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Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy: Your Ultimate Guide

When it comes to shopping for books and other products, Barnes & Noble has been a trusted go-to destination for bibliophiles and savvy shoppers like you.

And, if you love saving money while shopping, you may have wondered whether this iconic bookstore chain has a price match policy.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. While many stores offer a price match policy, Barnes & Noble is not one of them.

But don’t let that get you down! In this blog post, we’ve covered some helpful ways to make sure you’re still getting the best prices at Barnes & Noble.

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1. How to get Free Shipping at Barnes & Noble

There are ways to get free shipping after making a purchase at Barnes & Noble. If you spend $40 or more on your order (before taxes) and choose standard shipping, your shipping fee is waived.

Another option is to pay $25 annually for a Barnes & Noble membership.

Note that these items aren’t available for free shipping:

  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Magazines
  • Digital products like eBooks, SparkNotes, Quamut Charts, digital magazines, PDF files, and audiobook MP3s
  • Barnes & Noble Membership
  • Unusually sized or overweight items
  • Any other item not identified as eligible for Free Shipping

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2. Advantages of the Barnes & Noble Membership

Want awesome deals and cool benefits while shopping at this store? Consider joining its membership program.

For only $25 a year — about the cost of just a book or two — you can become a member. This is especially worth it if you shop at Barnes & Noble a lot.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll enjoy free shipping on all orders, no matter how much you spend. You also get 40% off on hardcover books in the store.

Here are other perks you can enjoy:

  • Get 1 stamp for every $10 spent on a purchase (10 stamps are exchanged for a $5 reward)
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on nearly everything at and in stores
  • Receive a complimentary tote every year with Premium Membership (valued up to $19.99)
  • Get 10% off the regular price of NOOK devices and accessories
  • Enjoy a free upgrade to the next size beverage from the café
  • Treat your children to a free café treat on their birthdays
  • Receive a special offer for your birthday
  • Gain exclusive early access to special titles and events
  • Access exclusive deals and offers

3. How to Work the Barnes & Noble Return Policy in Your Favor

Here’s a clever way to use Barnes & Noble’s return policy to your advantage.

Let’s say you buy a book for $29.99 and later find it on sale for $15.99. You can return the book within 30 days and get a refund for the original price.

Then, you can repurchase the book at the lower sale price. Just remember to keep your original receipt and you’re good to go.

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4. Use Carrot to Find Deals When You Shop at Barnes & Noble

Carrot is a shopping tool (rightly nicknamed the Pinterest of shopping) that automatically collects and keeps track of your shopping carts.

Here’s how it can help you save money while shopping at Barnes & Noble:

1. Deal Hopping

Deal Hoping

Carrot has a Deal Hop feature that can help you score deals of up to 90% off every time you shop! How does it work?

First, install the Chrome extension or download the iOS app, and search for the item you’d like to buy.

Then, head on over to the Carrot extension icon, click on it, and select “Deal Hop.” In mere seconds, Carrot’s AI will scan the web for budget-friendly alternatives from different retailers.

Barnes & Noble

Source: Barnes & Noble

This means that you get access to similar options that’ll save you both time and money.


Source: Barnes & Noble

2. Track Prices

With Carrot, you can keep track of items saved in your cart and see if their prices go up or down.

3. Get Notified About Price Drops

Carrot notifies you when the price of an item you’ve been eyeing goes down so you don’t miss out on a great deal.

5. Barnes & Noble’s Fair Pricing Guarantee

While Barnes & Noble doesn’t price match, they do have a fair pricing guarantee. This means that if you’re charged more for a book than the advertised price, you can get a refund for the difference.

Keep in mind that this only applies if there was an error at checkout.

6. Use Gift Cards at Barnes & Noble

Another way to save money at Barnes & Noble is by shopping with gift cards. For instance, if you have a $30 gift card, you can grab up to $30 worth of books. If your haul goes beyond $30, just chip in the extra.

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So, if you have a birthday or a special holiday coming up, you can convince your friends and family to get you one of these gift cards and help you save a few bucks.

💡 Carrot helps you create & organize shareable wishlists and gift registries.

The Takeaway

Even without a Barnes & Noble price match policy, you can still get great deals using the methods mentioned above.

And if you need a handy tool to streamline your shopping, Carrot is up to the task! It’s the ultimate tool to help you save big while you shop in your fav online stores.

With its innovative Deal Hop feature and price tracking option, you can easily snag the best deals at Barnes & Noble.

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