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Content Curation Tools To Take Your Feed To The Next Level

Content creation is an essential part of a marketing strategy, especially for small businesses, and growing accounts. Routinely putting out engaging content is the way to gain visibility, build a brand, and connect with new audiences.

But creating original content regularly can be heavy on your budget and this is where content curation tools step in. These tools help you pick out relevant, useful, and good pieces of content from the internet at large to share!

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The best content curation tools of 2023

Content curation is a great way to brainstorm fresh ideas for your feed. And you’re probably doing it already in some form.

Content curation tools make this process more organized and easier by-

  • Content discovery: Showing you trending ideas
  • Giving you a way to save and share relevant pieces of content
  • Working across social media platforms to make life simpler

1. Carrot: Curate And Double Your Affiliate Revenue

Carrot is one of the best curation tools available in the market today. Designed to help shoppers organize, track, bookmark, create collections and collaborate. This platform/extension makes it easy to save things that catch your eye, organize them into collections, and even share these with your friends and followers.

If you’re serious about building a community and helping your followers with tastefully curated collections you can join the Carroteer program, with this you get:

  1.  Access to your audience’s emails
  2. A website for all your lists
  3. Community features like collaborative collections, reactions, etc.
  4. Control over what’s free and what’s only for paying subscribers

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2. ShareIt: Content & Influencer Discovery

This is a free tool that is perfect for social media teams as well as for bloggers. It can be used to discover new creators and content. Just type in a keyword and you’ll receive a list of content items and social media handles relevant to it.

These content pieces are not restricted to one or other types of content. It works with vlogs, blogs and so much more. What is so great about this content curation tool is that you get to share the content you’ve saved directly to your feed with just a click.

We love that with ShareIt, you’re able to see which influencers share a particular bit of content. This helps one gauge whether an authentic content piece is trending or not. ShareIt is also able to support native mobile apps.

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3. Buzzsumo: Explore Latest trends And Viral Content

Straightforward and simple, with Buzzsumo, you just need to type in a domain name or a keyword to get the most shared content related to it. These results can be organized by various parameters like backlinks, content type, date, and so on.

Since all the results have already connected with an audience, these are reliable content pieces to add to your marketing strategy. Under the content research tab, you can find trending topics and interact with those who share your content.

A really neat feature of this content curation tool is that you can also set up alerts to let you know when specific accounts post new content. So you can set up alerts for your favorite public figures!

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4. Quuu: Add CTAs To Shared Content

Quuu is probably the only content curation tool that has a team of real people to review its content rather than just using algorithms. This is the best place to get anything from podcasts and presentations to videos and blogs. With over 500 categories, you’re more than likely to be able to find what you’re looking for. But if you do need extra content, you can find this from their additional RSS feeds.

They also have a ‘discover’ feature that helps you explore fresh content in a category of your choice. Quuu is designed to work seamlessly with social media schedulers so you can just connect this to your socials and share instantly.

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5. Flockler: Drive Conversions By Increasing ‘dwell’ Time

Marketers use the Flockler tool to put together their social media feeds on a range of platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Users can set rules on the kind of posts that are to be gathered and these can be displayed in one place.

So you can be sure that the hashtags from Instagram are displayed with user-generated images on the digital screen of your choice. This content curation tool offers you a way to drive sales with social proof.

In our view, its moderation tools are one of the best features of the app. These are designed to be easy so anyone can use them and you’re offered complete control of the content you choose to display.

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6. Pocket: Organize Curated Content In One Place

Are you one of those people who frequently bookmark interesting pages or send themselves links to come back to later? Well, with Pocket you’re able to find, store and organize a large amount of content in one place without these extra steps!

When you have Pocket all set up, you can store content you like with just one click. You can save articles in groups with tags for quick identification. This content curation tool makes things so much easier and it can be used across your personal computer or your mobile.

It’s excellent for beginners, start-ups, or small businesses. We love that Pocket has a search feature built-in which makes finding what you’re looking for that much easier.

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7. Curata: Generate More Content By Crowdsourcing

If you’re seeing a sudden increase in your need for content, Curata is a useful content curation tool to have. Its intelligent software is designed to crowdsource great pieces of content from a range of platforms including social media, blogs, and websites.

Before you share these on your platforms, you can customize them to add your personal take on the piece. Using Curata’s browser plugin as you surf the web allows you to add content that catches your eye to your curated list instantly.

Curata has a built-in feature that allows you to directly publish blog posts and share posts to your social media.

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Simplify Content Curation With Carrot

Available as an app as well as a Chrome extension, Carrot is here to make content curation and discovery super easy. Surf and save the best bits of your feed, find trending items, and a lot more with this super cool app! So what are you waiting for?