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Baby Registry Favorites! Must-Have Items You Need To Add

We know creating a baby registry can be a daunting task for a parent. You have a million things on your mind, and it might be hard to remember everything you’ll need in order to be prepared for your little one’s arrival. Don’t worry- we have you covered!

Check out our list of some must-haves for your baby registry! (And we’ll even help you create the registry!

1. Infant Car Seat

Baby Car seat

The most important thing(which is why it tops our list of must-haves on your baby registry) you’ll need for your baby’s arrival is an infant car seat – so you can take that little one home safely! There are even helpful “convertible” car seats that are adaptable to your baby’s size so you can transform the seat as your child grows from infant to toddler—talk about a money saver!

2. Stroller

Baby stroller

There is a huge variety of strollers on the market, including lightweight options, car seat carriers, double strollers for those of you with multiple kiddos, jogging strollers, and more. There’s an option that will fit exactly what your family’s needs are – whether you’re taking a day trip or just a walk around the block.

3. Baby Carrier/Wrap

Baby carrier wrap

Baby carriers are a great way to keep a close eye on your little ones! These carriers help them feel calm and secure and can even help babies that suffer from reflux! A baby carrier allows you way more flexibility, on the go or around the house. (And you won’t feel like you’ve been carrying around a sack of potatoes all day.) Trust us, mums, your arms will thank you!

(And if you’re feeling fancy, check out these luxury carriers!)

4. Bassinet


Bassinets are small and portable sleeping options for your newborn, allowing you to keep them near you without taking up too much space in your bedroom. You’ll have quick and easy access to them at night for feedings and diaper changes—saving you precious moments of sleep!

5. First Aid Kit

First Ai kit

Your little one’s health is the number one priority, so having a Baby First Aid Kit (like this kit from the Red Cross) is always a good idea. These kits often include essentials like thermometers, nasal bulbs, nail clippers, baby-safe ointments, and even infant medication, so you’re always prepared!

6. Feeding Essentials

Baby feeding essentials

There are many tools out there to help make feeding your baby as easy as possible- from bottles of different sizes and shapes (your baby might develop a preference), bottle scrub brushes, and bottle warmers. And if you plan to breastfeed, you might need a breast pump , breast milk storage bags, or a nursing pillow!

7. Bath Essentials

Bath essentials

If there is one thing we know for sure, babies are messy. Between feedings, spit-up, and diaper blowouts, you’ll need to make sure you have everything to keep your little one clean! It’s a great idea to get a baby-sized bathtub so you can easily bathe your baby in the sink or shower. Don’t forget to get baby-safe shampoos and soaps (which you can even get at Sephora !) and use soft washcloths to wipe them gently!

Create a Baby Registry with Carrot

Now that you have an idea of what to add to your baby registry checklist, here’s the best part:

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Your must-have baby registry is easy as 1, 2, 3 on Carrot!

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