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6  Best Pinterest Alternatives You Must Check Out (2023)

Whether it’s outfit inspiration for a weekend party or home decor inspiration to jazz up your room, we’ve all scrolled through Pinterest for inspiration many times!

There’s no denying that Pinterest has been a savior in party planning and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones. But most Pinterest ideas are done and dusted. 

Worry not, there are alternative apps that do everything that Pinterest does–but better.

This blog will cover the top Pinterest alternatives that’ll make you wonder why didn’t you check them out before! From planning your dream weddings to curating your perfect wardrobe, these apps will cover everything you need.

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6 Best Pinterest Alternatives

If you are wondering if people still use Pinterest, then yes, they do! The app still helps you organize creative and visual inspiration. But with newer apps entering the market, why stick to just one source of inspiration? Here’s a list of 6 apps like Pinterest you must explore: 

1. Carrot

Carrot is a visual bookmarking app and browser extension that lets you automatically collect your shopping carts as you shop. As your shopping carts are collected, you can create and categorize them into ‘collections.’

The app is also great for creating wardrobe mood boards or registries for weddings, baby showers, and more. You can even explore wishlists of other shoppers and influencers on the platform for a little inspiration.

2. Cutouts

Whether it’s an excerpt or quote for an article, images or videos for a mood board, or a color palette for your next DIY home project, Cutouts is a great interest alternative to help keep you organized and give you inspo for your next project. Unlike Pinterest, the app lets you save text. So Cutouts is a great alternative for students, writers, or anyone who writes.

To use Cutouts, all you need to do is a download the chrome extension.

3. Mix

Mix is a Pinterest alternative that lets you personalize your visual inspirations based on categories you might like or wish to explore. These could be DIY projects, room decor, fitness, architecture, arts, and more!

All you have to do is create your account and explore the page. Whenever you find something you like, click on ‘mix’ to save inspiration for later or add it to your curated ‘collections.’ You can even share your collections with the community so others can take inspiration from your content. 

4. Fancy

Who doesn’t love a little luxury sometimes? But not everyone can afford to buy these fancy items every day. This is where Fancy comes into the picture. Fancy is a Pinterest alternative that provides a curated list of upscale apparel, home decor, accessories, and other fancy goods which you may not really need but love.

Fancy’s list of luxurious items is put together by fancy editors to give you an organized collecting and shopping experience.

Unlike Pinterest, you can curate your mood board on Fancy by adding inspiration from any online store on the web. You can shop from this curated fancy mood board! You can save items you ‘fancy’ for later, save up money, and buy them when you can.

5. Dribble

Dribbble is one of the best apps Pinterest alternatives for design enthusiasts who are particularly looking for visual references and inspiration. You can explore design portfolios of various categories by fellow creative designers. 

You can find inspiration for animation, creatives, branding, vectors, illustrations, and more that you can work with or save for inspiration for your own projects. This Pinterest alternative is literally a dream come true for professional designers. 

6. helps you connect creative ideas and knowledge. Rather than aesthetic inspiration, it provides knowledge inspiration. It’s like if Tumblr meets Wikipedia.

There are several knowledge collectors and creative curators, like students and hobbyists, who have been curating knowledge and ideas in the form of ‘blocks.’ The FREE subscription lets you curate up to 200 blocks, while the PREMIUM model provides unlimited blocks.

It’s perfect for those who love learning something new every day or are on the quest for tinkering with their brains. You can even try the “random” option and let the app decide what posts pop up on your feed.

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Find Inspiration Outside of Pinterest

Now that you know some of the best Pinterest alternatives, you can go crazy with curating your ideas! From mood boards to wishlists, registries, and so much more, you have plenty of platforms to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for one of the most simple of them all, then try out Carrot.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or a wedding, Carrot is the best Pinterest alternative and visual bookmarking tool to help you shop with more peace of mind, knowing you’ll never lose track of an item you love again!