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5 Chrome Extensions For Shopping That Will Help You Save A Ton of Time & Money

Have you ever looked at a super-cool product and thought, “If I don’t get this, I’m gonna regret it”? And then your bank account tells you, you’ll regret it more if you do get it. So, you either screenshot that product page or email yourself a link to it, completely forgetting about it in the coming weeks–or, maybe you bought a cool pair of sunglasses for a great price, only to stumble upon another website a few weeks later where they’re a lot cheaper!

How annoying is that?

To save you from all of this, we curated a list of some of the best online shopping tools to save you time and money while online shopping!

1. Carrot

Carrot chrome extension for shopping Logo

Carrot is one of the best all-in-one chrome extensions for shopping out there. From curation to price tracking, it has a host of features to help weary online shoppers!

Carrot is a Google Chrome extension that automatically collects your carts as you shop.

For example, think back to those sleek headphones you saved as a screenshot on your phone to remember to purchase later. Did you actually remember? If not, this is how Carrot helps! Carrot collects your cart and then gives you the option to create a collection, to organize and share products by themes like wish lists, gift lists, home decor projects, etc.

For example, if you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower, big home project, or have a birthday coming up this is the perfect tool to simplify the process. And best of all, you can easily share these collections with family members to purchase with you or for you!

But, not only that, Carrot helps you find what you want for the best price. It does this by tracking prices across the web and comparing different products, prices, brands– whatever you want to compare. This means no more keeping track of screenshots or elaborate excel sheets you’ll eventually forget about – everything’s in one easy-to-track place.

Explore more of what Carrot can do here!

2. Rakuten

Rakuten's Logo

Rakuten is one of the top-rated chrome extensions for shopping that focuses specifically on discounts and offers. The tool helps you receive cashback and rewards on every purchase you make. The extension also identifies offers and deals on its partner stores and helps you apply them while making your purchases.

The app gives you a $10 welcome bonus on sign-up, as well as $30 for each person who signs up using your referral. Rakuten then gives you the option to choose how you want to get paid through PayPal or a physical check. It’s one of the few online shopping tools you can use to earn a small side income.

On its website, Rakuten says that stores pay the tool a commission for every shopper they send, which they “split” with the user as cashback. However, you can only receive your cashback 4 times a year, with the amounts pooled together and paid out in a lump sum each quarter. Another con, some user reviews state is that the Rakuten extension makes their online shopping experience slower.

3. Piggy

Piggy's Chrome extension for shopping logo

Piggy is a Chrome extension for shopping that automatically finds coupons for you and provides cashback on purchases. It’s quite similar to the other shopping extensions, Honey and Rakuten, in terms of services.

Piggy works across multiple online stores, whether it’s food, fashion, or travel. It claims to help you save by up to 70% across nearly 6000 stores. According to some reviews, it’s one of the best chrome extensions for shopping for saving money while shopping.

Like Rakuten, Piggy gets paid a commission by each store you shop from. They then share this commission with you in the form of cashback. To redeem your cashback rewards, you need to earn at least $25 in rewards, which is the minimum amount required for withdrawal.

4. PriceBlink

Priceblink's logo

While PriceBlink has many features similar to the other shopping extensions on the list, there’s one that sets it apart from the others.

Just like the online shopping extensions above, this one helps you find existing coupons on the websites you’re browsing. It filters through multiple coupons to help find the best one for you. Besides this, PriceBlink also helps you look for the best price for the products you’re interested in buying.

This feature does its job in the background, notifying you only when it finds the best deal for you. The tool surfs through hundreds of websites to find the same product at the lowest price and pops up when it does. According to a few reviews, this app sometimes fails to show “the best” prices for some products.

5. Honey

Honey's logo

Honey may be one of the most popular Chrome extensions for shopping on our list. The main aim of this tool is to help you find the best deals when you’re shopping online. While browsing an online store, Honey automatically pops up on your screen if it finds deals or coupons you can use.

All you have to do is sign up with your email or social media accounts and browse like normal. The app shows you the best deals and discounts on products from its partner stores. Once it finds coupons that can be used, Honey helps you test all of them out to see which is the best fit for your wallet.

You can also browse Honey’s own website to find the newest coupons and deals on your favorite brands. However, while Honey promises to never directly sell your information, the app does not actually guarantee it can safeguard your information in the long term. So privacy can be an issue according to these reviews. Additionally, some reviews also state that many times, coupons don’t work.

Getting the most out of your online shopping experience means having a tool that can help you do so. One that helps you not only save money but also saves you valuable time, by organizing your carts and automatically tracking prices to get you the best deal. Unfortunately, many of these tools fall a bit short when it comes to delivering the features that allow you to do all those things, but not Carrot!

Curating your wishlists, comparing the best prices across sites, and keeping track of saved items without having to dig through screenshots, emails, and bookmarks is what Carrot does, and more.

So, with a simple click, add the free Carrot extension and give yourself a better shopping experience–one finds enjoyable, not stressful!

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