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5 Tips on How to Organize Grocery Lists by Monica Geller

We have all been there, standing confused between the aisles, trying to figure out how and where to start our grocery shopping. Going to the veggies section, coming back because we forgot something in the dairy aisle… and then, poof! Three hours have passed before we know it.

Even after an exhausting haul, you realize you forgot something else that you really needed when you get home. Not to mention, you bought a couple of things you already had!

It’s high time you tackle grocery shopping with a plan! Knowing how to organize a grocery list can significantly ease shopping anxieties, and we have the best person to tell you that.

Yes, none other than our beloved Friends character, Monica Geller.

Known for her extreme and borderline OCD, organization skills, approaching your shopping as she could help us all save energy, time, and the stress of shopping.

So, here are some tips and hacks that we could totally see Monica using to organize grocery lists and plan shopping trips.

6 Ways to Organize Grocery Lists Like Monica Geller :

1. Maintain a running grocery list in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you cook your meals–and run out of groceries. So, what better place to start with your shopping list?

You can keep a pen and paper on your kitchen counter and stick a note on your fridge or a corkboard to note quickly everything that goes missing before you forget. You can also ask your family members or roommates to do the same.

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This will be the main list whenever someone goes to get groceries. But, if you are someone who prefers keeping everything online, you can use online shopping tools like Carrot to organize your carts and keep track of all the items you need before going to shop or picking up your online order.

2. Organize your grocery list by aisle

A grocery list usually has a variety of categories, from bakery items to cleaning products. Organize your grocery category list according to the layout of your general grocery store. This way, you won’t have to wander aimlessly around each aisle checking to see if it has the item you’re looking for.

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Check and add your items in these grocery list categories while planning:

  • Deli and bakery
  • Fresh produce
  • Meat and seafood
  • Diary products
  • Frozen section
  • Packaged, bottled, and canned food
  • Health and beauty
  • Household essentials
  • Pet care essentials

That’s a lot of grocery list categories to remember! So, creating a reusable shopping list printout and making copies could be a good idea. You can find some great templates online as well. More of an online shopper? Refer to your organized grocery list, and add items without opening too many tabs on the screen.

3. Plan your grocery list as you plan your meals

If you want to eat healthy and not waste money on random grocery items (or food deliveries), planning meals is a must!

For a practical meal plan, create your menu according to the days of the week. Do you want to eat less meat? Plan you a Meatless Monday meal. Looking to add more greens to your diet? Include some spinach or kale on your list to make a healthy smoothie for breakfast or dinner. And we all deserve a cheat meal once in a while. Don’t be ashamed to add your favorite ice cream to your list!

Print out your meal plan along with all the ingredients. You can even calculate how much of an item you need to buy to last you for the month! That’s definitely something that Monica would do!

4. Shop by shopping deal days


Shopping is fun when you’re saving money!

Is there a sale coming up on Walmart? Save the dates on your calendar so that you can shop with the best deals. Don’t forget about the coupons that you have saved for your grocery haul! Keep a visual reminder in your grocery list or your phone. Note the expiry dates so that you use them on time.

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5. Use digital apps to organize grocery lists


Ah, the comfort of being in 2022! There’s an app or tool for everything. And definitely, plenty of them to organize grocery lists. If you plan a spontaneous grocery haul, they are easier to carry on your phone.

Apps like Carrot help you organize based on shopping list categories. And if you are serious about meal planning, you can check out Mealime. With these digital grocery list organizers, you can not only keep track of your spending but your eating habits as well.

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How to make organizing fun?

Let’s be honest, we’re not all equipped with the Monica Geller skill of organization, but there’s something out there that can help you with that! Especially if you want to avoid grocery trips altogether.

If you prefer doing most of your shopping online, Carrot will help you plan and organize better. The free extension automatically collects your shopping carts as you click “Add to Cart” on any website and curates your list based on categories defined by you–including your grocery list!

And did we mention you can share these lists with your family, friends, or roommates to add to them?

Do you have a birthday coming up? Create a gift registry for everyone in the family to check out or purchase things for you with Carrot!