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The 5 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture in 2023

The 5 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture in 2023

Have you scoured an entire store’s inventory to find the perfect outfit you came across on Instagram or TikTok — but to no avail? The disappointment that follows is real.

Enter the trendsetters’ salvation: apps that help people find clothes by picture. With these apps at your disposal, bid farewell to the classic fashion wild goose chase. Just snap, search, order, and slay when it comes to your favorite clothing pieces. 

From enigmatic celeb outfits to trendy runway pieces, these apps will serve as your handy stylish sidekicks. Let’s explore the top five apps that will help you build your dream closet with a single snap. 

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Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture in 2023

1. Carrot


This one’s a must-have for every super-shopper who likes to step out in vogue! While a relatively new kid on the block, Carrot has become influencers’ and celebrities’ favorite in no time. 

While most other apps find clothes by picture, Carrot takes a different approach. What makes Carrot a step above the rest is its “Deal Hop” feature — an AI-powered tool that helps users find the exact product they have been searching for, at all price offers available on the internet. 

So, instead of finding clothing by picture, you can simply type the name of the product and Carrot will sift through zillions of collections to display the most relevant results. Even better, similar options are also displayed to help you choose your favorite. 

You can order what you’re searching for as soon as you find it, or wait until Carrot notifies you about price drops to get it at a steal!


  • Saves your finds as you browse (so no more screenshots!)
  • “Deal Hop” feature helps you save up to 90% while shopping
  • Allows influencers to monetize their fashion lookbook by letting them turn on paid subscriptions


  • Pricing Plan 1: Free to use for everyone
  • Pricing Plan 2: Charges 10% of revenue from curators

2. Google Lens

Google Lens

Source: Google Lens

Have you always dreamed of stepping out in style wearing expensive clothing sold by designer brands you can’t afford? You’re in luck, as Google Lens will help you find similar items at lower costs from other retailers. The Google Lens image recognition tool is easy to use and you can find clothing by picture on the app. 

Do you have saved screenshots of your favorite items? Upload them. Or, even better, bring the product into the viewfinder’s frame. If Google finds similar picks, it will highlight them with a blue circle. Tap on the circle, and you will be redirected to more affordable shopping sites that offer a similar style to the product you’re looking for. 

An additional feature of Google Lens is that it scans the entire look from head to toe. That means you can easily recreate your favorite celebrity’s look for the next time you’re in need of making a fashion statement. 


  • Shares a list of shoppable matches with links to stores where you can purchase
  • Multisearch in Lens helps you find the same product in different colors
  • Identifies personal accessories like earrings, necklaces, and headbands along with other apparel


  • Free to access by everyone 

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3. Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon StyleSnap

Source: Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon continues to be a preferred shopping option for many due to its broad range of products, convenience, and services. But there’s another reason we like the app: its StyleSnap feature. 

If you’re having trouble finding clothes by picture, try Amazon’s StyleSnap app. Its clothing-focused visual search engine helps you find clothes by picture. All you need to do is find the camera icon in the search bar of the Amazon app and select it. As the camera view launches, direct it toward the clothing piece you wish to find. The app will scan the item and display relevant options from its large inventory. 

Have screenshots? Simply upload them on StyleSnap and get ready to snatch up the pieces you’ve been looking for. 


  • Provides different seller options for each outfit item recognized in the image
  • Vast inventory consists of fashionable, yet affordable, products
  • Allows users to filter across brands, reviews, and pricing


  • Free and accessible for everyone


4. Pinterest


Source: Pinterest Lens

Bet you didn’t know that the app you use for seeking style inspiration and discovering home ideas can help you find clothing by picture. Yes, we’re talking about Pinterest — tastemakers, fashionistas, and let’s admit it — everyone’s — favorite app. 

Like Amazon’s StyleSnap, Pinterest’s Lens is a visual search tool that lets you search for outfits through images. With millions of people posting on Pinterest daily, the likelihood of not getting what you’re looking for is low. 

Pinterest Lens is somewhat similar to Google Lens, as it scans each item from the image you upload. That means you’ll see similar items for everything from headbands and hats all the way down to footwear. Recreating your favorite look is now easier than ever. 


  • Partnered with ShopStyle to display shopping links for items matched in the image
  • Helps search for obscure fashion pieces, when other AI lenses can’t
  • Allows users to try out new makeup products virtually 


  • Free for all

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Source: ASOS

ASOS earned a spot on our list because they comb through their own inventory to help users find clothing alternatives that most closely resemble your search. This British fashion retailer app features Style Match, a reverse-image search option to help you find clothes by picture. 

Upload a photo from your local storage or capture one in real time and sit back as the app searches through hundreds of items in their inventory to find a perfect match. Not only does it display accurate results, but it also executes queries within a few seconds. 

ASOS will be your best bet if you aren’t necessarily after an exact match and are open to stylish dupes from other renowned brands. 


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Hosts 850 brands and delivers to all 196 countries
  • Fetches ASOS styles that closely resemble what you’re searching for


  • Free access to all

Craft a Trendy Wardrobe With Carrot

Craft a Trendy Wardrobe With Carrot

Source: Lele Pons’ Collection on Carrot

Whether you want to shop more sustainably or curate a wardrobe full of trendy outfits, these apps have got you covered. 

If you’re looking for an app that automatically keeps track of your finds and organizes them into shareable collections, look no further than Carrot.

As you browse clothing pieces online, Carrot automatically adds them to the cart. In case of a price drop, the app sends notifications to help you maximize your savings.

And the recently introduced “Deal Hop” feature further enhances Carrot’s functionality. So, not only will you find the exact outfits you’re looking for, but Carrot will also suggest similar-looking pieces that are available at a fraction of the price. Happy shopping!

Browse, Save, and Shop Stylish and Trendy Outfits Affordably With Carrot 

Discover trendy pieces from 100+ brands, save them, and shop at a steal whenever Carrot notifies you about price drops. With Carrot’s nifty features, browsing and shopping for clothing has never been easier.