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10 Powerful Grocery List Apps That Make Shopping

10 Powerful Grocery List Apps That Make Shopping a Breeze

Making a grocery shopping list can save you both time and money. It’s a great way to do budget-friendly shopping without making you take an unnecessary second trip to the shop because you forgot an item.

While a paper shopping list can be useful, there are now plenty of convenient applications available for both iOS and Android that make shopping lists a breeze. However, with so many options available, which is the best app for a shopping list? 

In this blog, we will explore the ten best shopping list apps that are a must-try to ensure you don’t miss a thing on your next grocery shopping spree.

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1. Carrot

Carrot shopping

Want to make a list of your grocery must-haves before you go shopping? Going back and forth for the stuff you forgot to buy for your supermarket can be inconvenient.

This is where Carrot comes in to save the day by allowing you to save all of your grocery products directly from your favorite online stores like Walmart or Target in neat collections where you can compare pricing and even check for inventory on the store.


  • Create collaborative shopping lists and collections with friends and family
  • Visually bookmark recipes and meal plans
  • Save products directly from the store
  • Save from other user’s shopping list
  • Get discounts, coupons, and offers from top stores
  • Share your lists with others
  • Get price drop and inventory alerts
  • Deal Hop feature to help you score lowest-price products

Pricing Plans:

Free Browser Extension & iOS App

2. Listonic


Source: Listonic Website

Listonic reinvents the shopping list app. It lets you make and share advanced grocery lists. If you share your grocery list responsibilities, this app has all you need to immediately view any additions, deletions, or items checked off while making it easier to update your grocery list.

This makes Listonic one of the best apps for collaborative grocery list planning and buying.


  • Live-sync and get notifications of all changes made in a shared grocery list when offline
  • Create a grocery list from a wide range of products
  • Use predictive text technology to get item suggestions based on what you’re typing or is added to your precious list
  • Use voice to seamlessly add products without the need to type


Free to download on iOS or Android

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3. AnyList


Source: AnyList Website

AnyList comes up to its name, especially in grocery shopping, with a 4.9-star App Store rating. The app allows you to email lists to relatives and friends. But not all of them! Instead, you can choose what lists you want to share while keeping the rest private. 


  • Use auto-complete to easily type products names into the list
  • Categorize your list items based on the priority
  • Reorganie all sections as per your preference for every list
  • Directly order groceries in the list from popular stores like Instacart, Walmart, and Kroger

Pricing Plans:

Individual plan: $9.99/year 

Household plan: $14.99/year

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4. Mealime


Source: Mealime

Need help putting together a grocery list that is just enough for your meal plan? Mealime can do that for you with its robust meal-planning features.

With this grocery listing app, you can look for recipes, make meal plans, customize your diet, and read detailed nutritional information for each recipe. What about the shopping list feature? Don’t worry; Mealime has your back here too.


  • Access meal plan suggestions, detailed recipes, and nutritional information
  • Meal plan setup and customization
  • Directly order groceries online with home delivery based on the meal plans
  • Connect with the Health app to track health and plan meals accordingly

Pricing Plans

Basic: Free

Pro: Available at $3/monthly

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5. List Ease:

List Ease

Source: List Ease Website

List Ease is a kitchen-specific digital schedule planner – an ideal digital replacement for those mainstream planners. What makes it the best shopping list app is its feature to generate a kitchen stock inventory and a shopping plan for your next trip to the supermarket.

Not only does this reduce food waste, but it also limits the hassle of spending hours remembering what grocery essentials you need. But that’s not all! There’s more to what List Ease brings along.


  • Generate kitchen stock inventory and a shopping plan
  • Scan and save receipts to better track your expenditure
  • Share your grocery shopping lists
  • Organize and customize lists based on the grocery aisle, recipe, or grocery coupons.
  • Get location-based grocery shopping reminders when you are near a store

Pricing Plans:

Basic: Free

Plan with no ads: $5/person

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6. Out of Milk: 

Out of Milk

Source: Out of Milk Website

As one of the best shopping list apps for iPhone and Android that is completely free, Out of Milk lets you quickly make several shopping lists and sort things in each list by category. But the ease doesn’t end here! Instead, this app has rich features like re-adding products, saving precious lists, fast data entry, etc.


  • Sort all grocery shopping lists based on categories
  • Re-add products to new shopping lists using older grocery lists
  • Can’t spell or add a product to the list? Enter it manually using the scanner
  • Text or email your lists to others
  • Keep tabs on what’s in your pantry at any given time while making a purchase
  • A to-do list to help you keep on track

Pricing Plans:

Basic: Free

Pro: $1.99/monthly or $19.99/yearly

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7. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

Source: Cozi Family Organizer Website

We’ve talked about what is the best grocery shopping list app for adults, but what about the kids? Even they need to list out their essentials just like the adults, right? This is where Cozi Family Organizer comes to the rescue.

This app also lets kids add their favorite foods to a shared family grocery list, and parents can use the app’s color-coded calendar and email reminders to manage everyone’s hectic schedules.


  • Add food and recipes for all family members to a shared food calendar and grocery list
  • Color-code food calendar to customize the meal plan and grocery items based on priority
  • Email reminders to keep track of every family member’s routine
  • One shared account with a common password and dedicated email for every family member
  • No dim feature to keep the screen while checking the grocery list or meal plans

Pricing Plans:

Free for individuals

Cozi Gold: $2.50/monthly or $29.99/yearly.

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8. Bring!


Source: Bring!

If you’re wondering what the best app for a shopping list for Android or iPhone is, Bring might be your go-to app here. Bring doesn’t just bring a grocery list to your smartphone but also makes organizing and accessing the list straightforward.

With a built-in capability that will send a pre-written message, no one forgets their grocery shopping duty ever again. You simply have to BRING the grocery now!


  • Directly order grocery items through your phone
  • Pre-written messages to notify the user of grocery shopping duty
  • Create customizable shopping lists and share them with whoever you like
  • Connect with Apple Watch to stay access your list and/or add items while on the go

Pricing Plans:

Free for individuals

9. OurGroceries


Source: OurGroceries

OurGroceries is a popular family-friendly grocery shopping list app that lets you share lists. Just like Bring, the app lets you shop on your phone or Apple Watch and add goods with voice assistance.


  • Create unlimited shopping lists
  • Get automatic grocery items suggestions to add new items
  • Shop on your phone
  • Connect the app with your Apple Watch while on the go
  • Add recipes and simultaneously add their ingredients to the shopping list

Pricing Plan:


10. Buy Me a Pie!

Buy Me a Pie

Source: Buy Me a Pie!

Last but not least, Buy Me a Pie! simplifies grocery list creation before shopping, saving your time and money. Its unique features make this the best shopping list app for iPhone and Android.


  • Access a large ingredient database to pick grocery items from
  • Get smart product suggestions based on your old grocery lists
  • Seamlessly create lists through a drag-and-drop feature without typing manually
  • Save items for easy re-adding in future lists

Pricing Plans:

  • Monthly subscription for $2.99/month
  • Yearly subscription for $29.99/year
  • Lifetime license for a one-time payment of $49.99

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