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8 Free Chrome Extensions For Shopping That Will Help You Save A Ton of Time & Money

Ever spotted an irresistible product and thought, “I can’t miss this!” But then, your wallet chimed in, reminding you to be cautious. We’ve all been there – screen-shotting that must-have item, emailing yourself links, only to forget about them later, or even worse, regretting a purchase when you find it cheaper elsewhere. Frustrating, right?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’re unveiling eight fantastic Chrome extensions that will revolutionize your online shopping experience. These handy tools are your ticket to saving time and money while indulging in retail therapy. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover how to shop smarter!

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1. Carrot


At the forefront of our list of premier Chrome shopping extensions stands Carrot. Why does it earn the top position, you ask? This smart shopping companion is your ticket to savvy shopping, delivering unbeatable deals on your beloved products. At the heart of its impressive arsenal of features is ‘Deal Hop.’

Here’s how the ‘Deal Hop’ feature works on Chrome:

  1. Seamless Integration: Start by adding the Carrot extension to your Chrome browser or opt for the handy app – your choice.
  2. Browsing Bliss: Explore your favorite online stores as you normally would, but watch for the Carrot ‘Deal Hop’ feature.
  3. Click and Save: When ‘Deal Hop’ makes its entrance, don’t hesitate. Click on it, and watch in amazement as a world of affordable alternatives materializes before your eyes.
deal hop using carrot

Wait, there’s more! Carrot generously offers all of this at no cost to you. That’s right, it’s entirely free and plays nicely with all your cherished shopping websites. So, the next time you spot a tempting but wallet-wincing item, don’t give in to buyer’s remorse.


  • Enjoy jaw-dropping discounts of up to 90% with the Deal Hop feature
  • Effortlessly save and organize your upcoming purchases
  • Quickly compare prices across various websites for informed shopping decisions
  • Share lists and collaborate seamlessly with friends and family
  • Keep your shopping well-organized using collections and wishlists
  • Stay in the loop with real-time notifications about price reductions
  • Explore the latest influencer-recommended products for a stylish shopping experience
  • Easily access and apply coupons for your favorite stores
  • Streamline your online shopping journey with user-friendly features


Absolutely FREEE!

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2. Rakuten


Next, we have Rakuten, a Chrome extension that deserves a spot on your list of best shopping tools. It’s your virtual shopping companion dedicated to optimizing your savings. Picture it as your online coupon-cutting sidekick, committed to securing the best deals for your wallet.


  • Simplify shopping with automatic coupon and discount code application
  • Earn money while shopping with easy, one-click Cash Back activation
  • Explore cash-back offers across fashion, tech, home decor, and more


It’s free.

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3. PriceBlink


In the world of online shopping, PriceBlink stands out as a versatile and efficient Chrome extension designed to simplify your shopping experience while helping you save big.

Now, with support for popular web browsers like Google Chrome, PriceBlink seamlessly integrates into your online shopping routine, making it easier than ever to find the best prices, deals, and coupons across various online stores.


  • Scan for better prices and make informed purchasing decisions effortlessly
  • Access savings from 4,000+ popular online stores across various categories
  • Stay updated on discounts tailored to your preferences, eliminating manual searches
  • PriceBlink values your privacy with minimal data tracking and customization


Nothing, it’s Chrome extension is free.

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4. Honey


If you’ve ever felt the frustration of missing out on deals or wrestling with stubborn coupon codes, Honey is here to make your life easier. This intuitive Chrome extension is your key to effortless savings. With Honey by your side, you’ll shop smarter, save money effortlessly, and enjoy a more seamless online shopping experience.


  • Honey automatically applies valid coupons at checkout, taking the hassle out of hunting for savings
  • With 30,000+ online stores in its network, Honey finds tech, fashion, and more deals
  • Get money back on your purchases, boosting your savings effortlessly
  • While Honey uses data for tailored deals, it prioritizes user data security. Your privacy is protected


The Chrome extension is free.

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5. Camelizer


For a non-intrusive way to save money while shopping online, The Camelizer is your go-to Chrome extension. It’s a trusted tool for savvy shoppers with nearly a million users. The Camelizer seamlessly integrates into your browser, providing quick access to historical pricing data for any Amazon product.

