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14 Gifts For The Creative Pisces In Your Life

Born between February 19–March 20, Pisces is said to be one of the most sensitive signs. They are known to also be very artistic, empathetic, and selfless, meaning gifts that allow them to re-focus some of the attention they give to others back on themselves. Gifts that encourage self-care and self-exploration you are likely to not go wrong!

So if you have a special Pisces in your life you’re looking to show some love to, keep reading to check out some gifts they’ll love. And if you like what you see, don’t forget to create a shopping wish list on Carrot so that you easily come back and shift through all the options you’ve selected. You can make your own little “Pisces gifts” collection and revisit every month or year. To gift your Pisces with things they’ll love year-round!

1. Customized journal


As the zodiacs’ most sensitive sign, most Pisces will be love this customized journal to express themselves and write down their deepest thoughts. It’s a gorgeous journal but you can even go an extra step and get it customized with their zodiac constellation sign on the cover and you can even emboss their names! Get it here

2. Adult coloring books


Coloring books are awesome creative outlets for an art-loving Pisces or any Pisces really. They are calming and help the mind to relax and unwind. For a Pisces who’s always thinking about others, taking time to do something that simply lets them be in the present moment focused on them is sure to be a hit.

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3. Art Supplies


Ask any artist, and they will tell you how much they value their art supplies! Pick oil-based color pencils, pen brush sets, acrylic pen sets. The options are endless. Gift them their favorite art supplies and see their arts flourish.

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4. Music concert tickets


The love for music comes naturally to most Pisces. Ask a Pisces, and most of them will tell you how they love to zone out in their favorite tunes! So why not gift them with the real thing? Concert tickets to a live show!

Find tickets here.

5. Noise machine

noise machine

This sound machine is a great choice of gift for a Pisces, who understands the value of good rest and sleep! There are many noise machines out there to choose from, but this House Bay machine has a sleek adult looking design that will complement your house decor well perfectly. Your Pisces pal will find themselves drifting into a deep rejuvenating sleep night after night.

Buy it here.

6. Bluetooth turntable


Your Pisces friend will definitely love a thoughtful artistic gift like this retro Bluetooth turntable. It will take them back to the 40s and 60s and inspire them to go buy some good music that encourages them to use their imaginative side.

Shop here.

7. Personalized music bracelet

music bracelet

Turn a Spotify code into a beautiful and customized piece of art! Send a specific song to your Pisces pal, and they can scan the bracelet and listen to it whenever they want, wherever they are! Not to mention it will also be a beautiful piece of jewelry that anyone would love to flaunt!

Get it here.

8. Reed diffuser


Taking on the problems of everyone around you can be draining. And no one probably knows this better than a Pisces. A gift like the reed diffuser will help your Pisces relax, disconnect, and slip into some much-needed calm and tranquility.

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9. Crochet/knitting set

knitting set

Again, we know Pisces are known to be artistic people, so if they’re into crocheting or knitting, gift them this crochet set. It comes with a bunch of colorful yarn and ergonomic crochet hooks. With this gift, they’ll be able to carry around a little bit of imagination everywhere they go.

Get it here.

10. Face mask


Self-care is the name of the game for most Pisces. So, gift them a face mask that they can use before that hop into bed for the night. The masks help to soothe skin and address different skin concerns, so this is a perfect gift for Pisces to indulge in some self-care!

Shop here.

11. Perfume


A perfume can soothe the soul and calm the wandering mind. Do you know that different fragrances have different effects on the mind? For example, ylang-ylang is known more for its calming effect, while zesty citrus spreads a positive and encouraging vibe. So, pick a fragrance that you think will suit your pal’s personality.

Shop them here.

12. Blankets


Nice blankets make us feel comfortable and relaxed. A cold night and a warm cozy blanket? Nothing beats that feeling! So why not pamper your beloved Pisces with some quality sleep time by gifting them with a nice blanket that they want to cuddle in all day long.

Get them here.

13. Scented candles


Pisces love to break from their daily routine and get lost in their own world! So let them unwind with these beautiful aromatic candles.

Get them here.

14. Books


Pisces are imaginative and loves to explore new things. A good book is undoubtedly a great way to win them over (if you haven’t already!). While different people have different reading interests, a Pisces will probably find something interesting in any book you gift them with.

Get them here.

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