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DSW Return Policy

Everything You Need to Know About DSW’s Return Policy Before Returning Your Shoes

Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW for short, is an American retailer of designer and branded shoes ranging from boots to sandals and fashion accessories such as purses, hats, sunglasses, and belts.

Picture this: you excitedly unwrap your new pair of shoes from DSW, eagerly anticipating the perfect fit and style. But as you slip them on, you realize they’re just not right. Whether it’s the wrong size, an uncomfortable fit, or simply not your preferred style, returning those shoes is now on your mind. But before you head back to DSW, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of their return policy.

In this blog, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about DSW’s return policy. We’ll walk you through the important details, so you can confidently navigate the return process and ensure a smooth experience. From the timeframe for returns to the condition of the shoes and any accompanying requirements, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

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1. DSW’s Return Policy for In-Shop Purchases

With so many DSW stores available, the thought of returning a product can leave anybody stressed. But don’t worry! DWS’s return policy is not complex but rather very easy to understand.

Here’s how you can get a full refund at any of the DSW stores for the product you want to return:

  • Condition: The item must be unused and unworn and in its original packing.
  • Documents: Please bring your original receipt. Even if you don’t have the receipt, receiving a store credit rather than a refund is possible.
  • Method: DSW store purchases must be returned to a DSW shop. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to return these items by mail.
  • Return Timing: Returns must be made within 90 days of the original purchase date. If the item is unworn and you have the receipt, you can still claim a product credit after 90 days. DSW VIP Elite members have up to 365 days from the date of purchase to return the item for a refund to the payment source.

2. DSW’s Return Policy for Online Purchases

Did you buy boots for your kids or a pair of sandals for yourself from DSW’s online store but didn’t get the right size or color? No need to worry cause you can easily return your online purchase!

As long as you match the following requirements, you can claim a full refund to the original mode of payment. DSW typically gives its customers a refund after seven to ten days of processing a return.

Here’s what you should keep in mind while returning a DSW product online:

  • Condition: The item must be unused and unworn and in its original packing.
  • Documents: Fill out the Return & Exchange Form on your original invoice. Include it with your shipping invoice to receive a refund for the original payment method.
  • Shipping Fee: You can pay for shipping yourself or use DSW’s Fedex label, which is included with your online transaction. The FedEx label costs $8.50, which is taken from your return. The return shipping fee is waived for DSW VIP Gold and DSW VIP Elite members. You can also avoid the $8.50 fee by paying with a DSW Rewards Visa credit card at the time of purchase.
  • Return Timeframe: Return your online order by mail within 90 days of purchase.

3. Exchange Policy for DSW

Got a pair of shoes from DSW that didn’t quite hit the mark? Don’t worry because DSW has an exchange policy in place to help you find the perfect fit and style.

In-Store Product Exchanges:

If you made a purchase at a DSW store and wish to exchange it, the process is straightforward. Simply bring the item back to the store along with the original receipt and packaging.

Upon your return, the store staff will handle the exchange by treating it as a refund and new purchase, adhering to a 60-day timeframe from the date of purchase. Any price differences will be adjusted accordingly. In the event that 60 days have passed, you will receive store credit for the remaining balance.

Exchanging Products Online:

For online purchases made through DSW’s website, here’s some good news: exchanging items is free of charge!

If you made the purchase using PayPal, you have the option to bring the item to a physical store for an exchange. Alternatively, if you used any other payment method, you can return the item directly to DSW.

Once the item is returned, you will receive a credit for the returned item, and a new charge will be applied for the replacement item.

To facilitate the exchange process, you can specify the replacement item on the return mailing label. By doing so, the replacement item will be sent back to you at no additional cost.

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Furthermore, should the exchange take place within 60 days of the original purchase, any price difference in your favor will be refunded to your original payment method. However, if the exchange occurs after 60 days, you will receive a DSW eGift card credited with the corresponding amount.

Still Have Questions About DSW’s Return Policy? 

Before I send the shoes back, am I allowed to try them on and see if they fit?

The great news is that DSW has a generous return policy that allows for a full refund, even if you have tried on and minimally worn the items. As a result, DSW’s policy ensures that previously worn pairs are not resold by the store.

To return my product, how many days do I have available? 

You have a timeframe of sixty days starting from the date of purchase to initiate a return for the DSW product you have bought. To proceed with the return, simply bring your “unworn” shoes, along with the original receipt and box, to any DSW location, and they will assist you with the process.

What should I do if I cannot locate my DSW receipt?

That’s not a problem; you can still return or exchange your product! According to DSW’s return policy, you can return the item to the store to receive a credit that can be applied toward the cost of your subsequent purchase.

But since DSW keeps no record of the price you paid for the shoes, boots, or sandals, you must settle for the price listed on the website.

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