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How to Make Money with Sephora’s Affiliate Program

The Sephora Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to make money on the side especially if you are a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, creator, or influencer on social media. 

As an affiliate, you get to earn a commission on every purchase that is made by a customer on Sephora via your referral. These references can be through links on your social media posts or as links embedded in your website blogs.

In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about making money with Sephora’s Affiliate Program. Let’s begin, shall we? 

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How does the Sephora Affiliate Program work?

Sephora has partnered with Rakuten to provide affiliates with the tools they need to earn commissions. While the brand handles ordering, shipping, and billing processes, it can track customers who make purchases through your affiliate links. 

For every purchase made through your links, your commission is calculated and paid to you after a certain period of time. 

How to join the Sephora Affiliate Program?

To join as an affiliate for Sephora, you will first have to fill out their online application form which includes your website details, personal information, and business details. Post this, a manual representative from Sephora reviews your application and decides whether you are a good fit. 

Sephora Affiliate Program Requirements:

  1. Having a website that talks about lifestyle, beauty, or make-up 
  2. The traffic your website attracts including the target audience 
  3. An established business as an affiliate marketer

After your application is accepted, you can start embedding affiliate links that take your readers to Sephora’s website. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for the Sephora Affiliate Program? 

Since it is a manual process, it takes a while to get accepted. Usually, it takes about three weeks to hear back from them after you have applied.

Is there any joining fee for the Sephora Affiliate Program?

It is completely free to join Sephora Beauty Affiliate Program through a valid email address.

What is the commission rate for the Sephora Affiliate Program?

The commission for Sephora Affiliate Program will be provided to your after you finish your application and get approved. 

It is one of the highest-paying brands in the beauty affiliate marketing business. The brand’s commission rates start at 5% and can go as high as 10%. This depends on the type of products that you are promoting and what your audience is purchasing. 

How long do cookies last in the Sephora Affiliate Program?

Your readers only have 24 hours to purchase so you can make an earning. This short cookie length becomes a small setback, but you can work around it. 

When and How Does Sephora Pay Affiliates?

Rakuten Marketing handles Sephora’s affiliate marketing payments. They pay you through direct deposit or check and you can pick what suits you the best. 

Affiliates get paid every month. You can set the minimum payment threshold as $50. So when you reach this amount, Sephora will release their payment. You can also set a higher threshold. 

Marketing materials provided by Sephora for affiliates

Sephora knows that not everyone can make beautiful designs and banners. They provide a wide range of graphics including banners and images that you can use on your website. 

They also provide professional marketing tools that help you make your affiliate marketing better. 

Products You Can Promote On The Sephora Affiliate Program

Here are some products you can promote using Sephora’s affiliate program.

1. Cosmetics

From contour palettes to lip glosses and concealers to eye shadows, there are over 10000 beauty products that you can promote as a make-up pro. 

2. Fragrances

Sephora’s fragrances are top-notch and give people a luxurious feeling. You can promote their range of beautiful fragrances. 

3. Skin Care 

Incorporating skin and body care into Self-love Sundays has become increasingly popular as a way to unwind and pamper oneself. This trend aligns with the growing emphasis on self-care and presents an opportunity for lifestyle bloggers to explore and promote these products

4. Hair Care 

If you are a beauty enthusiast with hair care/style as your niche, you can definitely promote hair care. Hair tools under Sephora are also a good option. 

5. Nail Care & Tools

Nails define who you are these days. From holiday nails to work nails, wedding nails to weekend nails, people are looking for inspiration all the time. You can promote nail care products and nail paints by Sephora.

Pros of Joining the Sephora Affiliate Program

The Sephora Affiliate Program is truly a great opportunity to make money via alternative mediums: 

  • Great commission: One of the highest paying brands, you can earn up to 10% commission through each sale. 
  • Wide range of products: There are over 10000 products under Sephora and also several other brands that come under Sephora.
  • Marketing tools: The program provides professional tools to make websites interactive including banners and graphics. 
  • Discounts: Get access to special discounts and promotions including everyday free shipping over $50 & free samples with every order 
  • Exclusives: Newsletters and product sneak peeks 

Tips for maximizing your earnings through the Sephora Affiliate Program

Here are some tips you can use to make more money through Sephora Affiliate Program: 

1. Diversify & Network 

Explore the different brands that Sephora offers and diversify your content. Network with bloggers,  share content and collaborate with them, bringing more traffic to your page. 

2. Active Social Media 

People on social media platforms are looking for tastemakers they can rely on. Create content that catches their attention and also makes them stay, and click on your links. 

3. Use Sephora’s Tools

From banners to marketing tools, leverage the affiliate marketing tools the brand offers and make your website more clickable and interactive. 

How can I supercharge my Sephora Affiliate links using Carrot?

Shoppers today are heavily influenced by creators and tastemakers. They follow content to take recommendations or learn from these influencers. 

Here’s how to maximize your revenue by using Carrot as a tastemaker for affiliate marketing if you are a beauty influencer working with Sephora:

1. Turn Blue Links into Images 

Make better conversions by converting blue links to beautiful photos your community can scroll and access on Carrot. 

2. Increase Link Visibility by 10X

Carrot shows links to your audience when they search for products you are already recommending or they are shopping from brands you partnered with. 

3. Community Email Access

Access your community’s emails and also publish directly in their inbox via Carrot. You can control what’s subscriber-only and what’s free. 

Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings With Carrot 

Now that you know all about the Sephora Affiliate Program, you can multiply your earnings by working with Carrot. You can also join other affiliate marketing programs like Revolve or Shein.

Interact with your community of make-up and skin-care enthusiasts with creative e-mail publishing and cool designs, and increase your affiliate marketing earnings with Carrot today! 

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