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Etsy Affiliate Links

How To Earn More with Etsy’s Affiliate Program

If you’re a social media influencer or blogger and are looking for avenues to increase your income, the Etsy Affiliate Programme is a fantastic way to earn a little extra from the content you create around fashion, beauty, or lifestyle.

Imagine, every time a customer uses your referral to make a purchase on Etsy, get paid a percentage. But what if you could multiply your earnings

Sounds interesting right? In this blog, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about using Etsy’s Affiliate Program and how you can boost your earnings with this super cool tool, Carrot!

Let’s get started!

How does the Etsy Affiliate Program work?

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Just like any other affiliate program, the Etsy Affiliate Programme pays you a commission for each sale made to a customer who was directed to Etsy via your website.

You can apply for the program using the Awin portal. After which, you will receive a unique affiliate link that can be embedded as text links in your website’s content or posted on channels with permission. 

When your readers click through your affiliate links and buy things on Etsy, you get paid. However, the purchase must be made through your link and not any other ad source.

How to join the Etsy Affiliate Program?

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The process is pretty straightforward. Just create an account on Awin and fill out the form, and if you are accepted, they’ll inform you via email.

The application procedure will ask you about your banking details and online presence, like your website or blog names.

After your application is accepted, you can start embedding affiliate links that take your readers to Etsy’s website. 

Etsy Affiliate Program Requirements:

Like every other affiliate program out there, you have to go through a small checklist before you can qualify for the program!

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  1. You must have an official channel to promote affiliate links for Etsy: 
  • A website with a URL 
  • Instagram (minimum 500 followers with engagement rates of at least 3%)
  • Facebook (must own created content)
  • Pinterest (must own created content with a link directing to personal blog)
  • YouTube
  • TikTok 
  • Any channel approved by Etsy in writing

3. Have an appropriate amount and type of content on your site, as determined by Etsy

4. Declare the names of any Etsy shops you own or are related to

Is there any joining fee for the Etsy Affiliate Program?

There is no joining fee required to join Etsy Affiliate Program. All you need is a valid email address.

What is the commission rate for the Etsy Affiliate Program?

Source: Etsy

You will be paid 4% for “standard publisher” referrals in the Etsy affiliate program and 2% per sale for referrals resulting from user-generated content (UGC).

Sales that originate through an affiliate link or banner advertisement on Etsy are known as standard publisher sales. UGC sales are those brought in by content, like photographs and videos posted on social media platforms.

You can’t earn from purchases made on Etsy unless they are made using a credit or debit card. Similarly, purchases made through gift cards won’t earn you a commission. 

P.S. Etsy will honor your affiliate commission regardless of the country the customer was referred from.

How long do cookies last in the Etsy Affiliate Program?

Awin regulations use browser cookies to see how many people use your affiliate links.

The duration of the cookies on the Etsy website is 30 days, while on the app, it’s 7 days.

When and How Does Etsy Pay Affiliates?

Awin handles Etsy’s affiliate marketing payments. Affiliates get paid every month or fortnightly, depending on your choice. The minimum payment threshold is $20. So when you reach this amount, Etsy will release their payment. You can also set a higher threshold. 

Marketing materials provided by Etsy for affiliates

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to:

Products You Can Promote On The Etsy Affiliate Program

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You can choose items from a variety of products, but you can promote only some Etsy product categories, including:

  • Collectibles
  • Clothing
  • Accessories & Jewellery
  • Craft Materials
  • Shoes
  • Home & living
  • Toys, gifts, and other items

Pros of Joining the Etsy Affiliate Program

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The Etsy Affiliate Program is a fantastic way to generate income using non-traditional channels: 

1. Great Commission: 

Awin is in charge; therefore, your commissions are secure. Their 4% commission is a great percentage compared to several affiliate commissions.

2. Wide product range: 

Etsy is unique and a market leader in the vintage and artisan markets. There are a lot of products that you can explore to satisfy most market niches.

3. Supports small businesses: 

Products on Etsy are distinctive and can’t be found anywhere else. Each item you sell on Etsy benefits a small business. 

4. Marketing tools: 

There are many marketing tools and creatives available that will help you make your website more interactive, including search boxes and banners. 

4 Tips for maximizing your earnings through the Etsy Affiliate Program

Here are 3 tips to boost your earnings through the Etsy Affiliate Program: 

1. Network with others 

Explore the various brands that Etsy sells and broaden the scope of your writing. Connect with bloggers, exchange material with them, and work together to increase traffic to your website. 

2. Use Affiliate Marketing Tools

You need a tool that boosts your link visibility and gives you an opportunity to display all your product recommendations in beautiful collections for specific themes. With a tool like Carrot, you can do all that and also get access to your community’s emails to connect with them on a personal level.

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3. Social Media Presence

People are searching for influencers and content creators they can trust on social media sites. Make sure your material is going to catch their attention, keep them reading, and encourage them to click on your affiliate links. 

4. Use Etsy’s Resources 

Use the affiliate marketing tools provided by Etsy to increase the CTR and traction.

How can I supercharge my Etsy Affiliate links using Carrot?

Source: Carrot

If you’re an Etsy-affiliated lifestyle influencer, you have the power to supercharge your earnings with Carrot. Trendsetters and content influencers have a huge impact on today’s consumers. They turn to you for advice to discover cool new stuff and get product recommendations.

So, here’s how you can use Carrot:

1. Boosts affiliate link visibility & turn your links into stunning collections

Source: Lelepons Free Collection on Carrot

No more messy blue links scattered across your Social Media profiles.

Carrot gives you a single branded link for all your curations that you can use in your Insta or TikTok bio or even your YouTube descriptions.

Your audience can scroll through a visually appealing page of all your recommended products, along with affiliate links making it engaging and increasing traction.

2. Freedom to create free & subscriber-only content

Paige Taylor

Carrot offers you an awesome opportunity to have your subscribers pay a mere $5 per month. In return, they become the VIPs who get first dibs on your exclusive content and score amazing deals and discounts. Trust me, my friends, that $5 can quickly snowball into some serious cash!

3. Access to the community email

When people subscribe to your collections, you can access their email IDs in your dashboard. You can publish about giveaways, share exclusive content and promote deals right to their inbox with Carrot.

This helps build a personal relationship with your subscribers and even allows you to collaborate with brands who wish to get access to your community.

Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings With Carrot

Engage better with your community, upgrade your affiliate marketing strategy, and increase your revenue with Carrot

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