Gifts For Kids

Do away with the boring and obvious holiday presents and get something unique for the precious small people in your life with this holiday gift guide for kids!

1. A Light Up Drawing Tee by Uncommon Goods(5-14yrs)

Kids love getting creative, and what better than a light-up drawing tee that lets them personalize their art on their tee every single time?

The luminescent ink panel lets all your young artist’s doodles shine brightly and disappear gradually, giving them a fresh canvas to start all over again.

Pricing: $25.00 – $30.00

2. A Mix & Spin DJ Pad by Uncommon Goods (1-5 yrs)

Channel your child’s inner musician with this mix-and-spin portable music studio featuring multiple instruments and sound effects.

The first 10 days will be a little tough on your ears folks, but your little pumpkin will have the time of his life.

Pricing: $45

3. Banking Box by Uncommon Goods (6-14yrs)

Get your little ones started on good money habits with this handcrafted banking box.

Designed by a mom for all the moms looking to impart financial wisdom to their children.

This gift for kids paired with some Holiday money in the bank will be a win-win for both the kid and the mom!


Pricing: $48

Best Gifts For Pets To Get ’em Wagging

Your furry family members deserve an extra dose of lovin’ just like everyone else this Holiday. Here are our top picks for all the good boys and girls out there 🐶

1. Dog Treat Maker by Dash

Nothing says bone-a-pet-treat better than this super cool treat maker. This indeed is the best gift for pets and pet parents!

Customize your treats, add all their fav ingredients along with all the healthy stuff that they won’t eat otherwise. Mix them together, make a batter, and put it in this waffle maker look-alike. And voila their scooby snack is ready!

Price: $24

2. A Plush Bed by Tinaco

Our little ones love snuggling in bed with us, as sharing is the only love language our fluffy friends speak.

But sometimes, they need a place to call their own too. A place where they are not scolded to bring their wet treats or their muddy paws. This plush bed can be that place for them. The best part? You can put it on the floor, sofa, or bed, and it will still be their very own nap station.

Price: $43

3. A Smart Dog Collar by Try-FI

A wifi-enabled dog collar that’s chew-proof, Water-proof with 24/7 location, activity, and sleep tracking.

What more can you ask in a doggie collar, right?

4. A Goody Box by Chewy

This Kitty Goody box is purrfect for your Highness!

Loaded with catnip treats, toys, and a snuggly holiday-themed tartan blankie- this gift will definitely help you win some favor in the kitty court.

Price: $27.99

5. Gifts and Goods Box by Barkbox

Customize fido’s gift with their fav treats and toys with this Barkbox subscription.

This wag inducer will definitely keep your little one busy for hours and make their Holiday season extra special.

Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts For Everyone under $50

All holiday gifts don’t have to be super expensive, no? Some gifts are just thoughtful, filled with love, or super duper cool. Like our top picks for budget buys:

1. Skincare set by Inkey List

To all the skincare junkies out there! This skincare kit will definitely make give their skin the boost of life it needs.

It’s made with Inkey’s bestselling products that target dehydrated & dull skin, fine lines, and marks to nourish your skin from within and make it extra glowy all day long.

Pricing: $25

2. Snake Plant by The Sill

Snake plants are known to be resilient and can sustain themselves in dim and dark places. They don’t need too much water and are quite happy when you forget about them.

So if you know someone who loves plants but cannot really manage the upkeep. This snake charmer will put a huge grin on their face.

Price: $38

3. Food Server by Uncommon Goods

Whether you’re thinking of surprising your coworker with a quirky gift or that friend who loves to host parties. This cute critter server will be the talk of every get-together.

Price: $28

4. Personalized Vinyl Record Doormat by Uncommon Goods

For the love of Vinyl, get this customizable record for all the audiophiles in your life and hear them go ‘Woah‘ in unison.

The best part? It can’t be scratched, doesn’t slip, and won’t be stolen by your neighbors because it’s got your name on it!

Price: $35

5. Automated Stirrer by Uncommon goods

Afraid your sauce will stick to the pan? Not with this guy around.

This Sous-chef a.k.a automatic stirrer will take all your instructions well without talking back or trying to alter your recipes. Much appreciated, yes?

Price: $25.00

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