With just a single click from your extension bar, you can unlock insights into a product’s past prices, including sales and long-term fluctuations. What makes The Camelizer stand out is its ability to compare Amazon prices with those on third-party websites, ensuring you always get the best deal. Worried about missing discounts? Set price alerts for specific items, and The Camelizer will send you email notifications when prices drop.


  • Access historical pricing data for Amazon products with a single click
  • Easily compare Amazon prices with third-party websites for better deals
  • Set price alerts for items you want to purchase and receive email notifications when prices decrease
  • Track pricing trends over time to make informed buying decisions
  • Enjoy the convenience of effortless, money-saving shopping


It’s free.

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6. Keepa


Looking for a reliable Amazon price tracker? If The Camelizer left you wanting more, Keepa is a fantastic alternative. Keepa simplifies access to Amazon pricing history, similar to The Camelizer, but with added features that elevate your shopping experience.

With Keepa, you gain quick insights into price history and effortlessly uncover daily deals, making your quest for savings a breeze. It consolidates recent price drops, saving you the hassle of checking multiple websites.

Additionally, Keepa empowers you to compare and monitor international Amazon prices and set up handy price drop alerts and availability notifications for products you’re interested in. Say goodbye to missed deals and hello to smart, efficient shopping with Keepa.


  • Access Amazon pricing history with ease
  • Discover daily deals and recent price drops effortlessly
  • Compare and track international Amazon prices
  • Set price drop alerts and availability notifications for products of interest
  • Streamline your online shopping experience for maximum savings



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7. SwagButton


SwagButton is your ultimate shopping companion, harnessing the money-saving magic of Swagbucks right in your Chrome browser.

Imagine a virtual assistant tirelessly applying coupons as you shop, uncovering the best deals with every click. SwagButton takes it up a notch with Cash Back rewards, ensuring savings through coupons and every online purchase.

But the real game-changer? SwagButton transforms your spare time into discounts by offering surveys that boost your savings. Shopping smart and saving big has never been easier!


  • Automatic coupon application for hassle-free savings
  • Earn Cash Back on your online purchases
  • Unlock additional savings by completing online surveys
  • Seamlessly shop and save across a wide range of online stores


Nothing, it’s free of charge!

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8. FakeSpot


In the digital shopping landscape, product reviews greatly influence our purchasing choices. But, at the same time, counterfeit reviews sow skepticism, especially on platforms like Amazon. Don’t worry! The Fakespot Chrome extension has you covered as your vigilant companion in the fight against deceptive testimonials.

Fakespot’s mission is clear: to sift the genuine from the phony. It rates reviews from A to E, allowing you to identify their trustworthiness. The real magic unfolds when you click “Analyze” as a new tab opens, revealing a wealth of insights.


  • Fakespot assigns A to E ratings to help you spot real from fake reviews
  • Click “Analyze” for pros, cons, popular reviews, key highlights, and price history
  • Works across Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, Best Buy, and more
  • Runs seamlessly in the background, arming you with trusted info
  • Say goodbye to fake reviews and make informed choices with Fakespot



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Summing Up!

Time and money are two precious commodities in the online shopping world. Fortunately, you can effortlessly save both with these top-notch Chrome shopping extensions. While all of these extensions offer fantastic features to enhance your online shopping experience, one stands out as the ultimate choice – Carrot.

Carrot simplifies the hunt for discounts, streamlines the checkout process, and provides insights to ensure you make informed choices. With its robust set of tools, from automatic coupon applications to comprehensive price tracking, Carrot has revolutionized how we shop online.

So, get ready to embark on a shopping journey that maximizes your savings and minimizes your efforts with Carrot – your trusty companion and our top choice among Chrome shopping extensions. It’s time to take your online shopping game to the next level with Carrot.

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Get The Best Prices & Deals Upto 90% Off Only With Carrot🥕

It’s time you upgrade your online shopping game with Carrot – the free Chrome extension that streamlines wishlists, price comparisons, and item tracking. Say goodbye to shopping stress and hello to a more enjoyable experience!