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Easy & Creative Ways To Keep Track Of Your Receipts

Keeping track of receipts can seem like the biggest task ever- especially when you receive one too many in a day. It’s easy to find yourself rummaging through your bag or drawers if you don’t have an organized way to store receipts. We know just how painful that can be when the time comes to track your expenses or file taxes. And that’s why we’re here! Keep reading to find out some of the best ways to organize receipts that will help you save both time and energy.

Three Ways to Organize Receipts

1. Use A Google or Microsoft Spreadsheet

There are many ways to track your expenses, but spreadsheets are one of the most popular and effective methods. It can be a bit of work to input all your data, but it’s worth it to have a free way to keep track of your spending. Make sure to update your spreadsheet at least once a week to get the most accurate information.

One of the ways you can do this is to first create a sheet tracking your monthly income. Using a simple addition formula, the sheet can automatically add up each month’s income to give you a total every time you input a new amount.

On a separate sheet, you can create a month-wise table that tracks your expenses – how much and on what the money was spent. Again, using a few formulas, you can club the total amount of money to be subtracted from that month’s earnings, and so on. However, this method may sometimes get a little tedious if not done regularly.

2. Organize Receipts Digitally

A lot of people prefer to go the “modern” route in order to keep track of receipts. Since everything has gone digital in today’s age – including filing taxes – it’s much easier to store and upload everything digitally as well.

Plus, as most retailers are going paperless these days, they prefer to directly send you a digital receipt over providing a physical one. We, too, recommend going digital to organize receipts because, sooner or later, everything will become digital-only, anyway. You may as well get a headstart at it!

One super easy and practical way to organize receipts digitally is with Carrot ! It’s a Google Chrome extension that keeps track of everything you add to your cart while shopping online. It’s basically a cute little shopping assistant that helps you save your finds and lets you sort them into collections and wishlists.

3. Use Carrot: The Smart & Free Google Extension

Carrot, by many of its users, has been referred to as a shoppable Pinterest. And, just like Pinterest, you can store and organize multiple things. This includes items you wish to buy, your receipts after buying them, and more! It’s an organizational tool that can be used to organize anything like pictures, pins, and screenshots.

Once you’re done shopping online and receive your receipt, all you have to do is take a screenshot of it, and Carrot will do the rest! You’ll get the option to organize receipts by saving them to Carrot. And, if you wish to sort them further (like into categories), you can do that too!

Declutter your digital life with Carrot

Just like you can create collections of products you wish to buy, Carrot allows you to do the same with your receipt screenshots! We know you’re excited to give it a whirl now! Try it out and let us know how awesome it was. Did we mention it’s free?

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