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Everything You Need To Know About Boohoo’s Return Policy

Calling all fashion enthusiasts! If you’ve ever indulged in a little online shopping spree, you’ve probably come across Boohoo. This trendy online retailer is known for its wide range of affordable fashion choices for women in all shapes and sizes.

But what if that stunning outfit you ordered doesn’t quite meet your expectations? Whether it’s a sizing issue or just a change of heart, returning your Boohoo purchase might be on your mind.

In this blog, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about‘s return policy, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

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Boohoo Refund & Return Policy Overview

Boohoo Refund & Return Policy Overview

Returning items to Boohoo doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or received a faulty product, Boohoo’s return process is designed to be hassle-free. Here’s a quick rundown on the key points to consider when considering Boohoo return policy: 

  • If you’ve had a change of heart, you’ve got 14 days to cancel your order.
  • EEA customers have an even more generous 28-day return window.
  • This countdown begins when you receive all your items.
  • Just ensure your item is in good condition and returned within 14 days of the receipt date.
  • Boohoo promises a hassle-free refund process.

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Dealing with Faulty Goods

Now, let’s talk about the “uh-oh” moments when you receive a faulty item. Don’t worry; Boohoo’s got your back here too! You’ve got 30 days to return those faulty goods. Keep an eye on your return’s progress if you have tracking available; it can take up to 14 days to process.

Boohoo will perform some checks, but once they give the green light, you’ll get your refund via your original payment method, typically within 7 working days.

What Items Can I Return to Boohoo with Boohoo Return Policy? 

What Items Can I Return to Boohoo with Boohoo Return Policy

For returning damaged items, remember that specific items may not be eligible for a refund due to hygiene considerations. This includes items like:

  • Pierced jewelry
  • Swimwear
  • Underwear

Besides this, if the hygiene seal has been tampered with or removed, Boohoo retains the right to deny a refund.

So, when returning any item, it’s essential to ensure it’s in its original packaging and includes all labels. Additionally, remember to request proof of postage to safeguard your return process.

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How to Initiate a Boohoo Returns Policy?

Returning items to Boohoo in the UK is a breeze with the Boohoo return policy free. Yes, it’s free to return items to Boohoo within the UK! Follow these simple steps to ensure a hassle-free return process:

  • Prepare Your Items: Carefully pack your item(s) back into their original packaging, ensuring that all labels and tags are still securely attached.
  • Label Your Package: Locate the sticky Bohoo returns label conveniently located on the bottom right-hand corner of your delivery note. Cover the original address label on your package with this sticky Boohoo UK returns label.
  • Proof of Postage: Head to your nearest Post Office to drop off your return package. Don’t forget to request proof of postage. This proof of postage is crucial, so make sure you don’t drop your package in a postbox without it. You might need it later.

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Alternatively, you can also initiate your return online by following these steps:

  • Access the Returns Portal: Start by downloading the UK returns label from Boohoo’s website.
  • Select Items to Return: Log in to your Boohoo account and navigate to your order history. Then, choose the item(s) you want to return.
  • Choose Your Return Option: Opt for a return option provided by one of Boohoo’s trusted carriers, which may include Collect+.
  • Print Your Label: Print the returns label provided through the online portal.
  • Prepare Your Parcel: Use the original Boohoo packaging to pack your items securely. Also, attach the downloaded returns label to the outside of your parcel.
  • Send Your Return: Drop off your Return Parcel following the chosen carrier’s instructions.

Note: Keep in mind that Boohoo exclusively accepts returns through the returns portal link, the pre-printed returns label attached to the delivery note, or by printing the returns label from their website. Returns sent through any other method will be at the customer’s expense and liability.

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For Returns Outside the UK

For Returns Outside the UK

Source: Boohoo New In

While Boohoo’s return policy doesn’t offer free returns to overseas customers, you can still process the return through the following steps: 

  • Package Your Item: Re-pack the item in its original packaging or use a secure, waterproof package, making sure to keep all labels and tags attached.
  • Access the Returns Portal: Log in to Boohoo’s returns portal using your order number and email/last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • Choose Your Return Option: Select your preferred return option, which may include printing your returns label at home or opting for in-store return options.
  • Process Your Return: Once you’ve processed your return in the portal, you’re ready to post it.
  • Confirmation Email: Expect to receive an email notification confirming that we’ve received your returned item.

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How to Return Boohoo Ebay Outlet Items? 

Did you purchase from our Boohoo outlet eBay store? UK Returns are hassle-free; simply follow these steps:

  • Re-pack your item(s) in the original packaging, ensuring labels and tags are still attached.
  • Cover the original address label with the sticky boohoo returns label found on the bottom right-hand corner of your delivery note.
  • Ultimately, return your package via the Post Office, remembering to get proof of postage. 

Processing Time for a Return Policy

Processing Time for a Return Policy

Source: Boohoo Mens Collection

When it comes to returning items to Boohoo, here’s what you can expect in terms of processing time: After sending off your return, it may take up to 7 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) for your parcel to reach Boohoo’s warehouse and be processed.

Once received, they’ll check the items and initiate your refund, which should appear on your bank statement within 3-5 working days (depending on your card issuer).

If you used a gift voucher or store credit, it’ll be credited back to your account. Boohoo keeps you informed with email notifications throughout the process, so you’re always in the loop.

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How Will You Get Your Money Back from Boohoo?

Refunds are issued in the original payment method. If you made your purchase using a gift card or store credit, your refund will be provided in the form of a replacement of equal value.

What to Avoid When Initiating a Return Policy?

Are you tired of dealing with return policies every time you shop online? We’ve got some tips to help you avoid those return hassles and shop smarter. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Carrot, your new shopping companion. Here’s how to steer clear of initiating a return policy and make shopping regret a thing of the past:

4-Step Guide to Avoid Return Hassles: The Carrot Way

We get it; sometimes, you’re tempted to make impulse purchases, and later, you regret them. That’s where Carrot comes in. This handy shopping tool is designed to help you stay in control of your online shopping habits. Here’s how Carrot’s features can assist you:

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Step 1: Shopping Cart Organization

Carrot lets you bookmark your favorite items and revisit them later. No more impulse buying; just save items to your cart and give yourself some time to think before making a decision.

Step 2: Price Comparison

Wondering if you’re getting the best deal? Carrot can compare prices for you, ensuring you’re making a smart purchase decision.

Step 3: Price Drop Alerts

Carrot keeps an eye on prices and alerts you when an item you like goes on sale. Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse when you see that the item you bought last week at a higher price is now on sale.

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Step 4: Deal Hop

Carrot Deal Hop

This innovative feature not only finds the best prices but also recommends affordable alternatives, helping you find the right product at the right price.

By leveraging Carrot’s features, you can avoid impulsive buying, make well-informed decisions, and minimize the need to initiate return policies. Shopping smart has never been easier.

using Carrot to Deal Hop

So, next time you’re tempted to hit that “buy now” button, remember to let Carrot help you shop wisely, reduce returns, and make sure you’re getting the best deals. 

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