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rei return policy

The Ultimate Guide to REI’s Return Policy: All Your Questions Answered

REI is an outdoor apparel and gear company that once offered a lifetime warranty and exchange of products. However, it modified its return policy in 2013, and whether you buy something offline or online, returning a purchase is rarely a simple process! 

Whether you are a frequent shopper there or you just bought something and want to return it, this blog will address any of your inquiries regarding REI’s return policy, 

Even though we all enjoy REI, it can be a little challenging to comprehend the return policy. Do not worry; we have you covered. Let’s dig into it, shall we? 

You probably have certain questions concerning REI’s return policy if you are a new customer. We have addressed the top 10 queries about the REI Return Policy in the following list.

1. What are REI’s product return conditions?

You can only return products at REI if they are unwashed and unworn. You must also have all the original tags attached to the products for them to be eligible for return. 

Items damaged and sale items are not covered. However, please note that the return conditions are different for members and non-members. 

2. What is REI’s return period?

You can return an item for a refund or replacement within one (1) year of the purchase date if you are an REI Co-op Member or no later than 90 days of the purchasing date if you are not a member. For instance: 

Online Re/Supply used gear items can be returned within 30 days by members. However, this is not an option for non-members. 

International Orders and Returns 

Orders placed and dispatched internationally (outside of the United States) cannot be returned using the mail-in returns procedure.

There are two ways to go about it: 

  1. If you are currently in the United States, you can return it at any REI store. 
  1. You can send it via mail. But you will have to coordinate directly with a carrier to ship a return. Please be aware that the cost of return postage is your responsibility.

Address the mail to: 


1700 45TH ST E

SUMNER, WA 98352

Note: REI is not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. 

3. What products cannot be returned at REI?

The following items mentioned in REI Return Policy are not eligible for refunds or exchanges: 

  • Items on sale 
  • Products worn and washed
  • Items with the tags removed
  • Damaged or torn products 
  • Electronic Items

Re/Supply Used Gear

Re/Supply is a used gear offering just for members where REI Co-op Members can shop and trade in used gear in stores or on their site.

If you are not satisfied with any used product, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date. 

4. Does REI accept returns purchased from third-party sellers?

No. If you have purchased from a third-party seller, you must return the product to the same seller as REI stores will not accept it. 

5. Can you return sale items at REI?

Clearance items or sale items that were marked as ‘final sale’ are unfortunately not eligible for return. Hence be careful with your sale purchases. 

6. How To Return Products to REI?

There are two ways to return products to REI.

a. Online Store Returns/Via Mail 

For orders placed online, go to the purchase history and click “Start a return”. You can also use the order number and billing ZIP code (available in your order confirmation email).  For items bought in a store, you can initiate a return online with your store receipt. 

REI Shipping Label 

Get a shipping label to begin your mail-in return. You can send your return immediately from your house or drop it off at any Postal Service location using an REI shipping label. 

b. In-store Returns 

You can return the product at the nearest REI store within 90 days of purchase. Just take your item to the customer service counter in any of the REI shops along with the original product packaging, tags and proof of purchase.

7. Does REI Refund the Shipping Fee?

REI charges a flat $5.99 for its return labels, irrespective of the quantity. Return shipping fees apply only to mail-in returns, whereas the same is free at REI stores.

There are certain fee exceptions: 

  • If your returned package is more than 32 lbs, a $21.95 oversize shipping fee shall be charged from your refund amount.
  • If the shipping box weighs less than 32 lbs, the standard fee of $5.99 shall be levied even if it contains multiple orders. 
  • No amount shall be deducted if you pay for shipping on your own by working directly with a carrier without using our prepaid shipping labels
  • If the delivered order has any kind of issue or problem, they waive the return fee after reviewing the same once it is received at the stores
  • If the value of the return itself is less than $5.99, no fee shall be levied

8. What’s REI’s exchange policy?

a. In-store exchanges

You can take the item you wish to exchange to any REI store and submit it at the customer service desk. 

b. Mail-in exchanges

Unfortunately, REI does not offer exchanges by mail. You can start your return process and place a new order online for a replacement item. Once REI receives your return, they will refund the amount to the original form of payment. 

9. What is REI’s Refund Policy?

Refund policies vary in accordance with the payment mode and store location. Kindly note that it can take up to 10 working days for the payment to be reflected in your registered card or account.

Online and phone orders

All online and phone orders will be refunded to the original payment mode, with the exception of Total REI Rewards. Rewards will be refunded by check, which can take up to 3 weeks from the receipt of your returned items

Store purchases

Store purchases returned to store locations will be refunded to the original payment type. Store purchases returned by mail will be refunded by check and can take up to 3 weeks. 


For in-store returns, the portion of the purchase made with Total REI Rewards will be refunded in cash. Purchases of $500 or more made with cash and/or Total REI Rewards are refunded by check.  

For mail-in returns, the portion of the purchase made with Total REI Rewards is refunded via check. Refunds by check can take up to 3 weeks, starting the day they receive your return.

PayPal & Apple Pay 

All online orders using PayPal or Apple Pay will be refunded to the respective account.

10. How to return gifts as per REI Return Policy? 

You can return a gift by bringing it to any REI store along with the gift receipt or proof of purchase. To return it by mail, follow the following steps: 

  1. Send a note requesting a ‘gift recipient refund’
  2. Name of recipient 
  3. Recipient member number 
  4. Recipient mailing address
  5. Recipient contact details 

All gifts returned by mail will be refunded in the form of a check issued to the gift recipient’s name and address provided. 

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