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Expert Tips for Creating a Stylish Wardrobe for Apple Body Types [+ Product Recommendations]

Expert Tips for Creating a Stylish Wardrobe for Apple Body Types [+ Product Recommendations]

If you’re someone with an apple body shape, you know that embracing your curves and accentuating your unique silhouette can be a game-changer when it comes to personal style. The apple body type is characterized by a fuller midsection and a well-proportioned bust, making it essential to curate a wardrobe that not only celebrates your body but also keeps you on the cutting edge of fashion.

In our style-packed journey ahead, we’re diving into the world of fashion tailored specifically for apple-shaped beauties. From clever style hacks to insider tips on choosing the perfect ensembles, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to embrace your fabulous self and elevate your style game!

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Characteristics of an Apple Body Type

The apple body shape is characterized by specific features that distinguish it from other body types. Here’s a concise list of the key characteristics of an apple body type:

1. Broad Shoulders: Apple-shaped individuals typically have broad shoulders that are wider than their hips.

2. Undefined Waistline: The waist tends to be less defined, with minimal curve between the bust and hips.

3. Full Bust: A well-defined and often fuller bust is a common characteristic of the apple body shape.

4. Slim Hips and Legs: Hips and thighs are generally narrower compared to the upper body, creating a top-heavy appearance.

5. Fullness in the Midsection: The most significant concentration of weight is often carried in the abdominal area.

6. Round or Oval Face Shape: The face may have rounded or oval contours that complement the overall apple silhouette.

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Guidelines for Styling an Apple Body Type

1. Shift the Focus Away from Your Midsection.

Shift the Focus Away from Your Midsection

The goal when dressing for any shape of body is to create balance, so you’ll want to make the widest area of your belly look smaller. There are two approaches to this. You can either completely skip over your stomach area. Or you could redefine your midsection’s location. For example, you are not required to tie your belt at your widest point. Simply move your belt up to where your waist is thinner.

2. Highlight Your Cleavage

Highlight Your Cleavage

Well, you are under no need to draw attention to your cleavage if you so choose. However, our main point is that you should draw attention to something other than your stomach. One way to draw attention upward is if you are proud of your decolletage or cleavage. You will look amazing in a V-neck top. You could wear a bold, eye-catching necklace in place of an open neckline.

3. Emphasize Your Legs

Emphasize Your Legs

You can draw attention downward instead if you prefer your legs—many apple-shaped women have amazing legs—by wearing a longer plain top and matching patterned jeans or pants. You don’t have to wear a miniskirt; you can go above the knee with your hem length.

4. Select The Appropriate Material

Select The Appropriate Material

Avoid using sticky materials, as they will highlight any lumps and bumps on your body. Instead, go for ruching and draping or textured materials.

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Which Garments Are Good For The Apple Body Type?

Dressing an apple-shaped body involves choosing garments that highlight strengths and create a balanced silhouette. Here are some recommendations:

Tops For The Apple Body Type

1. First, get a well-fitting bra because the top portion of your body will be the center of attention. Your stomach and bust shouldn’t come into contact!

2. Tops that accentuate your figure where it’s slimmest—typically right below the bust—are frequently incredibly attractive. They shouldn’t be overly wide, just wide enough to accommodate your tummy.

3. Invest in T-shirts with a ruch in the middle. This will trick the eye into thinking there isn’t a stomach underneath.

4. To create a vertical line and break up the size of your chest, get V-neck tops.

5. Seek for tops that don’t cling as much and have a thicker texture. woven blouses can be great.

6. When paired with pants, the ideal hem length for tops is slightly below the hip bone.

7. An apple-shaped body type usually looks great with patterns because they camouflage and flatter.

8. Tops with embellishments, slits, or flares that highlight your arms will draw attention away from your tummy.

9. Your top’s asymmetry can help to draw vertical, slimming lines.

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Bottoms For The Apple Body Type

1. Invest in pants with side zippers to prevent the addition of more lumps on the front.

2. In order to achieve a long and lean silhouette, trousers should be straight or flared and should not cling to the stomach or thighs. Stay away from pleats.

3. Opt for fitted, straight, or flared jeans. Jean pants are perfect.

4. High-rise pants will help you cut a nice silhouette.

5. The best option for increased comfort and a proper fit is to purchase pants with some stretch.

6. Selected skirts should have side zippers.

7. Pencil skirts with structure are great, but make sure they are knee length. Use the above tips to ensure that the focus is at the top.

8. If a skirt has pleats, make sure they begin below the belly to prevent the extra volume.

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Dresses For Apple Body Type

1. Dresses should fit you at your thinnest point or right below the bust.

2. You can go for shift-style dresses that fall over your waist instead of highlighting your largest point.

3. Searching for dresses with layers, draping, or ruching is another option.

4. Another option is to wear a shorter tunic over leggings or skinny pants.

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