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Linktree Alternatives

10 Must-Try Linktree Alternatives for Creators and Influencers

Since its launch in 2016, Linktree has been one of the first initiatives allowing influencers to put many links on one page rather than updating their single bio link whenever they wish to promote a new product, service, blog post, or affiliate link. 

Its unique solution slowly made Linktree the 2nd most popular app used in the United States in the Social Management category. 

However, even with the advanced solution it introduces, Linktree is not the best app to use for all creators and influencers. 

Besides, why stay stuck with the Linktree logo or the Linktree domain link and limited design options when you can use better Linktree alternatives? Want to know more about them? Let’s dive into the details!

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Below are the top alternatives to Linktree to better organize and update your promotional links on the social media influencer profile. 

1. Carrot – Ideal for Link Visibility and Curating Stunning Collections

Unlike many competitors, Carrot brings unique features that influencers and creators can take advantage of. Carrot is a social shopping website that allows users to create curated collections of their favorite items from across the web.

As a community of influencers and tastemakers, you can promote and share your collections, whether related to apparel, travel, home décor, or do-it-yourself projects, for free or by charging a fee from your community.

Key Features: 

  • It lets you access an easy visual bookmarking tool.
  • You can add one branded link for all your content and collections and create a visually stunning format for products and recommendations.
  • Carrot lets you access a wider affiliate link accessibility for your community.
  • You can create exclusive subscriber-only content with the freedom to add affiliate and non-affiliate links. You can also promote both products and sponsors through your content.
  • The tool lets you access your subscriber’s/social media community’s email and directly connect with them.

How Much Does It Cost? 

It’s Absolutely FREE for creators and influencers!

2. Taplink – Ideal for Time-Specific Contests

Taplink is another must-try Linktree alternative for creators and influencers. This app helps you sell on Instagram by linking to other social accounts, blog posts, orders pages, payments pages, and more.

Key Features: 

  • It lets you incorporate frequently asked questions.
  • Taplink’s landing page has a countdown offer.
  • Taplink alerts you when someone places an order using its order management system.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Pro – $3/month
  • Business – $6/month 

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3. Jotform- Ideal for Multiple Links

Next up on our list of must-try Linktree alternatives is Jotform. Jotform lets you build a multi-link app where visitors can access multiple options via one link.

Key Features: 

  • This app lets you customize the page’s logo, colors, font, and layout.
  • Its visual editor allows you easily add and update items. 

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Free Starter Plan 
  • Bronze – $34/month
  • Silver – for $39/month
  • Gold – for $99/month
  • Enterprise – Quote-based

4. ContactInBio – Ideal For Adding Links in Bio

ContactInBio lets you construct a landing page with all your links. In addition to limitless connections, the app enables you to embed payment forms, music services, social media updates, and other information.

Key Features: 

  • As one of the most reliable alternatives to Linktree, this app lets you link to Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype.
  • It allows you effortlessly add a landing page contact form. 
  • You can use this app to track visitor demographics and run Facebook remarketing ads with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Starter – Free
  • Yearly – $2.6/monthly
  • Agency – $13.65/monthly
  • Lifetime – $59.15/one-time 
  • Lifetime Agency – $177.45/one-time 

5. Shorby – Ideal for Creator Agencies and Large Influencer Teams

Shorby is a social media application that makes sharing several links with your audience on social media networks easier.

Key Features: 

  • The platform combines your WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, email, and phone numbers on a single link. 
  • It adds Shopify categories, YouTube videos, Etsy products, Apple podcasts, WordPress articles, and more to your landing page.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Rocket – $12/monthly.
  • Pro – $24/monthly.
  • Agency – $82/monthly.

6. Bio.Fm – Ideal for Featuring Music Content

Next up in our list of Linktree alternatives is Bio. Fm. This app allows influencers and creators to combine YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and Medium content. The app also lets you use an opt-in form can collect emails, polls, GIFs, links, and more.

Key Features: 

  • It lets you drag blocks and reorder all your details on the landing page, including social media accounts, about sections, and more.
  • Visitors can quickly connect with you or join your social media groups with buttons.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Starter – Free
  • Semi-Pro – $5/monthly. 
  • Pro – $10/monthly.

7. Tap Bio – Ideal for Small Businesses and Influencers

This is one of the must-try free Linktree alternatives for influencers. It makes it easy to gather information into a mini-website that your audience can find simply by clicking “Tap Bio.”

It also lets you add various cards for image galleries, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and Instagram posts.

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Key Features: 

  • Tap Bio lets you retarget followers with Google AdSense, Instagram, and Facebook ads.
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixel integration lets you analyze your page stats.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Starter – Free
  • Silver – $3/monthly.
  • Gold – $8/monthly.
  • Platinum – Quote-based

8. Campsite.Bio – easy to use is another popular Linktree alternative that is almost similar to Linktree – but BETTER! What makes it better is the presence of advanced customizing apps with regular links, including images/thumbnails.

Key Features: 

  • This app lets you schedule links before beginning an Instagram campaign or contest.
  • Embed numerous carousels with unlimited banners.
  • Highlight connections with animation.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $7/monthly.

9. EverLinks – Ideal for Redirecting Viewers to Several Social Networks

Another one of the free Linktree alternatives, EverLinks, helps manage links and social networking. This app’s links can lead to text, videos, and embeddable custom codes for your followers.

Key Features: 

  • You can use this app to launch campaigns by showing and hiding links at certain periods.
  • Its animated “Power Links” highlight important links.
  • The app lets you invite a team member to contribute to a shared page.

How Much Does It Cost? 

  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $7/monthly.
  • Agency – $17/monthly.

10. Link in Profile – Ideal for Instagram Influencers

Link in Profile is quite similar to However, it is one of the must-try alternatives to Linktree because it creatively lets you add multiple URLs to Instagram posts.

Key Features: 

  • You can import products from Shopify or direct your followers to your store. 
  • It lets you direct followers to Amazon, Etsy, WordPress, and Squarespace profiles. 
  • The app also lets you measure conversion rates, traffic sources, and Instagram performance.

How Much Does It Cost? 

They have a fixed-paid plan that costs $9.99/per month.

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