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White work shirts don't have to be boring! Learn ways to wear white shirts for women with flair and style

How To Style A White Shirt For Work

You’d be hard-pressed to find a wardrobe without a white shirt. This classic might be a staple in most women’s work ensembles, but it can be tricky to style. And that’s because there are so many choices for white work shirts and subtle differences in look and feel.

But making a good impression at work is important, and presentation is everything. Whether it’s style tips for an oversized white button down shirt or a classic polo, this blog has ‘em. Let’s get into how to style a white shirt for work or even a night out. Let’s get to it!

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1. Wear White Work Shirts With a Touch of Flair

White work shirts may be a wardrobe standard, but they don’t have to be boring. Try wearing white shirts that have a touch of chic. That elegance can come across in a daring v-neck or a front cut that shows off a fancy belt buckle.

Vince Camuto’s roll tab style shirt from Bloomingdale’s is a great example. While the shirt has a classic length and cut in the back, the front features a double V design. The top shows off a little skin while the bottom opens up to display work pants or jeans in full length. Plus, the sleeves are rolled up neatly and just right.

2. Don’t Rule Out Tees

Not every work environment calls for a formal look. Some let employees get away with business casual or at least have casual Fridays.

Try on Barefoot Dreams’ Malibu Collection Burnout T-Shirt for size. Its long sleeves and scoop-neck design are perfect for the laid-back office. This tee’s also long enough to give off a professional vibe without overdoing it.

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3. Experiment With Wrap Styles

Thankfully, wrap styles have crossed over to white shirts for work. These give working gals more feminine options for the office. White work shirts like the Hudson’s wrap poplin button-up take a classic and turn it into something even more elegant.

Try experimenting with wrap styles to add a touch of the ballet world to your look. It’s sure to put a twist in the working clothes section of any closet. As a bonus, these styles pair well with dress pants or bell-bottom jeans.

4. Try Dressy White Shirts for Women

The world of white shirts for women isn’t limited to the oversized white button down. There are a lot of different takes on this standard wardrobe choice. And it’s pretty refreshing!

This Franklin long-sleeve top from Diane von Furstenberg’s collection is the epitome of chic. It’s practical enough to wear all day but also has enough style to dress up any pair of typical work pants. Just look at its bow-style v-neck, puffs, and breathable crepe!

5. When In Doubt, Oversize

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the oversized white button-down. Out of all the white work shirts, it’s the easiest one to pull off. And it’s a good fallback choice for ladies who prefer to keep it conservative.

Nasty Gal’s organic oversized cotton shirt will fit in with a look that’s on the down-low. It’s not too understated, but it’s basic enough to mean business. Don’t forget to accent this shirt with some tasteful jewelry!

6. Wear White Shirts for Work Over the Top

An oversized white shirt doesn’t have to be your only top. Textured button-downs and cover-ups can fit nicely over a cami or tank top. Add a touch of color to contrast with a see-through or breezy white fabric.

This boyfriend button-down white shirt from Aeropostale is a great way to stay comfortable and dressy. While the shirt’s more cazh than pizzaz, all it needs is a fancy tank and a necklace. Add a good pair of black dress pants, and that office look is complete!

7. Add a Pattern

White work shirts are a staple because the color goes with anything. No more worries over embarrassing mismatches or clothing that just doesn’t fit the occasion. But monochromatic shirts can also be a tad bit bland without a pattern to help offset a sea of white.

Modcloth’s button-up blouse shows how a simple lace pattern can really break up the monotony. The black lace draws the eye to the top, bringing something new to an old-school look. The pattern’s color also syncs well with a black plaid skirt, giving two monotone colors a natural lift.

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