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10 Affordable Lululemon Dupes for the Active Fashionista

10 Affordable Lululemon Dupes for the Active Fashionista

Lululemon has mastered making trendy activewear that fits like a glove and is super functional. But the price tag often makes people think twice. We get it, and that’s where Lululemon dupes come in. They’re just like Lululemon, but they don’t cost as much.

The world of options for activewear can be hard to figure out, so we’ve done the hard work for you. From pants that promise the perfect fit to sports bras that don’t skimp on support, we’ve put together a list of great Lululemon dupes that won’t break the bank and will help you stay fit in style without breaking the bank.

So, whether you’re a regular gym-goer or a casual jogger, these cheap Lululemon dupes will help you keep up your workout and style game without breaking the bank. 

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Our 10 Favorite Lululemon Dupes

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1. Align Super High Rise Pant Dupe

Align Super High Rise Pant


Align Super High Rise Pant Dupe


If you like the Align high-rise leggings from Lululemon, you might like this CRZYoga dupe, too. This dupe is one of those Lululemon dupes that you must add to your closet.

The best part? It brings along the “buttery soft” feel similar to that of Lululemon’s leggings. Plus, they’re sweat-wicking and squat-proof for worry-free movement and comfort during every workout session.

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2. Scuba Oversized Half Zip Hoodie Dupe

Scuba Oversized Half Zip Hoodie


With hoodie season just around the corner, there’s a standout pullover sweatshirt you need to know about when considering Lululemon dupes. Offering an alternative to the beloved Scuba hoodie, it’s crafted from 100% cotton that provides a gentle stretch. 

And that fleeceback fabric? It’s your ticket to staying toasty. So, with this hoodie in your closet, you can embrace style and warmth without compromising your budget.

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3. Energy Bra Medium Support Dupe

This strappy sports bra is another one of the must-have Lululemon dupes, padded and perfect for low-impact workouts. Wire-free and breathable, it wicks away sweat and stays in place thanks to its elastic underbust band.

So, if you’re on a low budget, this sports bra is just what you need to rock your workouts with style and comfort.

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4. Align Leggings Dupe

Align Leggings

$49.00 – $79.00

Align Leggings Dupe


These ultra-soft and moisture-wicking leggings boast a four-way stretch. Like the Align pants, they strike the perfect balance between compression and comfort, ensuring a snug yet flexible fit. But wait, there’s more!

These leggings also come in some bright and appealing colors – perfect for influencing anyone to get up and work out on a dull day. Elevate your activewear style with these gems that combine performance and flair. Say hello to leggings that take your workout wardrobe up a notch!

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5. Align Tank Dupe

Align Tank


Align Tank Dupe

$18.99 – $20.99

Prepare to be amazed by the Lavento Tank – it’s a stunning doppelgänger of the Align tank! From the scoop back to the V-neck front, the design mirrors Lululemon’s classic. And the best part? The fabric is as buttery and luxurious as any of the Lululemon dupes we’ve come across.

With a palette of 10+ colors, you can effortlessly match your style. But that’s not all – this tank won’t break the bank, costing only around $20! Dive into their range of tops, each boasting distinct designs but maintaining that same incredible material.

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6. Align Tank Top Dupe II

Align Tank Top


Align Tank Top Dupe


This Lululemon dupe is bound to deceive even the most discerning eyes at the gym! With a medium support that’s incredibly comfortable, it boasts the same design as the iconic Align tank.

What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. This dupe comes at just 1/3 the price in 14 color options, making it an absolute steal. Embrace style, comfort, and savings – this is a must-try for anyone seeking the perfect workout companion without the premium price tag.

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7. Define Jacket Dupe

Define Jacket


Define Jacket Dupe


Get ready to meet your new go-to jacket, which comes with pockets! Imagine four-way stretch, sweat-wicking magic, and a “cottony-soft” feel against your skin. It’s all about keeping you comfy and stylish, from the high neck to the handy thumb holes.

According to its buyers, this jacket’s quality is fantastic for its price – it’s super flattering and comfortable! Embrace style, comfort, and affordability all rolled into one with this cropped jacket – a must-have Lululemon dupe on Amazon.

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8. Belt Bag Dupe

Belt Bag


Belt Bag Dupe


This Lululemon belt bag dupe is the safety vault you need when you’re on the move. With adjustable length, wear it on your back, shoulder, or waist. What’s amazing is that it is a lightweight bag made with recycled content and available in three unique color combinations and designs.

Moreover, coming from a fellow shopper, this is a great Lululemon belt bag dupe! Very similar in size – very similar in features. Furthermore, it’s super comfortable and fits everything you need. It’s time you elevate your run with this stylish utility.

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9. Groove High-rise Flare Pant Dupe

Groove High-rise Flare Pant


Groove High-rise Flare Pant Dupe

$22.90 – $24.60

Another one of the must-have Lululemon dupes on Amazon is this bootcut high-waist pant, ideal for your chill days or those light yoga sessions and walks. It’s got tummy control covered, thanks to the wide waistband design.

According to its buyers, these pants could not get any better. In fact, it’s the perfect dupe. Get ready to rock comfort and style effortlessly with these pants in your closet. After all, it won’t be hard to say goodbye to size struggles when you have this perfect Lululemon dupe that ticks all the boxes!

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10. Hotty Hot Low-Rise Lined Shorts Dupe

Hotty Hot Low-Rise Lined Shorts


Hotty Hot Low-Rise Lined Shorts Dupe


Short shorts – they’re either a love or hate affair, right? But trust us; this one’s a winner. Say hello to high-waisted running shorts that come packed with perks. Tummy control? You got it. Moisture-wicking fabric for that dry comfort? Absolutely. Plus, utility pockets to stash your essentials? Check!

And let’s not forget the side slit design on the outer layer – it’s all about freedom of movement.

It’s time you embrace the best of both worlds with these high-performance, high-waisted shorts. It’s time to run, jump, and strut with confidence!

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