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14 Superb Shopping Hacks To Save Money On EtsyHow Shopping Pros Save Money on Etsy in 2022

Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Especially from bed in your PJs, just scrolling and adding to the cart like nobody’s business. But what makes this shopping experience better is when you have some great hacks up your sleeve to help you save money.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing some cool hacks to help you save money when you shop on Etsy. So whether you’re a frequent Etsy shopper or even a newbie, this guide is for you.

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Etsy Hack #1: Search for Etsy coupon sites

Search for Etsy coupon sites

Wondering how to save money with codes on Etsy? Start by checking sites that offer Etsy coupons. These coupons have codes that you can redeem to get the products you’ve been eyeing at sweeter rates.

You can also search for coupons by checking out a shop’s homepage on Etsy, following the shops on social media, or finding legit coupon sites like Groupon or CouponCabin.

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Etsy Hack #2: Sort items by lowest prices and search with ‘Sale’

Sort items by lowest prices and search with Sale

On the upper right-hand side of Etsy’s website, click the ‘sort by’ menu and select the ‘lowest price’ option. This way, you’ll see the cheapest items first in your search results. So, to know how to save money on Etsy, when you find something you like, search for it again and use this sorting option.

Here’s another Etsy shopping hack: type the word ‘sale’ before the name of the product. For instance, type ‘sale rings’ to find rings on sale. You may be able to get 10% to 70% off the original price!

*My preciouusss*

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Etsy Hack #3: Bulk shipping

Bulk shipping

Many sellers on Etsy are running small businesses, which doesn’t give them room to cover shipping costs. So, a big part of knowing how to save money on Etsy is to avoid shipping costs by bundling what you buy from a single seller. This allows for your order to be shipped in a single shipment, which is more affordable… and eco-friendly!

Etsy Hack #4: Speak directly to the seller

Speak directly to the seller

One of the best tips to know how to save money on Etsy is to message sellers. When you reach out to them, you’ll be able to ask important questions about the item and even negotiate for a lower price. Remember, they’re also trying to run a business, so try asking for a fair price, not the steal of the century.

Here’s a tip: Negotiating for lower prices may be easier when you plan to order goods from the seller in bulk.

Etsy Hack #5: Search within your budget

Search within your budget

This tip seems fairly obvious, but we all know that it’s easy to cave in and buy things we want, even when they’re outside our budget. On the website, at the upper left-hand side, click on ‘All filters’. You can select one of the price ranges, or better still, you can find affordable products by inputting your price range.

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Etsy Hack #6: Filter by nearby shops

Filter by nearby shops

Another great Etsy hack is the ‘shop local’ option. By searching for shops within your city, you’ll be able to pick up your products in person. This way, you can avoid paying shipping fees altogether! How cool is that?

Etsy Hack #7: Check your packages thoroughly

Check your packages thoroughly

After you’ve received a package from an order you made, check the box again. Why? Well, many sellers on Etsy like to keep their customers (in this case, you) happy by providing coupons or discount codes in the box. You can use these codes for future purchases, especially if the items are pricy. So, when you get that package you’ve been dreaming of, don’t throw out the box in excitement — you may just miss something worthwhile.

Etsy Hack #8: Follow your fav sellers on social media

Follow your fav sellers on social media

This is for all the social media junkies in the house! If you’re active on social media, then this hack will really play out in your favor. Follow your favorite shops and sellers on their socials, so you can be the first to know when a last-minute sale drops.

Etsy Hack #9: Join the mailing lists of sellers on Etsy

Join the mailing lists of sellers on Etsy

Mailing lists were made for people who want to know how to save money on Etsy. Subscribing to the mailing lists of your favorite sellers will net you exclusive coupons and discounts delivered directly to your inbox. And that will keep your wallet happy.

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Etsy Hack #10: Save your favorites

Save your favorites

Click on the favorite button (it’s shaped like a heart) so that you can keep track of items you really like or catch when they’re on sale. Most times, sellers check in with people who haveadded their products as ‘favorites.’

This is so they can find out if they’re still interested, especially if the product hasn’t been bought. These sellers will even go as far as offering discounts to entice the customer to make the purchase. It also gives the customers an opportunity to negotiate with the sellers at a lower price.

Etsy Hack #11: Get Carrot (It’s Free)

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Etsy Hack #12: Strategic Carting

Strategic Carting

Strategic carting on Etsy involves adding items to your cart and then waiting. Many sellers may offer discounts or incentives to encourage you to complete the purchase, making it a savvy way to potentially save money on your desired items while taking your time to decide.

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Etsy Hack #13: Use The Etsy App

Use The Etsy App

The Etsy mobile app has a user-friendly interface that provides a smoother shopping experience. The app occasionally offers special promotions or early sale notifications that aren’t available on the website. With the app, you’ll receive real-time notifications on sales, discounts, and updates from your favorite shops. This ensures you never miss out on limited-time deals.

Etsy Hack #14: Seasonal Sales

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales on Etsy offer shoppers the opportunity to snag deals on unique, handmade, and vintage items at discounted prices. Sellers often mark down their products during popular shopping periods like the holidays, Black Friday, or summer clearances. By timing your purchases to coincide with these seasonal promotions, you can secure significant savings on items that might otherwise remain at their standard prices.

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