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6 Best Wishlist Apps To Help You Get What You Want

Buying the perfect product for your needs is not always easy. Sometimes, it requires a lot of thought, research, and planning. Sometimes you can’t afford certain things at the moment and other times you forget your close one’s birthdays and find yourself scratching your head trying to find your gifting options.

That’s where wishlist apps come in! These apps are designed to help you keep track of the things you want or save for later when you really really need them.

So without further ado here are the 6 best wishlist apps you can try to make your life easier! 

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1. Carrot🥕 [Best & Free Shopping Wishlist Extension]

Carrot - best wishlist app

Carrot is an amazing extension that makes online shopping and creating wishlists easier than ever. No more wandering from shop to shop or scrolling aimlessly through online stores. Carrot lets you put all your shopping lists and gifting items in one place and lets you share them with your friends and family. 

Carrot also lets you organize all your online shopping finds in neat shoppable collections, compare pricing, create gift registries, and even get notified when there’s a price drop. You can look at the curated lists made by tasteful shoppers and add items from their wishlists to yours! The best part? It’s 100% free!

2. Giftbuster

Giftbuster Wishlist maker

Giftbuster is actually a registry app, however, it also functions as a shopping tracker. You can create your own gift list for different events and set reminders for the occasion. You can copy gifts from others’ wishlists and share them with your close ones. In fact, your friends can also reserve items on your list. The best part is, you can raise funds for a gift you really want and get money via your PayPal account.  

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3. Giftwhale

A web-based universal wishlist app, Giftwhale helps users to create their own wish lists and share them with their friends and family. The user experience of this app is fun and interactive as it elevates your shopping experience. 

4. WishSlate

Wishlist - Wishslate

A super cool shopping wishlist extension, this app is different from others because it acts like a social media platform. You can legit follow your friends’ profiles and see the updates on their wishlists. This app has a beautiful interface that helps you manage your wishlist, find new friends to follow, search for gift ideas based on categories and trends and so much more! All you need is a free account to access it. 

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5. Giftster

Is holiday shopping stressing you out? Don’t worry, Giftster has got your back! This universal wishlist app has so many interesting features that will make holiday shopping super fun. The app lets you create multiple group chats with your friend groups and families. You can even join other groups, like say someone’s birthday gift group to pick a gift together! 

The app lets the members of a group mark the gifts they have already bought. This helps you avoid getting the same gifts for someone. This way, you can see what other members want and shop together. Through Giftster, you can rank your gift ideas on a scale of 5 stars, have Secret Santa draws, suggest gifts for your friends, etc. The app’s available on both iOS and android. 

6. Wish

Developed by ContextLogic Inc, this universal wishlist app lets you create wishlists for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, secret Santa, etc. You can find lots of trending gifts and get huge discounts on the app. 

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How Do Wishlist Apps Help?

Wishlists and registries are not the same. The best wishlist apps help you keep track of the gifts you want. At the same time, they help you save money by alerting you during price drops. Here are a few reasons why you need a shopping wishlist extension

1. Helps You Gift Thoughtful Gifts

The best wishlist apps let users share the gifts they want with their close family and friends. This helps you know what they want. You can even brainstorm gift ideas on certain apps. You can also save gifts for your loved ones beforehand, so you don’t struggle last minute. 

2. Let People Know What You Want

Your wishlist has things that you absolutely love. You can share this list with your close ones so they know what you want. You can also save these gifts for yourself, so you can buy them when the price drops. 

3. Planning Your Shopping Spree

Universal wishlist apps are very useful when it comes to planning your shopping. It saves time and money. You know what you want or what your friends want and don’t need to spend time hopping from one site to another.

4. Budgeted Shopping 

The best wishlist apps are often connected with online stores. You know the prices of the products in your list. You can also compare different stores and choose the one with the best deal. Plus, you can buy the products during price drops and avoid overspending. 

Get the shopping experience you deserve with Carrot – the ultimate wishlist app for savvy shoppers

Now that you have a list of the best wishlist apps out there, you can wave goodbye to the hassles of last-minute giftings and impulsive shopping sprees. No more wasting time and effort brainstorming gift ideas or searching store after store. Save your items on your wishlist so you can buy the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones and also save money in the process.

Whether it’s buying gifts for others or yourself, these wishlists are your knights, in shining armor. Add Carrot to your Chrome and add to your shopping wishlist extension today! Happy shopping!