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10 Elements of the Coquette Aesthetic A Style Guide

10 Elements of the Coquette Aesthetic: A Style Guide

The Coquette style is appealing, lighthearted, and enables self-expression. It has become popular among teenagers and young people. Platforms such as Pinterest have been instrumental in capturing and endorsing this fashion trend. Additionally, celebrities effortlessly pulling off the Coquette look on the red carpet makes it extremely tempting! This blog post will introduce you to this trend. So get ready to embrace this charming style that is making waves in the fashion industry! 🌟

What is Coquette Aesthetic?

The Coquette aesthetic has its origins in the past. It draws inspiration from Victorian fashion and the sophisticated Parisian chic. Imagine elegant dresses with romantic detailing, stylish outfits adorned with lace and frills, and everything that exudes feminine allure! These elements are being updated to bring an intriguing new dimension. They embody the essence of a stylish, enduring beauty.

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Types of Coquette

There are different types of Coquette aesthetics that you can explore and incorporate into your personal style. Get ready to infuse your wardrobe with the enchanting essence of timeless beauty and sophistication that defines the Coquette style. 

1. Classic Coquette

This embodies the classic Coquette, drawing inspiration from vintage fashion of the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s a blend of Jane Austen with modern-day street style, featuring empire waist dresses paired with delicate flats and parasols.

Classic Coquette

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2. Casual Coquette

The Casual Coquette emphasizes comfort without compromising style and is ideal for individuals who have a more carefree aesthetic sense. This style combines the beautiful Coquette motifs with softer, more sensible pieces like warm cardigans and cotton ruffled tops.

Casual Coquette

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3. Glam Coquette

Think of the heyday of Hollywood, yet updated for the twenty-first century. Glam Coquettes favor silk dresses, fur stoles, and pearls and enjoy a little shine in their wardrobe. With an homage to the iconic movie stars, they embrace the opulent aspect of the style.

Glam Coquette

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4. Boho Coquette

A free-spirited interpretation of the Coquette style, Boho Coquette has flowing shapes, lace, and florals paired with boho accents like floppy hats, fringes, and beads.

Boho Coquette

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5. Dark Coquette

This is when the style becomes more somber. Dark Coquettes have a penchant for mysterious Victorian gothic romance. Expect to see velvet textiles, lace gloves, and deeper floral designs in a more muted and somber color scheme.

Dark Coquette

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6. Edgy Coquette

This version adds some spice to the standard Coquette outfit by incorporating leather, studs, and darker makeup. Ideal for people who want to mix their love of romantic attire with a strong sense of rebellion.

Edgy Coquette

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7. Nature Coquette

Nature Coquettes draw inspiration from enchanting forest scenes and meadow walks. Their style is characterized by floral patterns, earthy tones, and natural fibres. They curate a wardrobe filled with flowy, nature-inspired pieces that effortlessly blend the outdoors with their personal style.

Nature Coquette

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8. Royal Coquette

The Royal Coquette collection is perfect for those seeking to embrace their inner royalty. It showcases opulent fabrics, intricate embellishments, and refined accessories. Picture elegant gowns fit for a duchess, adorned with tiaras and complemented by gloves that exude regal elegance.

Royal Coquette

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9. Indie Coquette

Indie Coquette is known for blending vintage thrift finds with indie fashion elements. Their style is playful and artsy, incorporating unique patterns, quirky accessories, and unconventional layering to create a statement that is truly their own.

Indie Coquette

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10. Minimal Coquette

The Minimal Coquette is all about simplicity. With clean lines, simple shapes, and a neutral color scheme, this style embraces a more understated approach to dressing. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of a minimalist silhouette.

Minimal Coquette

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