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Bath & Body Works

14 Questions About Bath & Body Works Return Policy, Finally Answered

Bath & Body Works is a well-known brand that offers, just like its name suggests, a wide range of bath, body, and home products. And, if you love to shop with this brand, it’ll excite you to know that it has a pretty great return policy!

Want to know more? Read on to see our answers to 14 of the most commonly asked questions about Bath & Body Works’ return policy.

Bath & Body Works’ Return Policy: 14 Questions Answered

Here’s all you need to know about Bath & Body Works’ return policy.

1. How Many Return Days Does Bath & Body Works Give Me?

Bath & Body Works’ return policy time limit is 14 days. To get your money back in your original form of payment, ensure you make all returns within 14 days.

2. Can I Return Bath & Body Works’ Items Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can make Bath & Body Works returns without receipts. Even if you lose your receipt, you’re still eligible for store credit or an exchange.

3. Can I Exchange Products at Bath & Body Works?

Yes, you can exchange products at Bath & Body Works. However, you can only exchange a product for the same type of product at the same price.

4. What’s Bath & Body Works Return Process Like?

To return a product, you need to:

  1. return the product in its original packaging and in the same condition as when it was supplied.
  2. bring the relevant invoice.

Note: the return duration depends on the laws in your country, and specific conditions may apply for special offers.

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5. How Long Does It Take For My Return to Be Processed?

On average, it takes 3-5 business days for a refund to be credited back to your original form of payment.

6. How are Refunds Paid?

Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment. The refund excludes any delivery charges you paid while ordering the product.

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7. Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?


To show proof of purchase, you can use your online invoice or confirmation email.

8. Can I Return In-Store Purchases Via the Mail?

Unfortunately, no.

In-store purchases can only be returned to a physical Bath & Body store.

9. What If I’ve Used Most of the Product I Wish to Return?

Previously, you could return items that were used, even if they were almost empty.

However, under Bath & Body Works’ new return policy, returns are now limited to new, gently used, or defective items.

10. What If I Bought a Defective Item?

In case you purchased a faulty, damaged, or incorrectly supplied product, you’re eligible for an exchange or a full refund (including delivery charges.)

You must return any item like this within 30 days of purchase – in the same condition as supplied, of course.

11. Can I Return Everything?

No. According to Bath & Body Works’ return policy, you can’t return underwear, lingerie, fragrances, health & beauty (such as skin care, make-up, and cosmetics), or other products which were personalized to your order.

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12. Can I Return Empty Candles to Bath & Body Works?

According to Bath & Body Works’ candle return policy, you can’t return empty candles.

13. Can I Exchange Candles for Another Scent?

You can exchange gently used candles for another scent under Bath & Body Works’ return policy. It should be for the same item and price, though.

14. Can I Get Price Adjustments?

You can get a one-time price adjustment for in-store purchases within 14 days of purchase if you show the original receipt.

Note: This doesn’t apply to promotions that last 48 hours or less, such as flash sales or the “Candle Day” event.

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