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24 Stores That Run Military Discounts Through The Year!

Across America, various brands and stores have special military discounts for veteran and active military personnel. As a gesture of acknowledgment and appreciation of their service, these brands strive to make it easier for members of the military (and often, their immediate families) to shop for everything from clothes and accessories to tech supplies and even insurance!

Just by showing a form of identification or filling out a form, they can get even up to 50% off! And the best news is that these special prices are not just for Memorial Day, but all year round!

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Military discounts for apparel, accessories, and shoes

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch: Get between 10 to 15% off! This military discount is left to the manager’s discretion and is available for in-store purchases.
  2. Banana Republic: Shop at the Banana Republic on the first of every month and you can get 10% off with your military ID! The details of this offer may be slightly different depending on the locations.
  3. Under Armour: For active members of the military, veterans, and family members, Under Armour offers a 10% discount both online and in their stores. This also extends to Fire personnel, EMT customers, active members of the police force, and First responders. All you have to do is verify your identity.
  4. L.L. Bean: At most of their stores, any military ID will get you a 10% discount.
  5. Nike: Eligible members of the US Army, Navy or Air Force are entitled to a Nike military discount of 10%! Also the Marines, and the coast guard. This special discount is available in stores across America.
  6. Foot Locker: For Foot Locker, all you have to do is click on the button that reads ‘Use Military Discount’ and follow the directions they’ve put down. This gets you 20% off on most purchases.
  7. Edie Bauer: Just show them your military ID to get a 10-15% discount on most of the merch at Eddie Bauer.
  8. American Eagle Outfitters: At American Eagle Outfitters, the discount ranges between 10-15% off. How much depends on Manager’s discretion.

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Military discounts for telephone and internet services

  1. AT&T: Get 15% off on your monthly plan with AT&T
  2. Sprint: Sprint offers an excellent discount of 50% off for all active members of the military as well as veterans. Thanks to their ‘price lock’ promise, they won’t raise your rates either!
  3. T-Mobile: The military discount that T-Mobile offers includes 50% off for family lines and 20% off for the standard plan with the AutoPay feature.
  4. Verizon Wireless: Their special rates extend to all employees of the government from active duty to the national guard. Those eligible can avail 15% off on their monthly plans and 25% off on their accessories. Their Veterans Advantage policy gives military vets discounts as well.  

Tech stores that offer a military discount

Tech Military Discount
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  1. Apple Store: Apple’s Veterans and Military Purchase Program offer special prices to currently active members of the US military, the National Guard, and the Reserve. The Apple military discount is 10%. Immediate family members who live in the same household are also eligible for this discount. All you have to do is verify your military status.
  2. Dell: As a gesture of appreciation for their service, Dell offers a special discount to military members and their families. You can avail this 10% discount with the .mil email address. This discount can be coupled with select other offers too.
  3. Microsoft: On select Microsoft products, military personnel (vets & active) as well as their families can save 10% on their bills.

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Home & hardware stores that have a year-round military discount

  1. Brooklyn Bedding: The honor discount offers members of the military 25% off the price of sleep products including mattresses and electric adjustable bases. This also includes free shipping and is active every day of the year. All you have to do is apply the discount at checkout and verify your identity with
  2. Eight Sleep: Active, retired, and veteran members of the military plus their families are eligible for 10% off at Eight Sleep. Verify your identity to avail this special discount.
  3. Sherwin Williams: Active members of the military, veterans, and reservists are eligible for a 15% discount on paint supplies. You can also avail this discount as a military spouse. The updated details of this discount can be seen here.
  4. Home Depot: Home Depot has a long history of supporting the military, their efforts date way back to 1979! The Home Depot military discount is available to active members of the military, vets as well as their spouses. It is 10% off on a range of purchases, up to $400 yearly.

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Military discounts for insurance

Home Military Discount
  1. American Express: AmEx offers relief to servicemen in active duty as per the SCRA or the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act as well as the MLA or the Military Lending Act. The details of the offers provided by American Express can be seen here.
  2. USAA: Explore the unique benefits USAA offers members of the military including saving up to 60% on your premium (see their vehicle storage discount). Among several other benefits, they also offer overseas auto insurance coverage!
  3. Avis: Receive up to 25% savings if you’re a member of the military. This includes veterans, those on active duty, the reservists as well as the National Guard. It also applies to members of your family.
  4. Geico: In most states, they offer discounts to servicemen between 2% and 15%. To get the updated details, please check-in here.
  5. Liberty Mutual Insurance: Members of the Veterans Advantage can get 10% off on auto insurance and 5% on homeowner’s insurance. If you’re a current member of the US Military, you can get an additional 4% off.

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