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How To Create a Wedding Moodboard That Captures Your Style

They asked the big question! Now, you get to plan the big day! 
Maybe you’ve been envisioning your nuptials since kindergarten- maybe you’d rather elope. Whether you’re putting everything together on your own or have a crew at your disposal, planning a wedding can be overwhelming! So when it comes to creating your ideal wedding aesthetic, there’s no need to overcomplicate it: just start. 
Here are some tips to help you get started on your wedding mood board.

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How to get started with your wedding mood board?

The easiest starting point is to create a bridal mood board. A collection of images and elements that capture the style and feel of the first day of the rest of your life.

Here are some simple steps to create the perfect wedding mood board.

1. First thing’s first… Sit down with your other half and hash out some deets

It’s helpful to get on the same page before you start:

  • Budget (ballpark)
  • Set the date (or at least the season)
  • Ceremony location
  • Is anyone else contributing to this event? (plans, money, items)
  • Designate to-do’s
  • Detail non-negotiables

Take a little scroll together- check Pinterest to choose a wedding aesthetic, you both love. From rustic, modern, and whimsical to romantic and pastels, there are so many to choose from. After you’ve decided on the feel and the aesthetic, you can work together on a color palette for your wedding.

2. Start putting your ideas together

wedding moodboard

Now that you’ve got a direction, the real fun begins! If you have an idea or theme, the rest is much easier to organize and plan.

Even if you don’t have a game plan, just dive in. This is when you fearlessly embrace whatever gives you the tummy tingles! Start with one thing- find a shoe, a dress, a table setting, whatever it is; choose one thing that lights you up and keep building on it.

Next, collect all of the pieces you think you might need or want for the vow day, even if you’re not quite sure where they’ll fit.  Already have a few totally different styles in mind? That’s okay. Just start gathering your favorite things. Mood boards are essentially visual brainstorms.

What should be included in a wedding vision board?

Let’s be real- you’re gonna need more than one wedding mood board. But there is one you should start with, the BIG one. The one that has a variety of conceptual elements:

  • Textures
  • Dresses
  • Tuxedoes
  • Shoes
  • Centerpieces
  • Flowers
  • Wedding hairstyles
  • Perfumes
  • Lighting
  • Color palettes
  • Jewelry

Keep an open mind- if you see a picture of street art or hear a song that speaks to you, add it! The master board is the one that gets you excited to walk down the aisle.

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wedding moodboard

3. Edit. Because… You think you know, but you have no idea. (Any MTV Diary fans out there?)

Use your main wedding mood board as a guide to zero in on the feel for your big day. Edit with some clarity. Having one main collection helps you stay true to your vision. It’s like looking at one of those “spot the difference” pictures. When an element doesn’t quite work, it’ll become more obvious as your wedding aesthetic develops.

Being drool-worthy doesn’t automatically make it a good fit for your theme. If your collection starts to feel redundant, combine and eliminate where you can. You’ll eventually be looking at a clear snapshot of your wedding goals.

Keep in mind that your boards can be as flexible as you like. Just because it made the cut today doesn’t mean you won’t find something you love even more tomorrow.

4. Bridal mood board expansions are your friend

Take pieces from the big board and expand on the details wherever necessary. Create individual collections wherever you want to get specific. You might have a board just for the groom, bride, bridesmaids, flowers, centerpieces, etc. Organize your heart out!

5. Bye, Bridezilla! Help yourself by helping others understand your vision for the big day

Wedding vision boards are the best way to communicate your goals with your family, wedding party, and even vendors. Want to make your florist happy? Present them with a collection of your favorites. It’s probably a safe bet that your future MIL pictures something entirely different than you when she hears “modern glam.” Send her your collections and avoid unnecessary tension and miscommunication.

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