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Hello Molly

Carrot’s Guide To Hello Molly Return Policy

We all love shopping online, scrolling away for hours to find that perfect dress. But what if your most awaited item arrives and it’s ill-fitted or a color that doesn’t look as good as you imagined it would? Sighh, while no one likes returns, it’s the only way to fix a bad order.

If you’ve received an item from Hello Molly, and it doesn’t meet your expectations, we’re here to help! From Hello Molly’s return Policy to exchanges and refunds- we’ve covered all bases, so you don’t have to spend hours finding this information. You’re welcome, and let’s get started!

What is Hello Molly’s Return Policy?

The first thing you should know about Hello Molly’s return policy is they only accept returns for store credit. This store credit lasts for 12 months. And They do not accept exchanges.

So, if you feel like you would prefer a sundress to the blouse you got, you are stuck with the blouse. However, you can return the blouse, get the credits and reorder the dress you want.

What are Hello Molly’s Return Requirements?

If your items do not meet the following requirements, they will not be eligible for returns. You might also incur additional costs:

1) Hello Molly follows the usual 30-day rule. Your item must be returned within 30 days after delivery.

2) The item must not have been worn, washed, perfumed, or stained.

3) You must return the item with all tags attached to it. This includes all Hello Molly hangtags.

4) Your footwear returns must come with the original shoe box in its right condition. There must be no scratch or postal label found on it.

5) Handbags sold must be returned with dust bags and any other packaging used.

6) Any item marked as “Final Sale” will not be accepted.

7) For hygienic reasons, the following items cannot be returned; underwear, hat, earrings, hair accessories, stockings, massagers, cosmetic products like self-tanners, etc.

It is important to know that the delivery fees paid at the time of the original order won’t be reimbursed when Hello Molly receives your return.

How long does it take to process return requests?

Hello Molly tries to process return requests within 7 business days of receiving them in their Sydney warehouse. But there might be delays when the return volume is high, especially during the holidays. You can contact Hello Molly at to track your request.

How can I view my store credit balance?

You can view your store credit balance on the Hello Molly website. Simply log into your account. Do note that your store credit can only be used at It cannot be transferred to another person’s account and is provided in the currency used to purchase the item. You cannot surpass your store credit amount. If you do, you bear the cost.

How To Initiate Returns For Hello Molly?

Initiating returns is quite an easy process whether within the States or other parts of the world. Simply follow the instructions below.

For all Order Within the US

1) Click the Create Return button and follow the instructions displayed on your screen. Make sure to have the order ID (HMUS…) and the email address used in purchasing the item.

2) If you are using the original Hello Molly packaging to return your item, ensure the original label is removed or fully hidden so your item will not experience any delays.

3) After submitting your payment receipt, you will receive a postal label. Print it and tape it to your package.

4) Place the package in the nearest USPS box or office. It’s as simple as that!

If you have any troubles with your order, you can reach out to them at for assistance.

For International Orders

1) Download and print the return form

2) Fill out the form and send it with the package. If you cannot access a printer, you can add a handwritten note detailing your order. Hello Molly needs an identifier, or else there will be delays in processing your returns. Again, if you are returning your item with the original Hello Molly packaging, make sure you cover the post label. Better still, remove it.

It’s best to use your country’s postal services as they’re much cheaper. You can find the postal information of your country here.

Do note that you will need to pay for the return shipping cost. If you made an online purchase you would like to return, it is pretty much the same process as the rest.

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