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why is aviator nation so expensive

Why is Aviator Nation so expensive?

In the world of fashion, some brands command attention not just for their stylish designs but also for their eye-popping price tags. Aviator Nation is one such brand that has caught the fashion world’s eye, not just for its distinctive retro-inspired clothing but also for the hefty price you’ll pay to own a piece of its collection. If you’ve ever wondered why Aviator Nation comes with such a high price tag, you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into understanding the brand, exploring the factors that contribute to it’s premium pricing. From the quality of materials used to the meticulous craftsmanship, brand image, and even the elusive “cool factor,” we’ll dissect the elements that make Aviator Nation an aspirational brand for many and, simultaneously, a topic of curiosity for those looking to understand the true cost of fashion.

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1. Hand-Crafted Products

Hand-Crafted Products

Source: Aviator Nation Instagram Page

With the brand committed to providing nothing but the best to its customers, the products offered by Aviator Nation are second to none in terms of quality. Each item that you come across at its store is hand-crafted. 

Where other brands manufacture their products in factories, Aviator Nation hires artisans to manufacture its clothes. No wonder every item sold is one-of-a-kind. As its products aren’t mass-produced but rather handmade, it’s slightly expensive. So, the cost is justified. 

Fun fact: Even the price tags on the clothes are hand-stitched! 

2. Finest Materials 

Finest Materials

Source: Women’s Cashmere Collection on Aviator Nation

Another reason behind the steep price tag of the clothes Aviator Nation sells is the usage of high-quality materials. Whether it’s the Aviator Nation sweatshirt or sweatpants, only the finest materials are used by the brand. You’ll find its clothing is made of cashmere, premium cotton, and other luxury fabrics.

Even in terms of sustainability, Aviator Nation doesn’t disappoint us. It makes use of eco-friendly and sustainable products, which are no doubt more expensive than traditional ones. 

3. Sustainable Fabrics

For all those who wonder why Aviator Nation is so expensive, it’s important to understand that Aviator Nation uses top-quality, sustainable fabrics. They carefully sourced the materials they use for the best quality to make them long-lasting. The brand also hand-stitches and crafts all its items to ensure maximum flexibility and support.

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4. Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Source: Aviator Nation Instagram Page

Everyone knows that Aviator Nation manufactures garments in limited quantities because they are hand-crafted. But did you know that the brand releases limited-edition clothing every now and then? 

These items are much sought-after by its loyal fanbase. Quite surprisingly, these sell out within a few hours of launch. 

In regard to the limited edition collection, the brand gets a chance to experiment with materials and designs. Many times, this means using exorbitantly priced materials. On top of that, they are manufactured in line with sustainable practices that further enhance their value. 

Other Commonly Asked Aviator Nation Questions:

Is Aviator Nation still popular?

Is Aviator Nation still popular

Source: Aviator Nation Instagram Page

Aviator Nation provides unique and eco-friendly vintage apparel. Helping them maintain popularity amongst the sustainable fashionistas of the world, who also fancy luxury items.

People worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on Aviator Nation’s products. Their sales still reach around 25M to 50M, with 197427 monthly unique visitors.

Is Aviator Nation fast fashion?

Fast fashion includes inexpensive clothes mass-produced by manufacturers based on rapidly changing trends. So no, Aviator Nation is nowhere close to fast fashion.

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Are there discounts on Aviator Nation?

Are there discounts on Aviator Nation

Source: Aviator Nation Instagram

Yes, there are a few discounts available on Aviator Nation like:

  • 10% off on the first order on Aviator Nation’s online store
  • Free international shipping orders
  • You can also check out their website for other offers and sales. 

What kind of styles can be found at Aviator Nation?

Aviator Nation has a range of styles; however, hoodies and sweatpants are their foundation. Rainbow patterns, stripes, smiley faces, and more are some of their staple designs, but clothes come in various colors like light pink, grey, and black.

What are the reviews on Aviator Nation?

As expected, some reviews complain about the price, stating that state the quality isn’t worth the money. But despite this, the company maintains its top rating on the internet, despite being so expensive. Most reviews also rate Aviator Nation high for customer service.

Does Aviator Nation ship worldwide?

Yes, Aviator Nation ships worldwide. Most international shipping orders are free. However, these could be subject to duties and fees imposed by local tax authorities.

What sizes are available at Aviator Nation?

The company makes comfy sizes. If the items you receive don’t fit you well, they will exchange them as many times as it takes till you get the desired size! Just make sure you return the products in their original condition. They also offer free shipping on all exchanges with their prepaid label.

Unisex Tees

For women, these tees are true to size, while for men, they might be a little small, so you can order a size up just in case.

Unisex Tees

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

These are unisex products as well and hence have unique sizing. These hoodies are generally a bit small for men and slightly bigger for women. So be careful when you order!

Hoodies and Sweatshirts


Sweatpants are made gender specific. Men’s pants have a looser fit and have pockets.

You can check out their size chart for a detailed sizing guide.


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There you have it, folks! The reasons behind the steep price tag of Aviator Nation’s products. 

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