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Is SSENSE legit?

Is SSENSE Legit For Purchasing Luxury Items? Here’s What We Found (2023)

It’s the million-dollar question: is SSENSE a reliable and legitimate fashion retailer? With their promise of authentic goods at affordable prices, SSENSE could fix your fashion woes. From clothing lines and home decor to cultural articles, there is something for everyone when you shop with SSENSE. But before you click “add to cart,” let’s investigate whether this fashion giant is worth your hard-earned cash.

What is SSENSE?

SSENSE (pronounced “ES-SENSE”) is a fashion company that operates online and on Instagram. They stock a wide range of designer brands and unique finds, including Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, and more. The site also has its own line of merchandise – SSENSE clothing. The company offers an overwhelming 800+ brands to choose from and a dizzying amount of variety on the SSENSE shopping site. 

Is SSENSE Legit?

As long as a company has at least one reliable and authentic source, it can be considered legitimate. SSENSE is backed by Nordstrom, which means that you know the site is in operation with all original products and services.

The company was founded in Montreal, Canada in 2003 by brothers Rami, Bassel, and Firas Atallah. After finding inspiration from selling a pair of limited edition Diesel jeans online, the brothers chose to focus their company on high-end streetwear and designer fashion.

Today, their online store is a one-stop shop for high-end fashion with over 800 brands. In addition, their selection continuously changes as new designers and lines come on board.

Is SSENSE affordable?

is ssense legit

It depends on your budget. SSENSE is a high-end fashion retailer often offering expensive brands for less that are still pricey. Depending on what you buy, your purchase might cost under $100 or over $1,000. You’ll decide what works for you. As mentioned, not all prices are lower than other online Luxury stores. However, if you buy something from SSENSE and it goes on sale within two weeks of your purchase, the company will honor that price and refund you the difference.

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What brands can you find at SSENSE?

SSENSE features over 800 brands, including top designer labels and smaller, more niche ones. They carry brands such as Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Plus, you can get your hands on lesser-known gems like Emily & Mason or ICECREAM.

The wide range of brands is one of the things that make SSENSE a must-shop for fashion enthusiasts. The website has a variety of categories for different styles and occasions, offering a mind-boggling array of choices. With an extensive collection of luxury items such as sunglasses, watches, handbags, jewelry, and more, you can shop from nearly any budget. SSENSE received high ratings for shipping and product quality, so you can have faith that your order is a well-made product and delivered quickly.

How is SSENSE customer service?

SSENSE’s customer service is more challenging. Reviewers state that the company takes weeks to acknowledge and process returns. If you keep up, the money will be refunded. Make sure you buy what you won’t be returning. Check your size chart on the site and make sure you’ll have the right fit. If you do need to return, make sure not to wear, wash, or alter your item. Return the item in its original packaging. It MUST be returned within 30 days and not marked as a final sale item.

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