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ulta beauty affiliate program

How to optimize the Ulta Affiliate Program?

If you are a beauty influencer, you must have wanted to work with Ulta Beauty’s Affiliate Program. 

Ulta Beauty’s community has people of all skin tones, ages, genders, and abilities. As a creator in the beauty niche, you get to contribute your expertise to the beauty world while earning through affiliate marketing. 

If you wish to know all about Ulta’s Affiliate Program, this blog has everything covered. Let’s begin, shall we? 

About Ulta Beauty 

If you are a beauty lover, you must have used Ulta Beauty Products at least once in your life! Ulta Beauty is a one-stop shop for all things beauty.

Being one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States, Ulta has over 900 stores nationwide and has established itself as a leader in the industry. 

Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program Review

Review of ulta's affiliate program

If you are a lifestyle or beauty blogger, writer, marketer or beauty influencer, or creator on digital media platforms, the Ulta Affiliate Program provides you with an opportunity to make money. 

As an affiliate, you get to earn a commission on every purchase that is made by a customer on Ulta via your referral. These references can be through links on your social media posts or as links embedded in your beauty blogs.

How does the Ulta Affiliate Program work?

The program tracks the number of people you refer to their website through your affiliate links. If your referrals make purchases within 30 days, your commission will be calculated and paid to you on behalf of Ulta. 

However, if your referral makes a purchase after 30 days, you do not receive any commission. 

How do you get approved as an affiliate for Ulta?

To be approved as an affiliate for Ulta, you must meet the following conditions: 

  1. Your website should be a site dedicated to promoting beauty products and services. It should have valuable information for readers who are looking for skincare, body care, or make-up tips. 
  2. Your website must have editorial content online that can be used to promote beauty products on Ulta.
  3. Your website must perform well in terms of monthly traffic. Ulta will check how much traffic you generate traffic for the sites you currently work with. 

How soon can you get approved for the Ulta Affiliate Program?

Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program’s approval process is very fast and usually takes only a week to approve or decline your application. They inform their decision why email. 

Within 7 days of approval, you can access their dashboard page and find all the material related to the program. 

Is there any joining fee for the Ulta Affiliate Program?

It is completely free to join Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program through a valid email address.

What is the commission rate for the Ulta Affiliate Program?

The commission for Ulta’s Affiliate Program is based on the dollar amount of the orders you have referred to as well as the products. 

With a maximum of 30% on the cost of products, the average payout is between $0.04 to $0.05. However, this depends on how much your referral paid and also if the purchase was in-store or offline. 

The commissions are calculated on total sales and shipping costs after using coupons.

Does Ulta work with Influencers? 

Yes, the Ulta Influencer Program has collaborated with many beauty influencers to promote their products and credit them for the same. 

How long do cookies last in the Ulta Affiliate Program?

The Ulta cookie lasts till the time your account with them is active. Your e-mail stays within the system even if your account is canceled. 

When and How Does Ulta Pay Affiliates?

Ulta pays you monthly on the 25th of every month via PayPal or Payoneer. You can choose the payment method. 

If they do not receive all the requested information, you may face a delay in the amount being credited. 

You can check your earnings through the affiliate dashboard. The dashboard shows the previous month’s data. For real-time checking, you will have to use third-party tracking software like Quantcast. 

What type of marketing materials are provided by Ulta for affiliates?

Here’s a list of marketing materials provided by Ulta for affiliates to promote via their affiliate links or on their website: 

  1. Email autoresponders
  2. Banner ads 
  3. Special retail coupons 

Products You Can Promote On The Ulta Affiliate Program

Ulta's affiliate products

Here are some products you can promote using Ulta’s affiliate program.

1. Makeup

From make-up palettes to lipsticks, from eyeliners to foundations, there are a lot of beauty products you can promote for make-up enthusiasts. 

2. Fragrances

You can promote their range of beautiful fragrances that people would love to wear.

3. Hair Care

Hair-care products are a very profitable niche to promote to beauty enthusiasts. 

4. Nail Care 

You can also promote nail care products and nail paints. 

5. Skin Care

Skincare has recently become super popular and you can definitely promote these products in your community. 

Products You can’t promote on Ulta Affiliate Program

1. Gift Cards

Since it’s difficult to track commissions on gift cards on each purchase, they are not in the program. 

2. Discounts

You cannot promote discounts or loyalty rewards as an affiliate. 

Who Should Join the Ulta Affiliate Program?

If you are someone who is a tastemaker or a creator in the beauty niche, Ulta Affiliate Program will help you earn more money. 

1. Marketing Professionals

With strong backgrounds in promotional marketing can build links on their social media platforms. 

2. Website Owners

They can earn by using Ulta’s autoresponder tools, banners and also by promoting products on your beauty blog. 

3. Makeup Artists & Beauty Influencers

Earn by creating posts about Ulta products and promoting them in your community via your blogs or social media handles. 

Ulta Affiliate Program Review: Pros 

The Ulta Affiliate Program is an amazing opportunity to make money via alternative mediums: 

  • Great commission: So you earn more through each sale you promote. 
  • Wide range of products: You can sell or promote according to what suits your content style. 
  • Marketing tools: The program provides cool tools which make your websites more interesting. 
  • Discounts: Get access to sales and deals on your Ulta purchases. 

What are some tips for maximizing earnings through the Ulta Affiliate Program?

Here are some tips you can use to make more money through Ulta Affiliate Program: 

1. Network 

Build relationships with bloggers who have created their niche. Share content with them, collaborate with them, and earn more by referring Ulta products on their websites. 

2. Increase Traffic

The more traffic you have, the more you earn. Optimize your site and create content that attracts beauty enthusiasts. 

3. Increase Social Media Visibility

Create content that makes you stand out. Use your social media channels to promote your blog so your community knows who to turn to when they want beauty tips and make-up product suggestions.

4. Use Ulta’s Tools

Use the autoresponder tools, banners and other marketing tools provided by Ulta to make your blogs more interesting and your links more clickable. 

How can I supercharge my Ulta Affiliate links using Carrot?

Most shoppers in the beauty industry are looking for help or recommendations from tastemakers and beauty pros.

If you are a beauty influencer working with Ulta, here’s how you can optimize your earnings by using Carrot as a tastemaker for affiliate marketing: 

1. Convert Links To Images 

Messy and broken affiliate links will not lead to clicks. Make better conversions by converting links to beautiful photos your community can scroll and access on Carrot. 

2. 10 X Link Visibility 

Carrot shows links to your audience without seeming pushy when they are scrolling like when they search for products you are already recommending or they are shopping from brands you partnered with. 

3. Access your Community’s Email 

Carrot lets you access your community’s emails and also publish right in their inbox. You can control what’s subscriber-only and what’s free. 

4. Make It Wholesome 

Provide valuable content to your readers while promoting products by curating and creating shareable content on Carrot. 

Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings With Carrot 

Now that you know all about optimizing Ulta Affiliate Program, increase your commissions by working with Carrot. 

With powerful e-mail publishing and elegant designs, connect with your community of beauty enthusiasts and increase your affiliate marketing earnings with Carrot today! 

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