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12 Sephora Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Makeup Haul

Calling all beauty enthusiasts and makeup mavens! If you’re anything like us, you understand the undeniable allure of Sephora—the wonderland of cosmetics and skincare that ignites our inner creativity. However, indulging in a Sephora shopping spree can sometimes leave our wallets feeling a little lighter than we’d prefer.

But fear not, for we have uncovered a treasure trove of money-saving secrets to help you navigate the aisles of Sephora without breaking the bank. In this blog, we’re excited to share with you 12 invaluable Sephora hacks that will make your next makeup haul a guilt-free experience.

From insider tips to clever strategies, get ready to embrace a world where beauty and savings go hand in hand. So, grab your shopping list, and let’s embark on a journey to discover how to maximize your budget while still indulging in the beauty products you love.

1. Collect Sephora Points

You can earn points for every product you purchase as part of the Sephora Insider Program. 

You can get free Sephora products such as skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance when you have accumulated enough points.

Note: You can carry your points forward in your account, and they will not expire as long as you engage in some action (buy or redemption) within 12 months.

2. Access Sephora Discounts

One proven Sephora hack to save money during your next makeup haul is to buy discount gift cards. 

Apart from collecting gift cards for discounts, you can also buy these gift cards at lower rates and save more as you check out. 

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3. Use Sephora Influencer Codes and Sephora Reward Codes

Sephora Reward Codes
Source: Sephora Site

The most obvious way to save money on Sephora is to look for promotional codes before purchasing. The good thing is that the official Sephora website is always sharing new and active Sephora reward codes

Ensure you don’t miss out on these codes by constantly checking on the top of the website’s main page under the title’ sales and offers.’

Likewise, you can follow some top influencers promoting Sephora products when it comes to influencer codes. They keep sharing Sephora influencer codes for customers to save money on their purchases. 

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4. Become a Sephora Beauty Insider

Sephora Beauty Insider
Source: Unsplash

If you plan to use Sephora reward codes, you should consider becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider. Joining Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program is free and sooo worth it!

So if you’re still not a member of this program, you’re simply throwing away money. 

Besides, who won’t want to use such Sephora hacks and enjoy a free birthday gift yearly, earn points on purchases, and enjoy incredible sales? 

5. Add Sephora App To Your Smart Screen

Another popular one of the Sephora hacks is downloading the app on your device. You may save a lot of money by simply downloading the Sephora app. 

So instead of using Sephora codes (which often expire), you can save more by purchasing from the Sephora app. 

This app allows you to access same-day delivery in your location and directions for in-store and curbside pickups; exclusive specials and gift sets are available only through the app.

6. Grab a Sephora Credit Card

Sephora Credit Card Details

If you haven’t heard of it before, Sephora lets its shoppers shop directly with its dedicated credit card. 

Similar to the Sephora gift card hack, you can use this shop card exclusively in Sephora locations and on the Sephora website. Cardholders receive 4% cash back on all purchases. 

But that’s not all, as Sephora also lets you save 25% on your first Sephora purchase using a Sephora credit card.

7. Mark Your Calendars for Seasonal or Holiday Sales

If you’re a frequent Sephora customer, you might often think, are there any seasonal or holiday sales at Sephora that offer outstanding deals? 

Guess what? Sephora offers its customers a semi-annual sale every year in April and November.

This sale is specifically held every year for Sephora’s Rouge, VIB, and Beauty Insider members. So if you’re one of them, you don’t have to keep track of Sephora codes all year. 

And if you’re waiting for 10% and 20% discount offers on your favorite Sephora products, Sephora offers these discounts during April and November. 

So don’t forget to mark your calendar for these months and purchase everything you have been storing all year in your cart. 

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8. Get Free Things From Sephora

Yes, you heard it right – you can also get Sephora products for free – it’s a dream come true for every makeup lover. But how to get free things from Sephora? Here’s the simple Sephora hack: you ask for free samples.

Saint jaine Perfume
Source: Unsplash

Every online purchase from Sephora lets you fill your cart with at least three free samples, from perfumes to bases, lipstick, and more. 

These free samples can be of: 

  • Skincare products
  • Makeup products
  • Perfume and fragrances

9. Free In-Store Shipping

Another one of the popular Sephora hacks for saving money is to get your products shipped at the Sephora store. 

When you order an out-of-stock product at the Sephora store, the store ships your product for free. 

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10. Get Flash Shipping for Your Year-Long Purchases

Did you know Amazon Prime offers members free two-day shipping on all purchases? Sephora introduces a similar feature for online shoppers with a Flash shipping service. 

Through this service, you can get free 2-day shipping from Sephora for an entire year with their Flash promotion.

And the best part about this hack is that you don’t need to cater to a specific purchase limit while using this flash shipping hack. Instead, you can spend as much as you like for an entire year for only $15. 

11. Subscribe to Sephora’s Newsletters

Sephora Newsletter

We know it can be irritating to come to your mail inbox every morning and find endless shopping and sale offers from stores. But hey, isn’t that what you’re looking for at Sephora? 

Once you subscribe to the Sephora newsletter, you can return to your inbox frequently to find exciting discounts or gift cards and use a Sephora gift card hack in your next purchase. 

Isn’t this a simple and hassle-free method to save money while buying makeup? 

12. Stack Discounts and Promotions To Save Even More

If these Sephora hacks aren’t enough, we must share our last valuable hack of stacking discounts or promotions. Using this hack, you can stack all your Sephora coupons and promo codes at the checkout.

And when you need them, you can return them and use your free gifts. 

The struggle of saving and finding all those saved makeup products during a makeup haul is real, and we understand that. 

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