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20 Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas in 2023 | Carrot

20 Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas in 2023 | Carrot

The holiday season is almost here! This means the much-awaited festivities, the aroma of cinnamon-baked food and gingerbread, lights, and decorations, all are commencing soon! Oh, and the most important – gifts! While receiving one is all about anticipation and surprises, giving someone a gift can be a difficult task sometimes, especially when the traditional gift options start to feel a bit repetitive and, of course, one easily runs out of Christmas gift exchange ideas.

To make the work easier for you, we’ve come up with practical solutions for your gift exchange dilemmas. In this blog post, you’ll find many Christmas gift exchange ideas, along with efficient, quality-assured, and reasonably-priced shop links for gifts.

Themed Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Themed gift exchanges are an excellent way to inject some excitement, fun, and creativity into your holiday gift-giving traditions. Here are some of the themes you can pick from.

a) Kitchen Themed

The culinary delights of the holiday season are always on the table, so a food-themed gift could be slightly repetitive and boring. How about, instead of food, consider exchanging pretty crockery, tableware, and kitchen gadgets? It only makes sense to bring new decorations for the kitchen space which is the busy primary hub of producing delicacies during the holiday season!

Black Crockery Salt & Pepper Shakers


1. Black Crockery Salt & Pepper Shakers

These black, handcrafted textured stoneware salt and pepper shakers are a unique piece and will elevate any dining room space or the kitchen and give a glazed interior.

Presentation Pots


2. Presentation Pots

These presentation pots and pans are designed to serve two roles simultaneously: easily cook in the oven and directly serve the hot dish in these well-designed minimalist pots to the guests, friends and


Vintage Style Recipe Book


3. Vintage Style Recipe Book

This vintage-style tin box is the cutest old-school piece you’ll find. The box includes labels for both Recipes and Trinkets along with index cards, recipe cards, and recipe dividers. For people who love cooking and people who have a knack for old school, this is the perfect catch!

b) Hobbies Themed

Hobbies Themed gift exchanges are perfect for celebrating your friends and family’s interests and passions. This ensures everyone receives a thoughtful and personalized gift related to their favorite pastime! Here are a few common hobby-related gift ideas you can consider.

Wooden Storage Supply Box


4. Wooden Storage Supply Box

This wooden storage drawer has all the elements: the looks, the material, sturdiness, and its balanced compactness, which takes less space and more storage! For a person who loves painting, and everything art and craft, they will surely love it!

Macbeth Headband


5. Macbeth Headband

For readers and literature enthusiasts, you can gift literature-themed pieces of jewelry, accessories, etc., just like this Macbeth headband – unique and personal!

Turntable Cheese Board


6. Turntable Cheese Board

This elegant and minimalist vinyl-inspired cheese board platter can be a really new and witty gift for your music-geek friend. A classic and vintage symbol for music, and also a new way of eating your delicacies, this can be the perfect Christmas gift!

c) Disney Themed

Inspired by the world of Disney like magic, Mickey Mouse, princesses, beauty, etc., you can pick from a wide range of accessories, décor, collectibles, etc. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Disney merch. You can think beyond that! Similarly, you can decide on other themes like Marvel, Pixar, Mattel, etc.

Minnie Mouse Disney Tennis Bracelet


7. Minnie Mouse Disney Tennis Bracelet

This beautiful Minnie Mouse Tennis Bracelet, in clear gold, is an elegant piece that gives both Disney World aura and a graceful fashion statement.

Rhinestone High Heels


8. Rhinestone High Heels

A Cinderella inspired high heels are a must whenever we say, Disney! Rhinestone-covered, these high heels are made to give that princess-y look.

Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Beanie


9. Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Beanie

This cozy and chic adult Mickey Mouse beanie will be a smart and cute choice for the holiday season gift!

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Eco-friendly and Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Want to gift something green, clean, and sustainable? Something that is useful, attractive, and doesn’t harm our planet at the same time? Well, there are multiple recycled and non-plastic products that can be given as a Christmas gift. Below are some ideas you can choose from!

Canvas Shopping Bag


10. Canvas Shopping Bag

This canvas shopping bag, with it’s chic look is one of the gifts you can certainly consider! This can be used as a shopping bag or also for personalized uses like University, office, etc.

Reusable Eco-friendly Bamboo Washpads


11. Reusable Eco-friendly Bamboo Washpads

The Nash Jones re-usable wash pads are a great alternative to the cotton pads we use and throw. These pads are machine-washable, anti-microbial, and odor-resistant-fibres.

Beeswax Food Wrap


12. Beeswax Food Wrap

These adorable-looking sustainable food wrap material, an alternative to aluminum foil can be another eco-friendly Christmas gift you can consider buying. These wraps are reusable, which means they can be well and used for a long time too!

Botanically Dyed Bamboo Socks


13. Botanically Dyed Bamboo Socks

Socks and Christmas go together! You can make it more special with these botanically dyed bamboo socks.

Handmade Bamboo Cutout Tissue Box


14. Handmade Bamboo Cutout Tissue Box

Socks and Christmas go together! You can make it more special with these botanically dyed bamboo socks.

Wishlist Gift Exchange Game

A fun and easy Christmas gift exchange game is sharing wishlists with your friends and family. A wishlist is like a personalized shopping list of all the things you want. It’s a win-win because you get something you love, and the surprise of not knowing exactly what you’ll get adds to the excitement. And guess what? Carrot makes it super simple to create and manage your wishlists. Just add it to your Chrome extension and bam! You can add items from different online stores all in one place. You can also organize your wishlists and curate collections!

Wishlist Gift Exchange Game

Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

The little ones are the most excited for Christmas festivities. Here are some Christmas gift exchange ideas that are sure to bring out their inner child.

Roll-up Piano


15. Roll-up Piano

This is a 49-key silicone piano that comes with a color-code songbook. The easy-to-play and carry piano can be a fun instrument for kids.

Bowling Set


16. Bowling Set

A bowling set can be an exciting Christmas gift for kids because it combines fun and physical activity.

Reusable Board Game


17. Reusable Board Game

This set of reusable board games is designed for children to write and erase easily. The boards are based on different games and themes, inculcating fun and learning.

Wooden solar system


18. Wooden solar system

This educational and interactive gift for pre-school or home-school children is perfect for Christmas! The set features beautifully crafted wooden planets with their names and other details.

Rainbow Cloud Hand Towel


19. Rainbow Cloud Hand Towel

An adorable hand towel as a gift for children can be another great Christmas gift idea! With a pop of fresh colors, this useful and attractive item is an ideal pick for children.

Unicorn Scratch and Sketch


20. Unicorn Scratch and Sketch

This Unicorn Scratch and Sketch book is an interactive and creative book for kids. The book features beautifully illustrated unicorn-themed pages that can be revealed by gently scratching off the black coating using the included wooden stylus.

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You can even check out the Christmas wishlists of other users and experienced shoppers and find more such Christmas gift exchange ideas well suited to your interests.

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