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How to Find and Explore Amazon Influencer Storefronts

How to Find and Explore Amazon Influencer Storefronts

Amazon is the largest digital retail store in the world today. As more and more people are switching to online shopping, every brand wishes to market themselves on Amazon Storefronts.

If you are an influencer who wishes to create your own Amazon Storefront, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will tell you how to find Amazon Influencer Storefronts and how to leverage this feature as an influencer to earn more and help brands promote their products.

What are Amazon Influencer Storefronts?

What are Amazon Influencer Storefronts

Source: Amazon

Before we see how to find Amazon Influencer Storefronts and how to make the most of them as brands or influencers, let’s understand what exactly are these storefronts.

Amazon storefronts are online sites where curated products from Amazon are showcased by influencers and bloggers. They handpick products that resonate with their niche and link them back to Amazon Sellers.

These content creators get a storefront along with Amazon affiliate links that they use to promote products of hand-picked brands. For every product sold via their affiliate links, the tastemakers earn a percentage through affiliate marketing.

How do I find and explore existing Amazon Influencer Storefronts?

Most Amazon Storefronts are easier to find on social media than on Amazon. You can check the influencer’s social pages, like YouTube or Instagram to find out about their storefront.

If you are a brand looking for Amazon Storefront Influencers, you can even check their engagement rates and platform reach before deciding to collaborate with them. Here’s how you can find existing Amazon Influencer Storefronts:

Finding an Amazon Storefront on Amazon:

Finding an Amazon Storefront on Amazon
  1. On the Amazon homepage, click the main navigation icon in the top left corner. Scroll down and select “See All”. 
  2. Click on “#FoundItOnAmazon” to get a curated list of photos tagged from influencer collections.
  3. You can explore niche categories to narrow down your search and find Amazon Influencer Storefront posts
  4. Click on the Amazon Influencer, and you will find their Amazon Influencer Storefront. 

Finding an Amazon Storefront on Instagram:

Looking for Amazon Storefront on social media profiles will also help you narrow down the niche category of products you wish to look for by using the right hashtags like:

  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonMustHaves
  • #FoundItOnAmazon
  • #AmazonFindsMustHaves
  • #AmazonFindsCURRENTYEAR

Can you shop directly from an Amazon Influencer Storefront?

Can you shop directly from an Amazon Influencer Storefront

Source: Amazon

No, you can’t shop directly from storefronts. The storefront is a curated collection of Amazon Products that the influencer wishes to showcase. These storefronts help you organize your shopping and make the process more convenient.

You can look for influencers of a particular niche, depending on what you are looking for. For instance, you can look up makeup influencers and their storefronts while searching for makeup products.

By clicking on these products, you will be directed to your Amazon account, and you will make a purchase from there.

How do Amazon Influencer Storefronts work?

Amazon runs an affiliate marketing program for influencers. It lets the influencers build a custom-made storefront basis their niche and preferences. This is what makes the Amazon Affiliate Program different from others!

You can choose the brands and items you wish to promote on your storefront. Then, you’ll be given your own unique link. Anytime someone makes a purchase via your storefront link, you make money. Pretty cool, right?

How can I become an Amazon influencer and create my own storefront?

How can I become an Amazon influencer and create my own storefront

Source: Amazon

To become an Amazon Store Influencer, all you have to do is sign up with Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Fill up their form and submit it for FREE. If you match their checklist, they will onboard you and provide you with your own storefront.

It is necessary that you have your own website/blog and social media presence to be chosen as an Amazon Influencer.

What benefits do Amazon Influencer Storefronts offer to influencers?

There are several benefits that Amazon Influencer Storefronts offer to their creators:

1. You Earn More

You Earn More

For every item sold through the influencer’s storefront, the influencer makes money. Their commission rates are also decent.

2. Freedom to Choose Brands

Freedom to Choose Brands

Source: Amazon

Compared to other brands, Amazon gives their influencers full autonomy in choosing the brands and the products they showcase on their storefront.

Tastemakers can literally curate their fave products or what they feel is appropriate. They can also edit products, add new ones, remove ones that don’t gain traction or are unavailable, and so on.

3. Live Stream on Amazon

Live Stream on Amazon

Source: Amazon

Amazon Live focuses more on products as compared to other social media lives. From unboxing to reviews, influencers can also engage with their customers or audiences by answering questions and queries.

4. Link Amazon Storefront to Social Pages

Influencers can link their Amazon Storefronts on their websites and social media pages to bring in more traction. Thus, they can boost their affiliate marketing earnings.

How can you supercharge your earnings from Amazon Storefronts with Carrot?

If you’re an Amazon-affiliated influencer, you can now supercharge your earnings with Carrot. Consumers these days are always looking for trendsetters and content influencers to find new things to try and get product recommendations.

While Amazon provides a platform for influencers to showcase products, Carrot offers additional features and benefits. Here’s how Carrot can help you:

1. Turn your links into cool collections and boost your visibility

Live Stream on Amazon

Source: Carrot Amazon Influencer

Have all your affiliate links in one place as stunning collections, and do away with messy blue links across your social pages.

With a single branded link, you can promote all your Amazon curations and link them to your Insta bios or Youtube descriptions.

Your viewers can scroll easily through your recommendations, making them more engaging and increasing your affiliate traction.

2. Not limited to Amazon Stores

Carrot lets you create curations not just from your Amazon Storefront but also from multiple brands and e-commerce stores. Thus, you can make your collections more holistic and versatile and attract more people to your affiliate links.

You can collaborate with other brands for affiliate marketing and embed them all in your single unique Carrot link, thus supercharging your earnings. 

3. Community Mail Access

Community Mail Access

Building a relationship with your audience and engaging with them is super important in influencer marketing. You can make people subscribe to your curations.

Carrot gives you access to their emails, which you can use to provide exclusive information about giveaways and promote Amazon deals and sales.

You can also provide them with exclusive product recommendations and reviews directly to their inbox.

4. Create subscriber-only content

Create subscriber-only content

With Carrot, you can make your audience pay just $5 per month and provide them with super cool, exclusive content.

They get first dibs on all new Amazon deals and discounts, making it super convenient for them to shop, and even more convenient for you to earn more! 

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