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Thoughtful Last-minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Oh no! Mother’s Day has snuck up on you once again. We’ve all been there, frantically scouring the mall and the internet for the perfect last-minute mother’s day gifts. However, this year, why not try something different?

Instead of buying her yet another thing she may not even want or need, why not spend some time thinking about what would really make her happy? To help ease your burden, we’ve put together a list of 5 last-minute mother’s day gifts we’re sure she’ll love.

1.FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

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A picture is worth a thousand words! So, give your mom the visual gift of gab with a Mini Instant Camera. This mother’s day gift idea makes taking pictures fun and easy. With all photographs digitally stored on our phones, some special memories can be preserved with Instax. Your mom will have a picture to cherish and keep forever.

In colors from Flamingo Pink to Smokey White, the fun design and added features like a close-up lens adapter and automatic exposure help to ensure you get the perfect picture every time.

Just remember to not shake it like a polaroid picture. Contrary to what Outkast may have advised, shaking it can destroy the chemicals that form the picture. Therefore, remind your mom to simply let it dry, laying face-down and out of the sun for best results.

2. Mom Guided Journal

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How much do we really know about Mom? Do you know her favorite bedtime story as a child or her favorite childhood memory? If you are eager to learn more about your mom, then this personalized mother’s day gift is a perfect fit.

This guided journal lets mom share her life story, capturing all her cherished memories and wisdom for generations to come. Plus, if you order this last-minute mother’s day gift today you might be able to get it just in time for Sunday.

4. Beis Travel Tote

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Perfect for the mom on the go, this weekender bag is a great last-minute mother’s day gift to send her off on all the trips she has planned this summer. She can easily organize everything needed for a short trip. The spacious bag has loads of room for everything from laptops to sneakers.

She’ll love the tote’s bottom compartment designed to keep shoes and toiletries away from your clothes. I know, ingenious right! Her whites stay white, and no shampoo leaks will ruin another outfit again.

For a little pizazz, a zipper pocket on the back allows it to slide on the handle of your rolling suitcase for even easier transit. What more can a mom ask for?

5. Birthstone Stud Earrings


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When all else fails, jewelry is always the answer. A classic option with a natural textured twist, this personalized mother’s day gift of raw birthstone studs is a sweet gesture of appreciation your mother will love.

Raw gemstones are set in a sterling silver post for an updated take on a classic birthstone mother’s day gift idea.

You can choose from January’s pure red garnet to December’s vibrant turquoise to adorn the ear of your favorite lady on her special day.

Happy Shopping!

It is not easy coming up with a mother’s day gift idea, especially when time escapes you and Mothers Day seems to sneak up on you.

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